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Top 40 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2019

Now the browsers are no longer the source just to visit the web pages; instead, it has become more productive, offering several extensions. While talking about the browser, we cannot ignore the fact that there are best Chrome extensions available in Google. The best Google Chrome extensions will not only help you to make your work easier but also the best extensions for Chrome will provide you the perfect features required for the result oriented performances.

Best Google Chrome Extensions 2019

Best extensions for gogole chrome 2019

To the best, the Google Chrome is the most favorite browser for every internet users. For the better and accelerated performances, many users prefer Google Chrome over Firefox and other browsers. Google has become the leading multipurpose and productive browser offering the dynamic extensions to make the work easier for you. Often, our readers get confused which Chrome extension is best for the specific categories. Well, to choose from the more than ten thousands Chrome extensions, we understand, is the most difficult task. To save your time and efforts, we have listed the best Chrome extensions which are productive and also provide the accelerated performance. The best extensions for the Chrome are free and also highly rated by the users.

List Of Best Google Chrome Extensions 2019

We have bifurcated the best Chrome extensions under the categories:

  • Privacy, Internet security and blocking Ads
  • Reading and assistant to content
  • Integration with the Google services
  • Productivity Extensions
  • Media, editing and development extensions
  • Management of bookmarks
  • Social media and eCommerce

You can choose any one or all according to the categories and install them in your Google Chrome. You can rest assured about the performance of the extensions because we have handpicked the best for you!

Internet Security, Privacy And Ad Blocking Extensions

Chrome Extensions For Privacy, Internet Security and Ad Blocking

uBlock Origin

This is the best Chrome extension because it is easy on the CPU and the memory of the device which makes the extension more efficient blocker. You can enjoy the benefits of the uBlock origin after installing the extension.

  • Block the ads and do not let them disturb in between your work
  • It has the effective way to block the ads. Integrate the list of the ads with the blocking process, and the extension will block the synced lists.
  • It is logical and also acceptable to install the uBlock origin extension because the uBlock operates on the low memory of the CPU even though the extension supports the host-file based filters.

Adblock Plus

It is the most popular and best extension for the Chrome to maintain the clean interface of the Google Chrome browser. How? Check out the features:

  • The extension eliminates all the ads from the web pages and the sidebars.
  • It is the free plug-in which helps to erase all kind of ads like animated ads, Facebook ads, pop-ups, pop-unders etc.
  • To protect the device from third-party tracking and malware, the high level of defense guard is available in the extension
  • You can customize/ modify the extension according to your convenience.

Hola Better Internet

It is the free best Google Chrome extension for the free VPN to your Chrome. Along with providing the quick access to the data connection, there are other useful benefits such as:

  • It has the effective VPN which will help you to surf the net without revealing your identity to the third party trackers.
  • Access to the blocked websites or the sites which are not available in your location because of the censorship issues.
  • Stable, quick internet provider, consuming less data as well with the stability.


It is the best extension for Chrome to stay protected in the world full of cyber threats. Since the name of the extension suggests how well protection features it has, to keep your online activities safe:

  • There are better privacy options to protect your data from being tracked by the third parties
  • Manage your passwords and secure your online payments with ease keeping it safe.
  • Protect the device from non-cookie based trackers
  • Not allowing the companies to gather the data by disallowing them
  • It can create well-encrypted passwords through intense algorithm to keep your data safe
  • The auto-fill option for credit cards and masked cards.
  • It is the multi-platform supportive extension providing the complete security.

Reading and Content Assistant Extensions

Chrome Extensions for Reading & Content Curation

Mercury Reader

The best Google Chrome extension for reading the web articles according to your convenience. How?

  • The readability allows you to read the content on the web according to your convenience.
  • There are two choices provided to you- read now and read later.
  • The extension works on the command you have chosen for. For e.g. if you select READ NOW option, the readability will present you the ready to read articles before you on the screen, clearing the clutter. The READ LATER option will save the article/ content for your next reading.
  • You can organize the reading list from the extension
  • There is inbuilt integrated option for Facebook and Twitter

Evernote Web Clipper

After the invention of smartphones, we do not think anyone is remembering the important tasks written on the sticky notes; since it has been replaced with Evernote web clipper which is the best Chrome extension. Apart from saving the notes, there are other functions as well like:

  • Everything you consider important is saved with the easy access
  • The Evernote web clipper allows you to save images, articles in the inventory and access them with a single click.
  • For the people who like to read a lot, instead of bookmarking the webpage, simply use the web clipper.

Save To Pocket

With the save to pocket, best extension for Chrome you can save the web content, and pages for the offline access. The other features are:

  • You can save the entire website with the save to pocket extension
  • Integrate the extension with the Chrome menu and then add the different tags.
  • Create the keyboard shortcut to save the web pages for the quick access.

Extensions Integrated With Google Services

Chrome Extensions for integration with Google Services URL Shortener

If you are the person who likes to share the links or URLs often, then this is the best Google Chrome extension for you. The lets you create the short quick URL and other features like:

  • Use the keyboard shorts to create the short URLs for the quick access and share.
  • The Auto-copy to clipboard feature
  • There are options to share the link on the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • QR code reading feature
  • Overall, the goog.Gl URL shortener makes sense to be installed as one of your Google extension.

Google Dictionary

It is one of the best Chrome extensions for everyone. The inbuilt features available in the extension are:

  • Hear the pronunciation of the difficult words
  • Double click on the word to get the meaning in the pop-up window
  • Apart from English, the dictionary supports the other languages as well for the user’s convenience.

