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Top 15 Best Lightweight Android Emulator (Free)

Best android emulator for pc are most trending this days. People search for lightweight android emulator & best lightweight android emulator 2018. It is very easy to emulate android on pc with our best android emulator for window. Today we are introducing best emulator on the special demand of our Qd Tricks visitors. What if you can run android OS on your PC? It seems quite surprising news for android users. Best lightweight android emulator are now available with which they can run android open source system on PC. Lightweight android emulator enables you to play free android video games and can also install free android apps as well.

Ever growing demand and community of android OS users could be the reason behind the popularity of these best android emulator for pc.

These freeware emulate android on pc used by developers to test android apps during the development process. However, only the best choice from available best android emulator for windows can help you to enjoy this amazing open source android platform on PC. We have even shared the new rooted android emulator along with non rooted emulator. If you still not have rooted your device then check out this link to root your android device without pc.

15 Best Fastest Android Emulator 2018

best lightweight android emulato

Of course, there are many emulator are available; however, wrong choice of heavy weight software can eat up your overall speed of the system. Thus, it would be good idea to choose light weight android emulator for windows. Thus, through this write up we have tried to collect some of the light android emulator 2018. Read on below listed 12 software which can help you to emulate android on pc.


bluestacks emulator

It is one of the best options available to emulate android on pc. It has been designed with easy user interface and also has been provided with some impressive features which have made BlueStacks as one the best android emulator for pc. The installation process is also very simple, even 9 year old boy/girl with little knowledge can download and use it.

It supports almost 96% android games and apps that play store is offering. As it has developed to run android OS on windows PC, and thus it enables you to download android apps directly from Google play store to your PC. It supports windows and Mac OS X.

Blue Stacks System Requirements

  • Available space on hard disk must be 4GB, or more
  • 2GB RAM, or more is required
  • Updated Graphic Driver


GenyMotion android emulator

If you are looking for an alternative of BlueStacks software to emulate android on pc which run little faster and offers bit more features, then GenyMotion is the best choice available for you.

It provides two more additional features like OpenGL and hardware acceleration support. Its x86 Architecture makes it run faster. Such advanced functionalities and facilities makes it better than BlueStacks. Of course, it has little tough configuration process than Bluestacks. In short, GenyMotion would be the perfect substitute of BlueStacks.

GenyMotion System Requirements

  • VT-x or AMD-V capable CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • OpenGL 2.0
  • 400MB disk space

Nox App Player

nox app player

Nox App Player is one of the best lightweight android emulator 2018. It has the tidy and clean user interface. If you are heavy game lover and wants to play heavy android games on pc then Nox App Player will be your best choice. It supports the wide range of Android Gaming controls. And the best part of this Nox App Player is it supports most of the top android games.

In this best android emulator you will get the full-fledged control options which will be at the right hand side on the screen. You can install the playstore and other third part android apps in it.


What if you can download and use your favourite android apps and video games onto your PC? It sounds interesting, isn’t it! With Andryoid – Andy OS you can easily download almost all android apps and video games directly into your computer.


Along with the ability to bring your favourite communication and fun apps to your PC, this best android emulator provides unlimited storage capacity and windows and Mac compatibility support.

You can use your phone as a remote control when you are playing a game in this emulator. It can run all messaging apps from your desktop or laptop include whatsapp, snapchat, viber etc. It provide the seamless transition of apps from your computer to android device wireless. Sean Murphy is the chief executive officer of this android emulator.


If you are looking to emulate android on PC, then YouWav is the best choice for windows. It has got popularity in very short span of time because of its user-friendly easy interface. Addition of some unique features and compatibility for all versions of windows make it the best android emulator for pc the others mentioned over here.

Technical Features:

  • It supports Android 5.1 Lolipop
  • It can run on windows xp, vista, 7, 8 & 10
  • SD card functionality
  • Multi-Player online game
  • Dynamic rotating
  • Volume control button

Jar Of Beans

Another best lightweight android emulator for pc which gain much more attraction worldwide. It is an android jelly beans emulator allows you easy installation and configuration. Its multi-user supports enables you to customise your own settings and user can also create Virtual SD card.

jar of beans emulator for android

Jar of Beans can be downloaded from its official website. After download, user need to download apk which needs to be installed in the emulator. Enjoy and download as many android apps as you want with this best android emulator system.

