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AnyTrans: Migrate More Than Move To iOS (Android To iOS)

Across the globe, we have Android OS user and iOS user divided into the groups, claiming each of them to be the best. For the Android OS users, there is software and also easy solutions if they are migrating from one device to another one, but minimal such software solution is available for iOS users. In fact for the Android user who wants to migrate to the iOS are in the fear that they might lose the data while transferring from one to another. Without losing the mind over phone management, we are here providing the great insight to the best iPhone manager, AnyTrans.

AnyTrans is the iPhone manager overcoming the limitations of the sync boundaries from one device to another, be it iPhone to iPhone or Android OS or vice versa. The AnyTrans allows you to migrate and transfer the music, videos, photos, safari history, books, messages, voice memo and other content available on iPhone. For AnyTrans, it does not matter from where the data is extracted; the content can be from iTunes backup and even from the cloud.  There is great speed for the data upload and download on the iPhone, and in fact, it is considered being the swiftest data transfer solution in the digital market.

What exactly AnyTrans does? There are lot many features on the software working remarkably excellent. We will discuss some of the features here about the AnyTrans for the better understanding of the software. Maybe the iOS users will understand the software or at least the one who is using already on the device. AnyTrans is capable of performing many functions like iOS cleaning, recovering data, managing iPhone and much more yet features are making AnyTrans unique and different.

AnyTrans iOS Mover – Migrate to iOS from Android with Ease!

android to ios mover anytrans

Looking at the above features of the AnyTrans, we are sure that the fans of the great app/ software are eager as well as curious to know about the new update available, especially the Android users who want to move to the iOS. Along with the release of the new iPhone, AnyTrans has also rolled out new feature known as iOS mover. The feature is great for the Android user who has already planned to purchase new iPhone or any other iOS device and the cherry on the cake is iOS mover feature is 100% free which means to enjoy the benefits of the feature you don’t have spend the dollars or penny.

While moving from one OS to another, there was a fear of losing the necessary data and information of the user, but with iOS mover, there is no place for the fear now. Currently, AnyTrans is the only tool in the digital market giving out the complete freedom to the users to move swiftly from Android to iOS losing out the data back to the old device. The iOS mover feature has overcome the limitations present on the iOS otherwise and also you can be assured of the safety of the data while transferring them. Although the iOS mover feature is completely free, AnyTrans has not compromised on the benefits providing to the user.

Check out the amazing benefits available on the new rolled out feature- AnyTrans iOS Mover.


The standard iOS does not allow transferring the messages with attachments; therefore, AnyTrans iOS mover comes to the rescue. From the AnyTrans iOS mover, you can either select all messages or few of them along with the attachments to transfer from android OS to iOS with ease.

Call Logs

It is sad to know that the iOS does not allow the migration of the call history while moving from android to iOS; hence the important unsaved contacts can be at risk of loss. Checking upon AnyTrans iOS mover feature, we were relieved that it allows transferring the call logs. Within seconds you can transfer the entire call log or history and if not entirely then definitely you can select the contacts which will take place on your new iOS device.

Photos & Photo Videos

While you are changing the OS, transferring the photos and photo videos is a must. Now while doing so, if you prefer the standard method, you have to transfer all photos and videos left with no choice to migrate the selected one. From AnyTrans, you can easily select the photos and videos and transfer only those albums which you want. This way you can keep the check on your storage space, making a place for the important one on the iOS device.


With the help of traditional iOS, you have to transfer all contacts even though some of them are repeated. The same feature we tried with the help of AnyTrans while transferring the contacts to the iOS device, we were relieved to know that software provides us to option to transfer the selected contacts from android OS to iPhone. It is not necessary to transfer just the selected one, but the benefit is you make the space of important contacts without any duplication of the same.

Music and Downloaded Video Files

AnyTrans iOS mover is great when it comes to transferring the music and video files from Android to iPhone. Unlike other iOS movers, AnyTrans allows the transfer of selected music and video files. Not only that; AnyTrans iOS mover has the auto conversion feature which means that the transferred music or the video file can be made compatible with the iOS audio and video format. That sounds cool!


The iOS auto conversion feature on the AnyTrans iOS mover also helps you to transfer the custom ringtones from Android OS. On another iOS mover, we doubt the feature is available.

PDFs and EPUBs (Books)

The AnyTrans iOS has another great benefit which is the custom transfer of PDFs and EPUBs files or books to the iBooks application available for the iPhone and iPad. You can choose the files or simply transfer the complete list of PDF and EPUB books from Android to iOS.


Not all dates and events are important and therefore it is not necessary to take care and remember all the dates and carry forward them to the new iOS device. While the other iOS mover transfers all the dates and events even though it is not necessary, AnyTrans iOS mover can help you to transfer only those events and the dates which you mark as important; Also if you want, you can transfer all the events at once within seconds from Android to iOS.

Files & Documents

All the files & documents including the compressed ones can be transferred from Android OS to iOS either completely or selected ones with the AnyTrans, iOS mover. In fact, you can even search the necessary file or document stored on the old device and then accordingly you can transfer. All file formats and documents are transferable from AnyTrans.