Google Scholar Button

It is the best extension for those who like to access the highly original articles from the web. The extension not only segregates the articles but also performs various other features like:

  • It works like the search engine which can search the article without opening another tab
  • By selecting the phrase or word from the text and click on the search button, you get the access to the quoted article or the associated article with the selected phrase.

Google Calender

You can add or look up to your events whether it’s old or new from the best extension for Chrome in the integration with your Gmail.

  • You can create the event reminder from the details of the event available on the web.
  • It has the quick and easy UI.
  • You can view all the events from extension which you have added to the Google calendar.

Productive Extensions

Awesome Screenshot

If you’re the person who likes to screenshot about every event, then the awesome screenshot is the best Google Chrome extension. It provides the easy UI to capture the screenshots and also there are other fantastic features like:

  • You can capture the screen within seconds.
  • The extension occupies less space in the device
  • You can add the effects to the screenshots like the blur and many other effects.
  • Upload the screenshots in the image sharing sites or platforms for the easy share.
  • The latest update allows you to support the extension with the Google drive.


This best Chrome extension allows you to access the Android smartphone on your computer screen. Maybe the extension which all Android users would like to have on their Chrome browser, for the quick access to the smartphone.

  • Lot of folders or sections of the Android smartphone can be managed by the pushbullet
  • You can even chat with your friends; send links, images, etc.
  • Get the notification on your screen with the help of Chrome notification settings.
  • To get the access of the pushbullet, you will have to first install the pushbullet app on your Android device.

Phone 2 Google Chrome Extension

It is the official Google Chrome extension available on the phone to send the links and other necessary information to the Android OS.

  • To get the access on the phone, first of all, you need to install the Chrome to the Phone application.
  • It is the much-needed extension for those who are busy and do not like to depend on the paper.
  • It works and compatible with every Android device.

Chrome Remote Desktop

The best Chrome extension for those who are in the technical field because the Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to access the desktop from the Android smartphone. If you have used the TeamViewer, then Chrome remote desktop will be easy for you to understand well.

  • Install the Chrome remote desktop app on the Android device and extension on the desktop for the access.
  • After the installation of both app and extension in the device, you can control the computer with the Android smartphone screen.
  • It is the cross-platform extension, but the condition is you will have to install the app on the device.
  • The Chrome remote desktop extension makes sense if you are in the technical and always have to work, even on the go!

Media, Editing And Development Extensions

Pixlr Editor

We are sure everyone out there knows what the pixlr editor is all about? Unlike other photo editing applications and extensions, the pixlr editor is the professional image editing extension for the Google Chrome, making the best extension for the Chrome.

  • The pixlr editor does not degrade the image quality after editing, thus maintaining the better experience.
  • The size of the extension is small, but the results are outstanding.
  • The UI of the extension is simple and to believe us; you can preview the screenshots of the extension before installing in the Chrome.
  • You can quickly edit the photos and snaps even on the go.


It is the best Google Chrome extension because the musixmatch extension allows you to watch the YouTube music videos with the lyrics of the song.

  • The musixmatch extension will provide the lyrics of the song for every time you watch the music video on the YouTube.
  • You can customize the feature like changing the font color, background color, and size of the lyrics popping up at the bottom of the video.
  • It is the must Chrome extension for the music lovers.


If you are the developer or the designer and always conscious about the colors you choose while doing your work, then colorzilla is the best Chrome extension for you. Why? Well let the features give you the reason:

  •  You can choose the correct color from the color code palette which you use while browsing the web.
  •  The colorzilla has the eye dropper, gradiant generator and color picker, add-on features.
  • Everything comes in one good small sized package.
  • There are additional benefits for the developers like palette viewer, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Management Of Bookmarks

Google Bookmark Manager

Easily, you can manage the bookmarks on the web browser; making the best extension for Chrome. There are other features of the Google bookmark manager such as:

  • The visual is not fascinating, but the performance is definitely up to the mark.
  • Once you have installed this extension, your inbuilt bookmark manager will be replaced with the Google bookmark manager automatically.
  • You can manage the bookmarks based on the thumbnails format.
  • There are features associated with the extension, like adding the note to the bookmark, create the folders or sub-folders, and you can even share the bookmark folders with others.

Social Media & eCommerce


It is the most impressive best Google Chrome extension for the social media networking sites to access at a time. Confused? Check out the features:

  • You can check out someone’s Twitter and LinkedIn account from your Facebook account.
  • From your search and browsing history, discoverly inspects the social media pages you have searched and gone through; providing the data from other social media sites to provide the results.
  • It is helpful for the professionals and the employers as well.
  • The extension works and fits good with the Gmail as well, syncing the Gmail contacts with social media sites. This will help you to know your contacts very well.


What is the better than the discounts coupon while you are doing online shopping? The Honey is the best Google Chrome extension for the shopaholics. How?

  • It will help you to find the best discount coupon codes from the web pages and apply them to the right deal.
  • How to use this extension? When you are done with the shopping and proceeding to the checkout, click on the honey extension. The extension will find the correct discount coupon code for you and will apply directly in the final checkout section.
  • It has become popular in the short span of time.


There are huge numbers of choices in the Chrome web store, but we have handpicked the some best Google Chrome extensions according to the categories. Though there are other best extensions for the Chrome browsers which work and perform the same features providing the benefits, making your work little less difficult than it was earlier.

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