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All Airtel Free Internet Tricks For 3G & 4G 2019 (Updated)

After the sudden price hike on the data packs Airtel users users have started searching for the Airtel free internet and the Airtel tricks for the free data usage from the airtel sim. Observing such huge demand of the airtel tricks, our team tried and tested the Airtel free internet to assure whether the trick works or not. Our team is constantly working to develop the configuration files for the airtel free internet and the airtel tricks. After the development, there are several files available now and therefore we are able to share the active airtel free internet and airtel tricks and with the help of instructions, you can learn to use them.

All these airtel tricks are updated and currently working on all airtel sim cards. There are regular updates on the airtel tricks and therefore you can bookmark the post for your future use as well.

All these airtel free internet and airtel tricks are based on the VPN servers. All the airtel tricks and the free internet services are tried and tested in all states of India as well as in the local areas as well. We had tried the tricks first with the people from different parts of the states and then after finalizing it; we have shared them on the post. All the tricks are working well on every handset and the also every airtel sim is compatible with these tricks.

NOTE: Please note that this tutorial is solely for educational purpose and I am not responsible for any kind of illegal usage of this tutorial.

Airtel Free Internet Tricks January 2019

airtel free internet tricks 3g & 4g

You can use many apps like Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp and can surf through Chrome as well as default browser in Mobile. In PC, you can use every software and browsing add-ons. Internet download manager is also supported with this aitel 3g tricks. You can Increase download speed in IDM by IDM Optimizer

This free airtel tricks are based on TCP Port 443 working 100% in a state where TCP 443 protocol is open. We have given the state names at the last where you can find the states where this protocol is open.

Note: Please note that this tutorial is solely for educational purpose and I am not responsible for any kind of illegal usage of this tutorial.

Airtel Tricks Pre Requirements

  • Airtel SIM card with 3G enabled
  • Minimum balance required is Rs 0 (It is mandatory to use all airtel tricks 2019)
  • If you don’t want to cap 3G speed, recharge with any small 3G pack
  • APN (Access Point Name):
  • airtel free internet speed up to 500KBps (7.2 Mbps)

How To Get Free Internet On Airtel Sim For 3G & 4G?

To use this all airtel tricks, you will have to follow some steps provided below. As this trick is working in both mobile as well as pc, I have mentioned steps for both.

Guidelines For Mobile Users

  1. Android mobile user can also avail the benefits of Airtel free internet tricks. You just have to follow the below given steps:
  2. First of all download the attachment file from the bottom
  3. Download and install DroidVPN in your mobile.
  4. Now login to your account and open DroidVPN settings
  5. Connection Protocol: Set TCP (Refer attachment for more respective settings)
  6. You will find all working Proxy and Port from the attachments
  7. After proxy settings, you will need to select HTTP headers
  8. Here you will need to put Host records which is given in the attachment
  9. Save it and enjoy free internet browsing on your vodafone sim mobile

Guidelines For PC Users

  1. PC users can use this airtel free internet in their Computer or Laptop. You just have to follow below given steps:
  2. First of all download the config files from below given links
  3. If you do not have NMD VPN installed in your system, download NMD VPN from here.
  4. Now install the software in your system
  5. Open the downloaded files and move it to NMD VPN config folder i.e. C:\Program Files\ NMD VPN\config
  6. Open NMD VPN software (MOST IMPORTANT: Win 7 & 8 users run NMD VPN as the Administrator)
  7. Now connect the config file, you will be connect instantly
  8. If you not able to connect in first attempt, give 2-3 more try, it will be connected
  9. Enjoy Airtel Free Internet in your computer

Guidelines For Avoiding Sim Blockage

As our followers always try to ask us about sim blockage issues. Here we are suggesting some important points which you require to follow to avoid sim blockage in your Airtel sim.

Use with small 3G plan

Do activate any small 3g plan for Airtel. Call to your customer care and ask them for small 3G recharge for your area and recharge it with the same.

Don’t use too much data in one session

Try to use in frequent way. Do not go for big files. Just disconnect and reconnect gprs before 350 to 400 MB usage

Avoid large files download

Don’t go for downloading large files, always download small files.

Download All Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2019

all airtel free internet tricks

airtel tricks free internet

download airtel tricks

Download Password:

NOTE: Please note that this tutorial is solely for educational purpose and I am not responsible for any kind of illegal usage of this tutorial.

