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How To Fix Active Directory Domain Services is Unavailable in Windows?

There are times when you read the sign”the active directory domain service is currently unavailable” on the PC when you are trying to print some document from MS Office. Check this article for the fix of active directory domain services unavailable on Windows 10.

Try to have the print document through MS Office software, and there! “The active directory domain service is currently unavailable” sign you read on the screen. Why? Everything is perfect. The printer is connected to the PC/ laptop; there are enough papers in the printer, and also the cartridge is good, so what is the real issue?  The answer is the user permission does not allow the printer to be listed in MS office and this is the reason the printer cannot be detected.

Solutions To The Active Directory Domain Service Is Currently Unavailable

fix to the active directory domain services is currently unavailable

This problem “active directory domain services unavailable windows 10” occurs with all the great brand printers such as HP, Canon, etc. while others say it is the fault of the Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. But there are some Windows 7 users that also face the same type of issue while taking the print of some document through MS office. There are several methods to fix this problem of the active directory domain services is currently unavailable. We will first go with the basic printer troubleshooting because many times, this issue gets set with such simple steps and if it does not, then we will proceed with the primary methods.

Basic Troubleshooting To Active Directory Domain Services Unavailable

CLICK Win button + W and search for troubleshooting


Under the right panel of troubleshooting control panel menu, click on view all and select the printer

select printer option

Now follow the basic printer troubleshoot steps.

printer troubleshooting option

Mostly the problem of the active directory domain services is currently unavailable will get fix with this basic troubleshooting process. If not, you can try the other methods.

Check And Update Drivers

Sometimes, the issues also occur due to outdated drivers in the printers or some problem with the drivers. You can try for DRIVER SCAN to fix the problem with this essential step.

All above given methods are just the basic methods to solve this “active directory domain services unavailable windows 10”. Now you can proceed to the actual methods which is listed below to solve it. The below explained methods will surely fix the problem.


Fix 1: Registry Editor by Giving Permission

This is one of most important ways to fix the issue of “the active directory domain services is currently unavailable”. You need to be so careful while implementing this method as you are making the manipulations towards the registry editors. It is therefore, advisable to be more careful while following the below steps. Also make a backup before proceeding to the steps.

Press WIN+R >> Entrt Regedit >> click Ok

regedit command

After running the Regedit, from the left panel go to the following:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

regedit windows option

Right Click DEVICES, PRINTER PORTS AND THE WINDOWS in the current version key.

Right Click on each of them to get the permission

CHOOSE the permissions separately from each of them.

After this, the following window will open

device permission

SELECT the username/ user account label on which fix has to be done.

MARK the tick on ALLOW in front of FULL CONTROL option.

CLICK apply and OK

CLOSE the registry editor and RESTART your PC; UNPLUG the printer and INSTALL again.


Fix 2: Accessing Permission Using Notepad

If the above method seems too complicated or under some conditions, it does not work to fix “the active directory domain services is currently unavailable” for you. With the help of other apps, you can add the printer which is compatible with it. Here, we are taking the notepad.

CLOSE all the MS Office components and open notepad.

UNDER file menu, select File >> printer or CTRL+P

find printer option


FOLLOW the steps that we use to add the printer for general use

SELECT network if you are using the network printer. When added, it will work for office component too.

Above given method is very easy to use. It will definitely solve the issue of active directory domain services unavailable windows 10.


Fix 3: Print Spooler Service Restarting

CLICK WIN+R and type services.msc followed by OK

SCROLL DOWN to PRINT SPOOLER and check the status, whether it is running and startup type should be AUTOMATIC

print spooler

If not, RIGHT CLICK on print spooler and open its properties

START the service

start print spooler services

If it’s already running then stop it and start again.


How To Fix The Active Directory Domain Services is Currently Unavailable Error?


We have listed the possible solutions through the above methods for the error “the active directory domain service is currently unavailable“. After executing the above methods, your documents should now be able to print with ease from MS office components. If the problem still occurs, then first try the basic troubleshoot of printers, driver scan fixes and keep the above methods as the second option to solve the issue. Share the article if it was helpful to you, via Facebook, Google or Twitter.

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