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Top 10 Best Fitness Apps For Android 2019

Best fitness apps for android with best workout apps. Download best workout apps & best fitness apps for android for free. Being a fitness maniac is not such a bad thing. Having a healthy life is what most people want and it is something that helps in living longer. So, just imagine having some of the best fitness apps for android for keeping your health intact.

That is what we are going to discuss in this article. After getting tremendous response from our best launcher for android and best android apps finally we (Qd Tricks team) sharing best fitness apps for android 2019 i.e best android workout apps 2019.

Just think of carrying around a guide or some of the best android workout apps in your pocket. It would easily help in following the fitness routine that you want and without any hilt. So, whether if you really want to boost the performance or loose any amount of weight, it is advised if you such kind of best android fitness apps to achieve your goals.

Best Android Workout Apps 2019 – Fitness Apps

best fitness apps for android workout 2015

The following are some of the android fitness apps 2019 that provides enough support, challenges and motivation to keep you going:

Virtuagym Fitness

This is a free best android workout app has got hundreds of inbuilt workout and exercise routines, irrespective of the available or fitness level items. Not only that it provides diagrams to show the basic correct exercises and provides the basic number of sets and the right kind of break that you would wanted.

best fitness apps for android 2015

Endomondo PRO

This is one of the best android fitness apps for those enthusiasts who like running, cycling, and walking. It constantly keeps the track of the time and the distance covered by you. In addition, it has an audio coaching track which keeps the motivation going for you at every step. The tool even allows you to be in the competition with the given time set with other users. So, with this fitness app you can explore and do various variety of new workouts and routines in an affordable and easy manner.

best android fitness apps 2015

Download Link: Endomondo PRO ($4.5)

Lose It

This is one of the best fitness apps for android for keeping track of the daily intake of exercise, food and calories that you are going to consume for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even snacks. And this would help in making a great amount of effort for losing the weight. Plus the bar code present in app would help in monitoring each and every food item that you have consumed. The current database present in it would makes it easy for keeping track of the various kinds of food and it is one of the best app for foodies who simply want to shed out those extra calories.

best android workout apps 2015

Zombies, Run!

This is one of the best android android workout app which can chalk out the best story and that too on the premises of zombies on the loose. The story line keeps you motivated which helps you to run away from them. There is an inbuilt audio guide which updates the progress and helps in speeding up the exercise and the running so that you can outrun them. In addition, this app has got voice and radio message which simply interrupts your song and keeps you motivated. This is one of the best fitness apps for android 2019.

fitness apps for android

MapMyRide+GPS Cycling

This is one of the best android fitness apps which can assist in keeping track of the route, speed, time, distance and calories. In addition, you even get audio alerts which simply limits the constant and often needs to see the phone in order to look out for the progress. Also, there is a leader-board achievement list and progress which shows thew various kinds of users and that helps in motivating you to do more.

android fitness apps


This is a free best fitness apps for android which can keep account of your sleeping pattern in terms of movement, duration, and how much often do you wake up in sleep. Basically, these sleep patterns can be seen in graphs and it would give an accurate information on how to have a good sleep and thereby ensuring that you won’t neglect any aspect of the given fitness.

android workout app

Workout Trainer

This is the best android fitness apps which is free and provides an extensive list of workout routines and exercises that can be done in step by step process along with video and audio instructions. The user can easily make and design their personal routines and even change them at their own will. So, you can say that this app acts as your trainer and would ensure that you have the exact fitness routine that you never missed.

best fitness apps for android 2015

Instant Heart Rate

This is one of the best android workout app as heart monitoring tool which keeps track of the fitness of your heart. Not only it provides the accurate measurement of the heart, even the display of the real time and easy to view PPG graph. Plus the best part is that it is quite easy to check out the cardio workouts that you can do. This is one of the best android fitness apps 2019.

best android fitness apps 2015


Basically designed for bodybuilding and strength training, this best fitness apps for android is packed with extensive exercises which target the various parts of the body. Not only that you get the workout plans, instructions, exercising log, progress tracker, timers, etc. All you have to do remember is that the suggested exercises present in the app would require one to have proper equipment that are used in the gym.

best android workout app 2015

Download Link: JEFIT Pro – Workout & Fitness (FREE)

10. Simple Workout Log Best Android Fitness Apps 2019:

Here this best android workout app assist in keeping the log of the workout that you would like to follow. It has got extensive features such as built-in exercising, workout planning, recording notification, pre-filling of the history log, chart analyzes, goal tracking, etc. Not only it is intuitive, it even manages the workout routines quite efficiently. This is one of the best android workout app 2019.

best fitness apps for android 2015

Download Link: Simple Workout Log (FREE)

Opting The Best Fitness Apps For Android 2019

Of course, with the busy work schedules and the grueling working hours, it is quite difficult to lead a normal life and you may end up neglecting your fitness in the instance. Often you would hide behind the unwanted excuses which keep you from refraining to do the workouts. But now it is the thing of the past as there is no dearth in the amount of fitness apps available in the market and it is high time that you start to forgo of the excuses to remain fit and healthy.

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