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12 Best Android Battery Saver App 2019 (New)

Top list of best battery saver app for android & best battery app android 2019. Download best android battery saver app 2019 with new battery saver android. Today, on a very special demand of Qd Tricks visitors, we are here to share the top list of best battery saver app for android 2019. This is the latest and most downloaded best battery app android available for free.

Our world has become so mobile, that your life can literally become immobile and in a limbo if you do not have your cell phone handy with enough battery available in the phone. Well, however, it is practically very difficult to have this kind of uninterrupted access to the world and the shortcuts of communications, unless your phone has an unending, never to die battery. Sadly, that is not the case, you never get there, to a world where the battery of your phone never ends. You can even try our best ways to make android run faster.

Hence the needs for finding workarounds. What better a workaround available handy than a battery saver android app. According to a recent report by IDC, 56% of Android buyers, 49% of iPhone buyers and 53% of Windows Phone buyers agreed that the battery life was an important feature that they explored while selecting a particular device.

However, increasing the battery level at a physical level is a difficult task. Hence the use of battery saving apps can prove fruitful. To solve the purpose of finding the best battery saver app for android phone, we have collated a cohort list of such application, which is given as below:

12 Best Battery Saver App For Android 2019

best battery app android 2019

Below is the top list of best battery app for android 2019. If you find it useful then you can even share this amazing list of battery saver android app with all of your friends by given following social media sharing options. Enjoy the list of new battery saver app for android.

DU Battery Saver

One of the best android battery saver app, it can be used to increase the battery life of the device by 50%. DU Battery Saver app has pre-set management options like, Long Standby, General Mode and Sleep Mode. Along with the pre-defined modes, it also gives you the option for customization where you can define your personalized settings for your own smartphone.

An added feature is the option to upgrade, which will increase the battery life of the device by 70%, hence making it one of the best battery saver android app 2019.

Amplify Battery Extender – Root Only

Another best battery app android, Amplify Battery Extender allows you to increase the battery life of the Android phone with an option of one touch/click. It manages the background processes running in the android and the internet connection efficiently. It also gives the user battery level notifications to help you keep updated of the needs of the phone to be charged. This app is only works in rooted android mobile. If you wants to root your mobile then check out this root without pc methods to easily root your mobile phone.

2 Battery

This is another best battery app for android. This application helps enhance your battery life with the help of an algorithm which turns the internet connection on and off basis of the requirements. You can also reduce the screen brightness with the help of a built in screen filter that will turn off a screen automatically once you put the phone on the table or in a pocket.

It also has a pro version of 2 battery for 24 hours, with an option available for refund in case you find the app dissatisfactory. All these features make this app one of the best battery saver app for android.

2 Battery - Battery Saver
2 Battery - Battery Saver
Developer: Sam Lu
Price: Free+

COMODO Battery Saver

One of the best battery saver app for android, COMODO Battery Saver extends the battery life by allowing one to switch the device to a power saving mode which will result into disabling the applications on the phone which use a major chunk of the battery life, all of this in a single tap.

Not only this, it also gives you a detailed description on which apps use the most of your battery life, and an awesome alert feature when the battery is fully charged. All of this making it best android battery saver app 2019.

Snapdragon Battery Guru

Snapdragon Battery Guru, as the name suggests, is one of the best battery saver app for android. It comes with a life extender that will automatically learn your usage of the smartphone and adjust the settings of your smartphone on the basis of these learning.

It has an introduction period of 2-4 days, post which it learns the android phone users behaviour of the smartphone, giving it a notification that it is ready for the battery life saver. These unique qualities make this app the best android battery saver app.

JuiceDefender – Battery Saver for Android

Another best battery saver app for android, JuiceDefender is a free and a very user friendly app designed uniquely to improve the battery life of your android. With the help of this app you can control power consumption using a 3G 4G internet connectivity, Wifi & CPU speed.

The default battery saving profile has 5% saving, which can definitely be customized as per the needs, making this app one of the best battery saver android.

JuiceDefender - battery saver
JuiceDefender - battery saver

One Touch Battery Saver Android

Just as the name goes, a one touch battery saver app for android. You can enable the power saving for your battery with a single touch. This best battery saver app for android deactivates the WiFi, GPS location, Bluetooth, background light and other such features and activates the phone to a silent mode, hence increasing the battery life. Hence making it one of the best android battery saver app.

One Touch Battery Saver
One Touch Battery Saver
Developer: Glopa Apps
Price: Free

Deep Sleep Battery Saver

Another app with what the name says going! One of the best battery app android it has a unique concept of Deep Sleep Mode.

This application will continually put your phone in a deep sleep mode, with the 3G and WiFi being turned off and background apps being stopped. Moreover, it will also allow the device to wake constantly at regular intervals of time which are defined pre hand. At these intervals it will download emails, and other applications/ updates that need updating.

Along with the 5 pre-defined mode, it also gives you the option to customize this mode.

Deep Sleep Battery Saver
Deep Sleep Battery Saver

GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor is one of the best battery app for android. It can extend the battery life by 50% with the management of the phone’s connectivity, screen timeout, screen brightness, and also the screen sleeping schedule. With easy four pre-set mode, this app also gives the options to customize battery saving.

GSam Battery Monitor
GSam Battery Monitor
Developer: GSam Labs
Price: Free


A great battery saver android, Bataria is a battery saving as well as a task management app. With a power saver mode active, it turns off all power consuming apps on the phone, like the Bluetooth, background data sync, wifi, display brightness, etc., to extend the battery life.

Battery Saver – Extra Power

Battery saver, as the name goes, another powerful battery saver app for android. With a range of battery saving modes to extend the battery life as per one’s own needs. It also displays a battery statistics making it a well-built app.

Best Battery Saver
Best Battery Saver
Developer: Alportela Labs
Price: Free+

Battery Defender

An app battery saver android, battery defender increases the battery life with one tap, with disabling the wifi automatically once the android screen is turned off. With a regular interval of 15 minutes, it allows all the apps on the phone to make a sync hence providing necessary updates.

With an exclusive ‘quiet sleeping feature’ it disables Wifi when the user is asleep, which also comes useful not only for the battery but also for a good night’s sleep.


It is needless to say that the battery life of your phone is a pressing and imperative need for the daily life. Though most smartphones come with an inbuilt battery saving feature, it does also affect the performance and display of your phone. Hence choosing from best battery saver app for android will only make your life easier.

We hope you all have enjoyed this article of best android battery saver app 2019. If you have anyother battery saver android and wants to share it with our visitors then comment here the name of it. We will updates our list with your best battery app android. If you like this list then you can share it with your friends from below given social sharing options. You can even bookmark this page to get more updates on best battery saver app for android 2019.

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