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Top 10 Best Internet Download Manager For Android

Best download manager for android is a most widely search term in the internet these days. People are finding the new and best internet download manager for their android mobile phone. Today on Qd Tricks, we are sharing the best list of new download manager for android in 2019.

Billions of Android users download one or other thing from the web, and thereby they make the use of download manager. Many app developers are in the market to make the claim of best download manager for Android they provide, while some make the use of stock download manager, which means download manager that is available in the Smartphone by default, but the issues are many with it.

Many users complain about the speed and download size of the file is restricted, and therefore third party internet download manager android is the ideal solution to the issues of stock download manager

Top 10 Internet Download Manager For Android 2019

Internet download manager android 2019

Here we are listing down the 10 best download manager for Android, which can further help you to troubleshoot the internet download issues in your Smartphone. They are being listed according to the download rates, users review and user ratings:

Download Manager Accelerator

download manager accelerator for android

This internet download manager for Android is one of the best download manager for Android beats the issues that are faced by the stock download manager user. It is fast, reliable, less time consuming and also it manages the file size. It has features like schedule downloads, supports resuming of the interrupted downloads without making any data loss and also displays the download progress on the indicator.

Download Manager Accelerator Features

  • Fast downloading speed
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Schedule downloading
  • Live download progress bar
  • Resume supports

Install Download Manager Accelerator On Android

Download Accelerator
Download Accelerator
Developer: Keerby
Price: Free+

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Downloader & Private Browser

Downloader & Private Browser app for android

Download songs, videos, files, photos from the different browsers, sites and let that be saved in the password protected folder! You can also play your favorite file in offline mode with the in-app media player. It also has features of accessing multi-tab browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Downloader & Private Browser Features

  • Download music, videos, photos and many more
  • Offline playing system
  • In-app Video and Music player
  • Password protection feature
  • Multi Tab browser like firefox and chrome

Install Downloader & Private Browser On Android

Fast Download Manager

The best feature of this internet download manager android is that you can control the downloads with ease. It has built in browser, and hence you can surf the internet, download the file that you want and save it. Add your frequently visited sites to your favorites, for the quick access next time you want to. Great app design, the colors are no boring, adaptable with any browser i.e. browser friendly app it is, and also the great app to download the huge files hassle free.

Fast Download Manager Features

  • Built In Browser
  • Add favourite site option
  • Any browser compatibility
  • Material Design
  • Large file download

Install Fast Download Manager On Android

Fast Download Manager
Fast Download Manager
Developer: MaxigetDM
Price: Free


Download Accelerator Plus

A must have app or internet download manager android tool for the tablets/ android phones. It can also be said that it is advanced download speed booster, where it divides the file into three parts and gives the boost to the download speed with an auto resume option. It supports all types of data, whether it can be music, videos, documents or programs.

It supports multiple web browsers, along with the Android default browsers such as Chrome, Firefox. The downloads are saved directly to the external storage (SD Card) except for the Android 4.4 (KITKAT). Auto catch download links, where you copy the links and by default it gets paste on the browser or downloadable links. Free of installation with lots of useful features to look forward for. We sure you will love this amazing best download manager for Android in 2019.

Download Accelerator Plus Features

  • Direct SD Card download feature
  • Free installation
  • Support Music, Video, Archive, Documents, Programs and all other files
  • Doodle to manage downloads
  • Multiple web browser supports
  • Auto catch download links
  • Resume and pause features
  • Auto resume corrupted files
  • Smart error handling features

Install Download Accelerator Plus On Android

Download Accelerator Plus
Download Accelerator Plus
Developer: rubycell
Price: Free+

IDM Download Manager

idm download manager for android

Because of its computer version and download speed, this app is quite popular among the internet download manager for android. The great attraction of this software is that it allows you to maximize the download speed of the file. Any type of file, whether it’s music or documents, the download is feasible. It supports Java scripts, HTML 5 web pages and videos, live downloading progress on the bar for the speed indicator, integrated Google search And also the address bar auto suggestion from the history are the features of the app.

