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Previously we had talked about AnyTrans iOS mover, and now we will discuss how to transfer the data from Android to iOS or iOS to iOS. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus release has stormed the tech geeks and the above all iPhone lovers are in love with the new device. Although iPhone fans are waiting for the iPhone X no matter how much the price is; whatever the situation is, if you are looking for a change in the iOS device or the migration from software to another, then AnyTrans data transfer can help you to manage the device content under the handy situation.


AnyTrans will help you to run the iPhone and other iOS gadgets running smoothly without leaving the trace on your previous device/ software. The AnyTrans software will help you transfer the data from Android device to iOS or from iOS to iOS. The software is easy to understand and handle; we have shared the software features which will help you to understand the feature with complete functions. There are certain functions and features making it easy for you to transfer the data safely from one to another device. Once the data is transferred, it becomes easy for you to take over the iPhone with ease.


The question is: which data are transferrable with the AnyTrans? Because other data transfer software is restricted to the certain files and data. We have the list of the transferable data for your understanding of the software and also how user-friendly AnyTrans is for all the users.

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You can transfer either all the messages at once or one by one along with the attachments.

Call logs

All the call logs and details can be transferred from one device to another in less than one second. You can even select the numbers which you would like to have on the new iPhone.

Media files – Photos and Videos

There are choices you can make to select the desired photos and the videos and give them space on the new iPhone device. Unlike other iOS data transfer software, AnyTrans gives you the freedom to choose the important memories to take forward.


Either all or the selected contacts you can move from one device to iPhone– be it Android or iOS.

Music, Videos, and Ringtones

With the help of the auto conversion option on AnyTrans, you can transfer the audio and visual files such as music, video- downloaded and imported one, and the ringtones in the iOS compatible format. Even the custom ringtones are auto-converted to the iOS audio format.

Files and Documents

AnyTrans helps you to search and find the files and documents stored on your previous device and then transfer it to the new iPhone. You can transfer either all files, including the compressed one and if you want, just select the important one and transfer it.

Books- EPUBs & PDF

You can selectively transfer the eBooks, PDFs, and ePubs from your old device to iPhone with the help of AnyTrans. All the transferred PDFs and EPUBS will be available from the iBooks app- either on iPhone or iPad.

You can even check out features here to understand the AnyTrans software in easy language.

  • While transferring the data, you don’t have to reset the iPhone to the factory settings.
  • There are no duplications of the existing files and data on the iPhone.
  • You can select the documents, media files and documents and then transfer accordingly on your new iPhone.
  • The media files are auto-converted to the iOS-compatible formats.
  • There are no issues for the transferring the data from one device to another if done with stable USB cable.
  • Among the Android OS, the AnyTrans is compatible with the device running on 4.0 or above than that, and among the iOS, it is compatible with the device running on iOS 5 or above than that.

How to Transfer Data with AnyTrans- Android to iOS/ iOS to iOS Device

It is not easy to beat the high ending stereo speakers and the displays. AnyTrans makes it possible for every user to handle the device with ease, whether new or already using the iPhone. We have shared some of the tricks and how to transfer the data from one device to iPhone with the help of AnyTrans. The AnyTrans software is easy to understand and simple to use yet we have shared the tips so that it becomes effortless to transfer the data in few clicks.

Media Data Transfer

media downloader

The internet has made it easy for us to spare the boredom while traveling or spending the leisure time. In a click now we can watch the videos and the download our favorite songs. AnyTrans allows you to download the complete batch of videos and the music playlists in the single click directly on the iOS device; we have shared the trick for how to transfer the media data from one device to another.

#Videos & Music

It does not matter from where you have downloaded the videos- be it Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, or Instagram, AnyTrans allows you to transfer the video to any format on the iOS device. The auto conversion feature enables the user to download the videos in any format and save it offline for the future view. You have to select the format you would like to save the video, and you can enjoy it without any quality loss.

videos and music anytrans

  • AnyTrans likes to keep it simple and therefore to download the video on the iOS device and computer is nothing but the simple task.
  • You have to copy the URL of the video you want to download and rest let AnyTrans help you.
  • All the videos are detected by the AnyTrans and also the URLs.
  • The previous failed and interrupted download of the videos are resumed with the AnyTrans.
  • All the videos can be downloaded directly on the iOS device without the need of the third-party applications in the middle.
  • Without any interruptions and the file compression, the videos can be saved as it is in the format on the device.
  • Same like videos, the music and its playlist too can be saved on the iOS device without changing the audio file format.
  • There are still more changes on the AnyTrans regarding the media data transfer.

iCloud Manager

icloud manager anytrans

iCloud has become the most important and integral part of the files and documents stored in the device. AnyTrans allows you to manage the iCloud content with ease and also to back up the stored files from iCloud is one click away. Take a look at the features and tricks for how to manage the iCloud data and to transfer the data to the device.