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Airtel Free Internet Tricks New Update January 2019

It has been found that these tricks do get blocked by the IP services and therefore we are sharing these tricks on the public demand with the educational purpose. All these airtel free internet and data tricks are not allowed to be shared openly across the web and therefore if you have landed on this post we would like to request you. Do not openly share the airtel tricks with anyone. If you want to, you can upload and share the airtel tricks on the survey sites since it is difficult to crack the airtel free internet and airtel free tricks code from it. Once you have shared these tricks on the public domain or the social sites, the working configuration of these tricks will no longer be eligible.

Airtel New Unlimited Direct 3G Tricks Features

  • No Daily Internet Recharge
  • Unlimited 3G Internet Data
  • No Speed Capping Issue
  • No Sim Blockage
  • Easy To Use
  • 2 Methods For Airtel Unlimited Direct 3G Tricks

Method 1

  • First of all you need to recharge for Rs. 28 3G data plan [i.e. 110Mb 3G Data]
  • After getting the balance you need to add any family member
  • Go to your message and type ADD and send it to 121
  • You will get the confirmation and now you can share 50Mb data with your family members
  • Now delete the family member immediately (Important)
  • Start surfing and browsing internet normaly with your airtel sim
  • After surfing and download 4-5mb of data, now again add your any family member by sending ADD to 121
  • You are done with the trick. Now you can browse and download unlimited with you airtel 3g sim
  • This trick is checked in Tamilnadu & Kerala and its working fine here

Method 2

  • This is the new and fresh method to get unlimited internet on your airtel sim mobile
  • To get stat with this trick, first you need to recharge Rs. 10 via Coupon
  • Now you need to activate airtel 1 day 3g plan by dialing ussd code: *121*11#
  • After getting the confirmation you need to open Airtel Online Recharge Page
  • Activate the 1GB data pack worth Rs. 259 and start surfing and downloading
  • Do not disconnect your data until 100mb used
  • After reaching 100mb check your 3g data balance
  • You will see around 1045 – 1069 MB data still remains in your account
  • That’s all. Now again start downloading and browsing data
  • Your data balance will never get deducted
  • Enjoy unlimited 3g internet via this trick on airtel sim mobile

Download Airtel Free Internet Trick New Update

Airtel Wynk Host Trick To Get Free Internet

This is the latest & updated trick to get free internet on airtel 3g & airtel 4g mobile phone. To get this working trick you need to follow certain steps explained below. Carefully read every steps and start using this tricks to get free net.

Steps To Use Airtel Wynk Host Trick

  • First of all you all need to download and install Wynk Application powered by Airtel from below
  • After installing this Wynk application you need to run this app in your android mobile with your active data pack
  • Go to My Account option in Wynk Application and click on Try Free
  • After clicking on Try Free option, you need to click on Select Wynk Freedom Plan which is totally free
  • Download Tunnel Guru for PC (NMD VPN alternate) or Droid VPN
  • Use this APN: and connect the internet
  • After connecting the internet, you need to open Tunnel Guru Or PD Proxy and move on to settings page -> options
  • Click on Advanced Settings and then you need to find the Parent Proxy
  • Put the following proxy as a parent proxy: & Port: 3128
  • Click on Headers and write as Host:
  • Connect it with TCP 443 protocol
  • You will get connected instantly. Enjoy the unlimited airtel free internet.

Download All Working Airtel Free Internet Tricks

Working Snapshots

get free internet on airtel

airtel net tricks

Airtel Free Internet

The free airtel internet tricks are anyways blocked in several states of the India and therefore you October find some of them have expired thereby not valid. The updated airtel working tricks and free internet provider are perfectly compatible with all airtel sims- be it 3G or 4G. Earlier it was observed that airtel free tricks did not work in the states Tamilnadu and Kerala but now the tricks are working fine in these states as well. All you need to do is follow the steps provided here so that you can access the free unlimited internet on your smartphone.

Working State Names

  • Gujarat (Personally checked by me)
  • Rajsthan (Checked by our team members)
  • Delhi (Checked by me with roaming SIM)
  • UP (Estimated)
  • Maharashtra (Checked by Moderator)


The above given airtel free internet tricks are working in all over India. We have the moderator team working in different states of India. We cross check our all free net tricks with them first and then we upload it here. Our moderator team is working daily for new free net tricks for airtel and we update it here on a regular basis. So if given trick doesn’t work then recheck this page after some days, you will definitely find new working trick here. Keep visiting and be updated with the latest working airtel free internet tricks.

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