IDM Download Manager Features

  • Auto suggestions from history
  • Java scripts supports
  • HTML 5 web page and video supports
  • Google search integration
  • Live downloading progress bar

IDM Download Manager Updates

  • Downloading speed enhanced
  • Long file download bugs removed and fixed
  • Full & Perfect downloader
  • Improved interface design
  • Double speed downloading

Install IDM Download Manager On Android

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Loader Droid Download Manager

loader droid

This internet download manager android has the feature of pause and resume of downloading the file, which gives the speed boost option in it. Unlike other apps, which mainly works on the high data speed, this app downloads the files even at 2G speed along with wifi and 3G. Auto pause and auto resume on the failure of internet connection. Recognizes the link in the browser automatically, providing an option of for setting the default connection profile, schedule downloads, light and dark theme preferences and many such features are an add-on in this app.

Loader Droid Download Manager Features

  • Auto Pause when internet connection stop or failure
  • Download supports with 2G, 3G & WiFi connection
  • Auto Resume when internet connection recovered or start
  • Automatically recognize links on browser
  • Increase in download speed
  • Schedule downloads
  • Light & Dark theme supports

Loader Droid Download Manager Updates

  • Automatically mode for choosing number of connections
  • Marshmellow permissions
  • Auto check duplicate names
  • Auto sleep mode
  • No image loading
  • No javascript
  • Desktop site requests

Install Loader Droid Download Manager On Android

Advanced Download Manager

The features of this best download manager for Android are many, and mainly the users have rated well as per the efficiency of the app. It automatically captures the downloadable links and files from the supported browsers and it can be done from the browsers like chrome, dolphin, stock browser, boat browser and much more. It can download 3 files at a time, and the download speed can accelerate by multi-threading. It saves file according to the types in the folder, and backups are downloaded in the SD card. Site management, and runs the download in the background, add on features of auto resume, auto pause, and auto-retry. Notifies on the completion of download by sound or vibration.

Advanced Download Manager Features

  • Download upto 3 files at a time
  • Auto recognize the links from clipboard and browser
  • Multithreading supports
  • Sound & Vibrate on completion notification
  • File saving according to type of files
  • Site management
  • Background downloading supports
  • Queuing, Pause, Resume, Auto Retry supports

Install Advanced Download Manager On Android

Advanced Download Manager
Advanced Download Manager


Turbo Download Manager

turbo download manager for android

5 times download speed than any stock internet download manager, unlimited download file size, download history, usage of multiple HTTP connections to boost the download speed, and also can increase maximum connections to accelerate the download speed, sound notification on the completion of download and the best features that can describe this app.

Turbo Download Manager Features

  • Unlimited file size supports
  • Background progress
  • Download history
  • Sound notifications
  • Download directory setting configuration

Install Turbo Download Manager On Android

Easy Downloader Pro

easy downloader pro for android

This internet download manager android provides a nice and easy start up wizard while launching in the Smartphone for the first time. How to add downloads to this app, whether you want to download the file or not? Are prompts which help while launching the app. It can pause and resume downloads, being able to manage the downloads in SD Card, progress bar, and notification, 10 downloads at a time and after downloads are being placed in order, copy and paste links from the clipboard to download files, are the add-on of this app.

Easy Downloader Pro Features

  • Multiple file supports
  • Multiple file downloading supports
  • Resume and Pause supports
  • 10 download progress at the same time
  • Progress bar and the notifications
  • Rename the files

Install Easy Downloader Pro For Android


Download Manager for Android

It is considered as the best download manager for Android because in this app you can download almost all types of files at an ease and high download rate. It is simple and easy to use, download speed is 5 times faster, web page bookmark management, voice and speech search feature, social sharing of the downloaded files, download HTML 5 web pages and videos, check the progress of the downloads are the features that makes this app very much user-friendly.

Download Manager for Android Features

  • Faster downloading speed
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Bookmark management
  • Web page history suggestion
  • Support yahoo, google, twitter, youtube search
  • Social sharing
  • Resume, Pause, Cancel supports

Install Download Manager for Android

Keeping your download secure in your Smartphone is the necessary effort, and thus, the above best download manager for Android apps give that benefit while installing the download manager for the Android especially. Keeping in mind the needs of you and your Smartphone, we have ensured that you download the best internet download manager android for the fast downloads with the high-speed rate. Spreading the good word has not caused any harm; so if you think this article is beneficial, share it with other two!

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