anytrans icloud manager

  • You can choose the files which you would like to transfer to the device from the iCloud backup. First, you can preview and then you can transfer it.
  • After previewing the file decide which file needs to be given space to the new iPhone.
  • All the files and data are transferred to the device within minutes.
  • You can export the photos from the iCloud on the computer with ease if not complete album then the selected photos.
  • On any iCloud account, you can upload the photos with the help of AnyTrans.
  • If you would like to make some space on the iCloud, you can delete the unwanted photos in a click.
  • All the photos, even from the iTunes and third party photo applications can be uploaded to the iCloud because of the AnyTrans.
  • AnyTrans allows the user to resume the interrupted downloads, thus saving your time to download the complete file again from the beginning.
  • Either upload or download the multiple photos from the iCloud and also the complete batches with the drag and drop feature at once.
  • The AnyTrans UI is intuitive therefore you can easily manage the iCloud content.
  • Based on your choices, you can set the output formats and thus you can export the contacts, media files, and documents.
  • AnyTrans software is designed with the strong confidentiality and encryption. Therefore none of your iCloud account or data from it is leaked to anyone. You are the only manager of the iCloud account.

Music & Video Transfer

music & video transfer

It becomes easy to transfer the music and the videos from one device to another iOS device without any hassles when you have AnyTrans. There are many features to transfer the music files from one device to another, and we have shared here for the better understanding of our readers.

  • The music file is transferred flexibly in two ways- you can sync the songs to your iOS device with the desktop or the iTunes library and also you can export the audio files (music) from it on your iOS device.
  • There are no iTunes, no limits and also no more unknown and forceful syncs.
  • You can transfer the music files directly between two iOS devices- iPhones or iPads.
  • There is no need to have iTunes to update the playlist. AnyTrans helps you to update it without the iTunes.
  • Add or delete the songs from the playlist without the need of iTunes. You can share the playlist with the iTunes library with the help of AnyTrans.
  • You can customize the audio files into the ringtones and AnyTrans does it by intercepting the first 40 seconds of the audio file converting to the customized ringtone.
  • All the videos and the music can be played on the iPhone and another iOS device without worrying about the format. AnyTrans allows all file formats to be compatible with the iOS device.
  • The AnyTrans easy drag and drop service makes it easy to manage the videos, music, and iTunes on the device.

Photos Data Transfer

All the moments clicked on the iPhone are perfect for us to remember it for the lifetime and therefore AnyTrans makes it easy for you to save them perfectly so that nothing is left behind.

  • AnyTrans transfers the 100 photos in 3.4 seconds, i.e., at lightning speed.
  • In one click you can even create more space by deleting unwanted images from the device.
  • Apart from the two-way transfer feature, you can create the albums for the photos.
  • All the photos and the videos are well categorized with the help of AnyTrans.
  • From the timeline feature, you can browse and search for the photos from the gallery and all thanks to the AnyTrans.
  • All the live photos because of the AnyTrans are now available and shared everywhere. The live photos are turned into the GIFs.

Secured Personal Data

A Safe Boat for All Your Personal Data

It is safe to say that all your data and information on the iOS device is well secured with the AnyTrans. The AnyTrans allows you to transfer the data from your iOS device to the PC, be it then your personal information or the iTunes/ iCloud backup.

  • You can manage the messages and thus can choose them from the list. Transfer the messages with the attachments and the entire threads on the PC.
  • You can export the contacts from iPhone to PC in the CSV or VCF format.
  • The notes can be edited and also it is readable in the HTML, TEXT or CSV format.
  • All the events and the calendar reminders are saved and backed up with the AnyTrans in the CSV/ TEXT format.
  • The call history can be transferred to the PC in the TEXT and CSV format. The call log backup can be done from the iCloud and iTunes as well.
  • The voicemails can be transferred from the device to the computer thus creating more space on the device.
  • The Safari bookmarks and history are saved well from the device to the PC, and you have one more reason to be thankful to AnyTrans.

Data Transfer between iOS devices

A Bridge Connects All Your Devices

There are two integrated features on the AnyTrans- Phone clone and Phone merge which enables the user to migrate the data from one device to another, i.e., iOS devices. All the data from one iOS device to another can be done easily in a single click with the help of AnyTrans.

  • All the data from your old device is transferred in a single click to the new device.
  • In the eye blink, without any hindrance of which iOS device you are using, the data can be transferred easily.
  • Phone merge feature works great when you own multiple devices and would like to take the data under the single roof, i.e., one single device without duplicating the files and the data.
  • Everything is migrated on the new iPhone if there are same apps available on the new iPhone like on the old iPhone
  • All the personal settings, app, and game data are saved from old iOS device to new one.

There are many more tricks to extract and transfer the data from your old device to your new iPhone. AnyTrans also allows you to transfer the data from the iTunes and iCloud such as you can obtain files and photos from the iCloud and iTunes backup system. Apart from this, you can even manage the files most simply- drag and drop feature.

Such excellent yet easy features are available only on AnyTrans apart from complete freedom to access the iOS without any limitations. AnyTrans allows you to rise above the limitations set by other software and enjoy the iOS devices with the extraordinary features and the settings in lightning fast speed without missing anything from the iOS.

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