Factory Reset- Big No!

To transfer the files from your old device to iOS, you do not have reset the factory settings on your iPhone. Without doing so, all the files are easily transferred, hassle free.

No more Duplications

If the file is already transferred or available on the iOS, then the AnyTrans will not create any duplicate of the same file occupying the space on the device. AnyTrans does not allow the overwriting of the already existing files and data on the iOS device.

Customized Transfer

There is no need to transfer the entire list of files; you can select the important files and transfer it from old device to new iOS.

Auto Format

All the transferred photos and videos are eligible for auto formatting on AnyTrans iOS mover thus producing them to be compatible with the iOS device. All such files are compatible with all kind of customised formats.

Stable & Secure

All the files and data transferred with AnyTrans iOS mover are 100% secured as well as the migration of the files is done with stability via USB cable.

Compatible Android Devices

AnyTrans iOS mover is compatible with the devices running on Android v4.05 or above than that and iOS 5 or more than iOS 5.

Other Additional Features

Seamless Flow of Melodies

Music surrounds us, and therefore it is essential to create the space for music. You can use the music for any purpose and activities like to wake you up you can use the song for alarm, or for any other use. With the AnyTrans, you can transfer the music files from the iOS devices without the use of iTunes.  You can transfer the music file from iPhone to PC and vice versa without installing the iTunes on any of them. If you have the AnyTrans, you can easily manage the playlist and update them without the assistance of iTunes.

Video Formats Compatibility

You can install the AnyTrans application on iPhone and simply watch the videos in any format which was otherwise limited to the specific one. AnyTrans in an efficient manner trans-codes the video formats like MKV, AVCHD, WMV, AVI, and M2TS compatible with the iPhone device. In fact, AnyTrans allows and asks for the permission for the output storage resolutions of the videos based on iPhone and iPad storage availability. You can save or transfer the videos from one device to another with simple drag and drop feature.

Photos- Memories Forever

Apple device cameras are known to be the biggest competition to the DSLRs, and therefore iPhone user takes proud to be the owner of the device. iPhone users enjoy clicking the photos from the device, but it is the disadvantage on the part of the storage.  Overcoming the limitations, AnyTrans allows and helps you to transfer the photos and images to the computer in the lightening speed- approx 100 images in just 3.4 seconds! That’s real quick!

This ensures creating more space in the single click. AnyTrans also allows you to create the albums for your favorite images and occasions, categorizing photos, slo-motions, panoramas. Already the AnyTrans has classified the photos into two-three prominent albums, and also the app allows clicking in app pictures for each app folder. It doesn’t matter how many times you have shared photos, edited, filtered, they all are archived well with the device. Even searching for the specific photos, you can do the same from the search option. You can even share the LIVE images and the GIFs on the social networking sites.

Everything Backed Up

Majorly the user who are migrating the data from one device to another always have the confusion and fear whether all files will are sufficiently backed up or not on the device; therefore AnyTrans comes to the rescue. AnyTrans allows you to know the files free layer down the iTunes backed up and also personal info from the iCloud anytime you want. AnyTrans is triggered with the iOS file explorer and therefore allows you explore at your will. Same like any other external drive, AnyTrans manages every iPhone file easily with the drag and drop feature. AnyTrans can also help you to convert your iPad and iPhone device into the handy storage disk to save huge files and use them on the go.

Offline Videos

This is the brand new feature on the AnyTrans allowing the users to enjoy the videos offline on any iOS device. You can download the videos from the prominent sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and much more such sites, AnyTrans ensures the downloaded videos to fit the iOS devices perfectly, availing the offline playback feature. You can download the videos from the sites according to your desired resolution.

New iPhone? Let AnyTrans Help you

If you have bought or are going to get the new iPhone and are wondering about the data stored on the old device; with AnyTrans, you don’t have to. AnyTrans helps you to import the data from the old iOS and then customize the new one with it. All the data and personal info are transferred and migrated in a single click, which means AnyTrans is the hassle free application for iOS users.

iTunes Sync Two Ways

In the intellectual era, even the technology has become smart now. The AnyTrans allows you to upload the certain playlists, music, movies, etc. from your iProduct to flourish your iTunes library. You can even save the playlist on any iOS device in case if it gets lost for the backup.

iCloud to MyCloud

From the iCloud, it is effortless to share and export the photos and messages on your cloud. AnyTrans allows you to manage the files and you can have the complete control over the iCloud content.

Personal Info

AnyTrans allows you to share the personal information and data from your iOS device to your computer. The personal information and data can be anything like messages, call history, voice mails, safari bookmarks, emails and much more.

iOS Mover- Available Without any Charges

You may think AnyTrans is providing so many benefits and therefore they must be charging some dollars or if not, they are offering two versions then-

  • Free version, limiting the advanced features.
  • Paid version, availing all features in the exchange of dollars.

The fact of the matter is all the benefits of the AnyTrans iOS mover are absolutely free, there are no hidden charges as well as versions are available. AnyTrans iOS mover is same for all the users across the globe i.e. 100% free.

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