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O for Android Oreo 8.0: Best Android Oreo Features 2019

On the historical day of the America of the total solar eclipse, the tech giant, Google announced its much awaited Android O version- officially named as OREO- 8.0. Check out the details on the latest version of the Android OS and how soon can you update your smartphone with the Android 8.0 Oreo version.

O for Oreo

android oreo 8.0

The chances are now children going to learn the alphabets in a technical way, especially in the era of smartphones. Android OS, the huge and largest OS platform and the part of the tech giant- Google is well known for rolling their versions in the name of food items. Since last few months, the speculations about the Android O had left the tech geeks Owestruck, giving them puzzling hints about what could be the name of the Android 8.0 version. On 21st August 2017, the historic day in the America, marking the occasion of total solar eclipse; Google also chose the same day to announce their O version calling it OREO officially.

There were enough speculations about the name of the Android O version, and it is clear that the OREO name was already well predicted by the geeks and the tech experts. As the version is now officially announced, there are lot many expectations from the users and they are increasingly looking forward to knowing what technical package OREO will provide. After the nougat updates looked promising ans satisfied with the functionality, Android users are now curious to learn about the OREO and how will it make their life better, digitally. The developers of the Android OREO OS have promised lots of improvements, and also there are few unique features which will help the user to multitask to the extent.

Features of OREO

The name was quite well predicted, and in between the time, the same name had leaked as well. While the name was predicted evenly by the tech geeks, the features and the improvements that the version has to offer to the user are spell bounding for them. We have dug out some great spectacular features of the Android OREO version; maybe it can help you to know what to expect from Android 8.

  • Picture In Picture

android oreo pictures in pictures feature

If you are the multi tasker or like to multi task on your own, then OREO will not disappoint you. It does not matter what is the size of the smartphone screen, the picture in picture feature will allow you to run the two apps running at the same time. Already YouTube and Google Duo are supporting this feature. In fact you can watch the video on the YouTube and also keep chatting with your friends on the Whatsapp. Maybe it’s time to have the wOw experience from the OS.

  • Notifications

android oreo notifications

It’s high time Android OS has offered any changes on the notification bar, though nougat version had the changes on the notifications features, but only few. With the OREO, you can now directly look for the app notifications from the three dots appearing on the applications itself. For e.g. if you have received new message on Whatsapp, then you can look for the three dots on the Whatsapp instead of looking the Whatsapp symbol on the notification bar. You can even look into the applications without installing it i.e. using the Android instant apps swiftly without giving space on the device.

  • Autofill Framework

android oreo autofill feature

You are too much social or are loaded with lot many emails on different IDs but have difficulty to remember the passwords of few, isn’t it? Well the OREO has felt you and therefore the developer have rolled the Autofill feature. Once you grant the permission, the feature will remember your login credentials for your favorite applications. Now you can dive into the application at great speed. This is the great opportunity for the password manager app developers to provide the same feature to the users on other apps. The feature will be the part of the Google Play Services.

  • Improved Battery Life

android oreo improved battery life

Is it? How? Relax. Smartphones are known to drain the batteries thus forcing us to charge them at least two times a day. Android OREO developers have promised the battery to last longer for few more hours than the hour’s device previously used to survive on. This is because the OREO operating system will help to minimize the background application activities, limitations on the background location, 2X boot speed, and the Wi-Fi scans.

  • Other Improved Features

There are a new set of emojis and fonts, making the conversation now more enjoyable and graphical. For the app developers, the OREO operating system has included the Adaptive icons. The system will have the vital interaction with the icon and then use them in the launcher, settings, shortcuts, etc. In the desperate need of support to the apps, the OREO version is offering the wide gamut colour which will help to image the apps, and it will be useful for those devices which support the wide gamut colour display.


There are lot many other security and system optimisations on the OREO operating system. In the near few months, the Android 8 or OREO will be rolling out on the prominent smartphones like HTC, Lenovo, OnePlus, Samsung and LG. For other smartphone users, the dates will be announced the availability of the new OS on your device.

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