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The Best Google Adsense Alternative For 2019

The primary aim of every blogger is to earn money online in every possible way and when it comes to making money through a website or a blog, Google Adsense is considered as the most definite option. However, getting Google Adsense approval is not that easy as it has some very strict policies and rules that prevent many applicants from getting approval. This is the main reason why people tend to keep searching for the best Google Adsense alternatives on the Internet.

There are many other online advertisement platform available that you can use other than Google Adsense, but none is as worthy as Infolinks. For a blogger whose application has been rejected by Adsense, Infolinks is a lifesaver.

In this post, we will be discussing about everything related to Infolinks, its pros and cons and other useful information. So, if you are one of those bloggers who are looking desperately to earn a good income on the web, then read the article till the end.

Introduction To Infolinks

best google adsense alternatives 2019

Infolinks is one of the top advertising platforms available on the Internet that offer enormous features and various advertising products for companies, advertisers and publishers. The best thing about Infolinks is it delivers all the advertising products like in-text, in-frame, in-tag and in-frame to conquer banner blindness. If you are a regular Internet surfer, then you must be ignoring the banners of websites, which is called banner blindness. And that is the reason Adsense generally receives low click as people tends to ignore still banners.

Infolinks is known as the best source of income for bloggers and website owners by reaching their target audience without any trouble. Well, this is amazing, isn’t it? Infolinks established in 2007 and since its arrival, it has been a tough competition for Google Adsense and considered as the best advertising platform to deliver maximum revenue to its publishers and achieve the target audience efficiently.

Reasons Why Infolinks Is The Best Google Adsense Alternative

Approval is easy

Yes, the best thing about Infolinks is you can get easy approval. There aren’t any strong terms and conditions attached like in Adsense. With Infolinks, there is no need to wait for days to get a reply about the approval and rejection of your application.

No particular widget box needed

There aren’t any need to have a special ad space on your page. Inforlinks relates the targeted keywords with the ads and automatically links those keywords to the most appropriate ads. It only appears to be normal links. When a user lingers the mouse over the keyword, an ad pops up and you get benefit for the clicks and views. Infolinks also provides 3 more types of ads.

Higher monetary return

According to my experience, users generally ignore still banners, however, Inforlinks offers many ad products to overcome this banner blindness and advance user engagement on the website. The user will be able to derive more data related to the keywords so they would just love to visit your website again and again.

Funds withdrawal is easy

Unlike Adsense, withdrawing your funds is quite easy through various sources. Now, you don’t have for your cheque to arrive. You can easily transfer funds through below mentioned sources with their minimum amount for payment:-

PayPal – $50

Bank Wire Transfer- $100

  • ACH (For US Citizens Only) – $50
  • Payoneer – $50
  • Western Union – $100
  • Echeck – $50

infolinks payment review

It doesn’t take longer than 45 days to transfer your funds into your account.

Types Of Ads Infolinks Offer

As the article mentioned earlier, there are Infolinks offer four different types of advertising products in order overcome banner blindness and increase the user’s engagement on the blog. These types of ads are as follows:


In-fold is known to be the most brilliant ad unit of the Infolinks. It displays the popup ad units related to the keywords in the post on the website and as per the queries to the user. It is fully an unobstructive ad unit for the publishers. In-fold is a floating and popping banner that appears right below the blog post, which tends to decrease the bounce rate and enhance your ratings on SERP’s. It is a perfect ad unit to better the user experience on your page.

infolinks infold review

In-text ad

In-text ad unit is becoming very popular these days. Infolinks hyperlinks the associated keywords on your page with the most appropriate ads. Whenever a user hovers his mouse over the link, you get money for the clicks and views. These ad units are completely customizable and you will be able to select colors, number of hyperlinks, etc. as per your preference as well in order to boost the conversion rate.

infolinks intext review


This type of ad unit analyzes the main keywords on the page and shows suitable ads related to the keywords as an enticing tag cloud. Here you can also make your custom tag cloud to enhance the average spent time on your blog.



This is the most user engaging ad unit for any website. You may have noticed that there is some margin of the page left unused. Infolinks utilizes that unused margins to display floating ad banners to increase user engagement on your page.

infolinks inframe review

Infolinks Setup Guide

This is the short guide on how to get started with Infolinks.

Step 1: Visit their website and hit the ‘Join Us’ button appearing on the right corner. Now just fill the basic details like your personal details, website details, Username and Password. Then your application will be reviewed that usually take 24 hours. Once it’s done, you will get an email regarding your approval on Infolinks.

Step 2: After your approval, you will need to visit the dashboard and create ads. After you log in, click on ‘Integrate’ that will provide you integration facilities for all the four major CMS, which are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Blogger. If you are using WordPress, then you can easily integrate with the help of a plugin.

Step 3: Now the time comes to create ad units and monetize your page. Go to the Infolinks dashboard and click on the customize button. Create various ad units with your own custom styles.

infolinks review

Pros And Cons of Infolinks


  • It is very easy to sign up.
  • The interface is also very easy.
  • Approval hardly takes a day or two.
  • To approve all the sites that have sufficient and legal content.
  • Full control of the types and quantity of ads.
  • Subdomain are also available, means blogspot, WordPress are also eligible.
  • Customize ads as per your preference on your blog.
  • Various payment options available
  • Available in more than 128 countries
  • Minimum payout of only $50.


  • Some In-text may harm your website. Users don’t like them and it can also make your website appear non friendly.
  • In-fold and In-frame ads could be obtrusive for the users.
  • Earning could be low in few countries and niches.
  • Earning stats are basic and don’t provide you with sufficient knowledge about the number of clicks and countries from where they were made.

Note: if you are a professional blogger, then it is suggested that you don’t use the In-frame ads as they are quite distractive. Even though Infolinks has provided the close button with the ad, it will still make your visitors go away. In-fold can also be sometimes intrusive for visitors.

Overall Verdict

Well, after reading so much about Infolinks, I believe you must have already made up your mind about whether to use it or not. However, most of the people tend to use this brilliant alternative for Google Adsense as it offers so many effective features despite having a few drawbacks. But then again, it is far better than many other advertising platforms and certainly better than Adsense in more than one way. Therefore, if you are looking for a better way to make money online with your blog, then choosing Infolinks may be the right choice for you.

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  • Hello,

    Great Review of Infolinks, but I have some question sin my mind regarding Infolinks.

    As I am looking for a secondary way to monetize my website, Does Infolinks do well with Adsense? And also, my majority traffic is Indian, will Infolinks pay good for Indian traffic?

    Urgently want 2nd monetizing method as Adsense is not doing good with Indian traffic, also the CTR is low.

    ~ Rubel