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List of Devices Likely to Get Android L Update

List of Devices Likely to Get Android L Update

Android L Update: The biggest update from the Android Platform. All are crazy this days just to know which devices are likely to get the Android L Update.

It is absolutely true that all devices are not capable to receive this biggest Android L Update. As there are many devices which yet to see the Android Kitkat Update. Here we have found and listed out the name of devices which will likely to get this new OS from Android.

android L update device list

What is Android L?

Android Lollipop (working title) is an upcoming release of the Android mobile operating system developed by Google. Unveiled on June 25, 2014 and released in beta the next day for select Google Nexus devices, it is expected to be released in late 2014; its formal version number and official code name have not yet been announced.

Android Lollipop was first unveiled on June 25, 2014 during a keynote presentation at the Google I/O developers’ conference. Alongside Lollipop, the presentation focused on a number of new Android-oriented platforms and technologies, including Android TV, in-car platform Android Auto, wearable computing platform Android Wear, and health tracking platform Google Fit.

 – According to Wikipedia (Android L)

android lollipop update 2014
Android L is considered as the Google’s biggest OS update. It brings lots of new features & enhanced performance. It support 64bit processor, replaced old Dlavik with ART runtime for better bettery life and performance. New features added like heads up notification, DND mode, new design keyboard, low power mode, new dialer etc. This features and performance makes Android L Update to the biggest android mobile update.

Below give list of devices which are likely to get this biggest Android L Update with their expected time of arrival. We have given the priority according to chances of getting this update.

Very High Priority & Estimated Time of Arrival

Device NameTime Of Arrival
Nexus 5Launch of L
Nexus 7 (2013)Launch of L
Nexus 7 (2012)Q4 - 2014
LG G3Q4 - 2014
Moto XQ4 - 2014
Xperia Z2Q4 - 2014
Huawei P7Q4 - 2014
HTC OneQ4 - 2014
HTC One M8Q4 - 2014
Samsung Galaxy S5Q4 - 2014
Samsung Galaxy S5 MiniQ4 - 2014
OnePlus OneQ4 - 2014

High Priority & Estimated Time of Arrival

Device NameTime Of Arrival
Moto GQ1 - 2015
LG G2Q1 - 2015
LG G FlexQ1 - 2015
Xperia Z1Q1 - 2015
Xperia Z1 CompactQ1 - 2015
Xperia Z2 TabQ1 - 2015
Xperia Z TabQ1 - 2015
Oppo N1Q1 - 2015
Galaxy MegaQ1 - 2015
HTC One MaxQ1 - 2015
Samsung Galaxy S4Q1 - 2015
Galaxy Note 3Q1 - 2015
Galaxy S5 ActiveQ1 - 2015

Low Priority & Estimated Time of Arrival

Device NameTime Of Arrival
Nexus 4Launch of Android L
Moto EN/A
LG G Pad 8.3N/A
Samsung Galaxy TabN/A
Xperia M2N/A
Huawei G6N/A

Note: Above given list is incomplete. The above given device list for Android L Update is Qd Tricks opinion based on the information available from the internet.

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