Official Emulator

office emulator

If you are a newbie to emulate android on pc, then official emulator is the best android emulator to get start with. It has been developed and designed by Android itself. They provide precisely documented installation and configuration documentation which help you to get started with this android emulator.


Manymo is the best android emulator for pc having in-browser multiple android versions support. It eliminates the tedious task of developers for testing apps by providing a facility to test their apps on different android versions without having those devices.

manymo to emulate android on pc

It’s a lightweight program designed to run android emulators on windows with high speed. Thus, it’s worth to invest your precious time. They provide free trial with no credit card facility. You can add real and usable android apps to the website. It can be done as easily as you upload the video on youtube. You can even develop the android app using Eclipse and other SDK tool. This tool is trusted by more than 100000 people and organizations and they have launched a million of Manymo emulators.


Xammarin Best Android Emulator For PC

Another best android emulator for pc 2018 which has been deeply integrated with visual studio and xamarin studio. It is designed to run on x86 Atom System having hardware accelerated virtualization and OpenGL feature support. It supports Mac and Windows (7+) versions having compatibility for both 32 bit and 64bit OS.

Xamarin delivers the native android, ios and windows apps. It ship better apps faster with automated testing. It bring mobile DevOps to your apps and reliability to your users. Over 16000 companies rely on Xamarin. This all features makes it one of the best lightweight android emulator 2018.

Visual Studio Emulator for Android

If you would like to try newly released best android emulator for pc, then Visual Studio by Microsoft is the best option. Sometime people get confused with its title and believe that we need to install visual studio to get access of it. It’s not true, you don’t need to install visual studio to use this android emulator.

It is having fast and powerful simulations. Its device profile makes you enable to target large and wide number of android hardware. You can install any apk via just drag and drop facility. It works best with Visual Studio. So download it and start deploying and using android apps in your pc.


Thinking to experience android apps and video games on big screens of your PC? If yes, then Droid4x is the best android emulator for pc. It provides advanced features such as real time video recording, full screen for better gaming experience, keys simulation, GPS-simulation and many more.

It provides visually appealing graphical interface which has made it the best lightweight android emulator for windows.

Droid4X Features

  • Video Recording
  • Full Screen
  • Keys Simulation
  • Joystick Simulation
  • Shake-it
  • Print Screen
  • GPS-Simulation



It would be the best emulator for android, if you are looking for the one which is lightweight and feature rich. With this windroy, you will get some pre-installed apps and games, for more apps you need to download from Google play store. It is one of the best options to emulate android on pc.

It will let you run all kinds of android apps on your computer. It is based on virtualization technology and it offers best app compatibility.

Virtual Box

It is available for free to download. This is an impressive cross platform software enables you to run any android OS on your windows pc. It has got some classic features together with some traditional ones provided by above mentioned lightweight android emulators. Virtual Box, usually used by developers to test their mobile apps.

In brief, we have tried to mention only the best & fastest android emulator available for free. In case, we miss anything lets discuss in the comment box below. We hope you enjoyed our new list of emulator for windows. If you are looking for ios emulator then click on this link. You can even share this wonderful list of light android emulator with your all friends via given social media sharing options. Share this post and make your friends enable to emulate android on pc. Bookmark this page to get further more updates on it.

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    • Memu just doesn’t work on my Win 7 machine. Bring up the FAQs and all you get is a blank screen. Can’t ask a question, can’t do anything – gone.

      Andy tried to load lots of bloatware – including the dreaded Norton. Never got working. Gone.

      Bluestacks actually the only one I’ve tried which works. But is a bit buggy and ponderous.

      The brilliant Steve Jobs did the whole industry a big dis-service when he said that computers should be sufficiently intuitive that they don’t need documentation. A good target maybe. But Apple and every one of these emulator companies are just a few who can’t manage it.

  • As a newbie user, Memu emulator takes forever to load. Literally load 1 hour or more. Not recommended. Windroy loads faster (faster than Memu wich means Windroy is also slow) but a bit more laggy when use. But I have no problem downloading and using clash of clans.

  • No Doubt Blustack is one of the Best Android Emulator but it requires much memory to run the Software Smooth.

  • which is the lightest of all because i wanna run only one programme on that……………………please suggst me………………bluestack is goood but very heavy