Adsterra Ad Network Reviews For Publishers & Advertisers 2019

The time has gone when advertising agencies focused on the print and virtual media. The technological advances have provided the platform for the people who are working on the internet and like to promote their products for the benefit of the consumers. Whether you are the blogger or the site owner, making the use of the digital advertisers will help you to monetize your work with the vast payable amount. The digital advertisers will help you to reach to the core audiences with innovative and precise ways.

Already in last five years, we have seen the huge names providing the platform for publishers or marketers to reach to their audiences, engaging them at the personal level. Apart from Google AdSense, there are other names too, providing the best service to the marketers in the minimal requirements, Adsterra is one of them. Adsterra is the ad network which provides the advanced solutions to the advertisers to meet their needs. The network was launched in 2013 in Scotland and right from the start, the platform is providing the excellent services and contemporary ad formats.

Adsterra offers the excellent services for the publishers as well as for the advertisers. The publishers can monetize their traffic with the higher CPM rates, making it perfect deal. The advertisers have an opportunity to run their ad campaigns on the excellent websites. Adsterra has gained the popularity in short duration soon after the launch. They have become the fastest growing ad network offering the best advertising solution owning the consistency and stable features to the publishers and advertisers.

The stability and consistency have made Adsterra stand out from its competitors. The foundation of the company was the real hard work for the team, and within the years, Adsterra has become the leading advertising network in the world. The network is operational all over the world, putting together the advertisers and publishers. Adsterra is mainly focused on connecting the advertisers and publishers because they both are interested in making a profit with the help of their network platform. Whether you are a publisher or advertiser, Adsterra is an open platform for you unless you meet the respective requirements.


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After going through the description of Adsterra, you must be wondering that why Adsterra? Why is Adsterra better than other advertising networks? The reasons are not that difficult to understand. The platform that Adsterra share is same as other digital ad networks, the features and foundation are different, making the network unique than rest.

  • Operational over 190 countries in the world
  • More than 10 billion ad impressions are served on the monthly basis.
  • More than 20,000 ad campaigns are running per month.
  • More than 60, 00,000 leads are generated in the month.
  • Multiple language support.
  • The statistics are authentic and real displayed to the publishers and advertisers.

After looking at the whys of Adsterra, now it will not be difficult for you to understand why Adsterra is the best international ad network. Still not convinced? We will give you the insights of the advertisers and publishers requirements, how they can be monetizing their websites with Adsterra.


If you are the publisher and would like to monetize your site through Adsterra network, then you will have to meet certain requirements to enjoy the network’s benefits:

  • The 5,000 monthly impressions on your authenticate website can help you to set up the pop-unders.
  • Fake traffic is restricted. The company can ban the user if they come to know about it
  • You can have banner display ads if your site receives minimum 50,000 impressions per month.
  • Prohibition on foul, adult or illegal content. Adsterra is very strict with this point.

Unlike publisher requirements, the advertisers do not have too many criteria/ requirements to meet. The only requirement for an advertiser is to deposit minimum $100 in Adsterra network.

After meeting the criteria and needs, we will now look at the publisher and advertiser benefits.


The exclusive range of advantages for the publishers is the reason why it has become the favorite for them rather than Google AdSense.


Various ad formats Adsterra offers to the publishers. The variety of the ad format helps to make the most money from the traffic. The formats can be accessed quickly in PC and cell devices. The popular formats that Adsterra offer are: push up ads, pop-under, banner ads, mobile banner ads, direct links, sliders, interstitial ads and mobile pop-under.


Illegal content ad campaigns or any malware content campaigns are banned by Adsterra. For the publisher, the network provides the advertisements from the high-quality and authentic advertisers.


The account manager of the network will help you to boost your earnings through different methods.


It does not matter what language you speak or understand. If you have encountered some trouble, the support team of Adsterra is ready to help you 24X7 throughout the year.


You can check your clicks, impressions, CPM, CTR, revenue with the filtering options and the statistics of your work can be viewed from Adsterra dashboard.


Adsterra follows the NET15 mode cycle for the payment. The network dispatches the payment within 15 days, i.e. 1st and 16th of every month. To get the payment from the network, it is compulsory to reach up to $100 so that you can receive the cash in your account through Payza, Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, Wire transfer and Webmoney.

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The advertisers, just like publisher benefits can too enjoy the benefits which are perfectly designed for the great utilization:

Among the network of the publishers, there are lists of top sites which can be a great platform for the advertisers to advertise their products on such popular websites.


There are several methods that Adsterra offers to target the audiences. Based on your campaigns, the ads are run by the network on various websites. The targeting process that Adsterra uses is device targeting, geo & language targeting, browser targeting, etc.


What kind of investment have you made in the campaigns, decides your returns. The conversion rate is higher because the ads are targeted as per your campaigns. Good returns on the investments made in campaigns through Adsterra are guaranteed.


The software of Adsterra can detect the fake traffic emerging from the publishers’ website.


The account manager will help you to strategize the ad campaigns to maximize the returns with the support of the different campaigns. The account manager will assist you to about the campaigns that Adsterra offers in the interest of the advertisers.


You can check your campaign statistics and reports from Adsterra dashboard. These statistics will help you to compare your campaigns so as to make the better choices for the future.

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After looking at the complete package that Adsterra offers to the publishers and advertisers, it comes out that Adsterra is the professional ad network which is beneficial to both. Monetizing the blogs and reaching to the high-quality audience is possible now with the help of Adsterra if utilized in a legal manner. Adsterra is the great alternative to the AdSense network. Manipulating the traffic and abusing the terms of services of Adsterra can result in the strict action taken by the network against you.

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