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Top 5 Standards in Choosing the Best ASP.NET Hosting

If you are looking at creating website of your own, hosting it with ASP.NET can be a great choice. Be it your personal website or a business one, an e-commerce site or a blog; whatever the purpose is, you definitely would be looking for the best users’ experience, right?

ASP.NET web hosting provides you with richer feature, maximum security and great performance. Hence if user satisfaction is your goal, then there can be no argument on which web hosting to go for.

While there are various companies today who offer you ASP.NET hosting services, it is extremely important for you to understand and compare the features that various companies offer.

Choosing the Best ASP.NET Hosting 2019

Best ASP.NET Hosting

And as usual to make this search easier for you, BestHostingforASP.NET have listed down the most important points on which you need to compare the web hosting services. So, take a look:


Most probably you’ll be using the website to promote your business and interacting with your customer, right? So, user satisfaction must be on the top of your priorities here. When it comes to users’ satisfactions two things matters the most, up-time and loading speed. So, while choosing a hosting service make sure you check the up-time and loading speed they are offering. While many companies claim to provide as much as 99.9% uptime, more often than not they fail to keep that promise.

Thus it is very important to get an objective idea about these two factors. While there are many companies that claim high up-time and loading speed, during our review we find the best five companies are: Arvixe, Host4ASP.NET, WinHost, HostGator, DiscountASP.NET. All five of these companies provide you with more that 99% uptime and super fast loading speed. Thus your customers will never face a problem even during high traffic.


This is another major concern. While pricing for ASP.NET hosting tend to be little on the costlier side due to the high end windows technology, there is no need to shell out a sky high amount for it. Arvixe, Host4ASP.NET, WinHost, HostGator and DiscountASP.NET offer amazing discounts on their web hosting services. Now this cheap award is nowhere compromising the quality of the services that you’ll receive. What can be better than that? While the discounted prices of the service offered by these five companies will make you jump with joy, the non-discounted price is also extremely affordable.

Basic Features Offered

Now to get the best out of your money, you need to concentrate in this segment closely. The features, the number of them and the quality of them marks the difference between an average and the best web hosting service. The main features to look for here would be Free Domain, Add-on Domains, Websites, Disk Space and Bandwidth. While the five best ASP.NET hosting services that we have mentioned earlier offer the best of these features.

While Arvixe here scores a brownie point over the other four by providing one free and six add-on domains. While Arvixe and HosGator provide unlimited disk space, the other three offers 1 GB disk space each. In case of bandwidth, WinHost and DiscountASP.NET offers 50GB and 80GB respectively whereas the rest three offer unlimited bandwidth.

Technology & Technical Support

Now this is very important for your website to function properly. With Dedicated Application Pool, Unlimited MSSQL Usage and maximum trust level, the companies mentioned here are definitely the best hosting for ASP.NET. Another important aspect to keep in mind is the technical support that you are to receive from the hosting company. This is especially true if you are not an expert in hosting.


While it may sound a little shameless to a novice, but trust me you don’t want to be left behind when it comes to freebies. And why should you? Arvixe, Host4ASP.NET, WinHost, HostGator and DiscountASP.NET; all five companies offer amazing features for free. Remote IIS Management, GZIP, URLRewrite2, SQL Management Studio Access, Web Matrix and MS Web Deploy are some of these features offered by these companies with no attached cost.

So, now that you know all the standards to look for, and also the five companies to purchase the hosting from, go shopping. And once you find the best ASP.NET hosting for your website, do tell us the experience.

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