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Top 20 Best Animation Software Free Download 2019

Looking at the increasing animators in the market, the digital world has become more wide and comprehensive with the animation feature. Here, you will find the best free animation software for the PC/ Laptop Qd Tricks exclusive shared by . Many best animation software is free on the trial basis while other animation software provides free download for a lifetime.

About Animation

What will be the world without animations?? The animation is nothing but the graphics in motion on the screen. It is nothing new for the 21st-century generation. In the digital world, the animation has become the concrete part to display and sell the products as the part of e-commerce marketing.

We also see the animation features in the movies where they show some fanatical scenes which we never thought to appear on the screen as surreal. Making animations sound more like creating magic on the screen or virtual reality that we can’t escape. If you want the graphic design software for free then you can move on to out recently shared article for free graphic design software in 2019.

Earlier to do or create the animations for the screen was not as easy as we experience today. There was a lot of hard work and the availability of the animation tools was limited. Due to the increased competition in the world of animation, we have now various best free animation software, as well as the tools available, are different in every animation software. You may be wondering as which animation software to use if you are the beginner in the world of animation. We have listed the best animation software which are available for free to use as well as for download on the PC.

Best Free Animation Software in 2019

animation software free download

Here, we are giving you the list of best animation software for free in 2019. This article will be helpful if you are the beginner in the animation and thus do not know which software to use and which software gives you the compact tools for formatting everything. Check the list and download the animation software for free.

Abrosoft Fantamorph Pro

With this software, you can animate the photos easily. With the best free animation software, the user can morph images with the sophisticated animation effects. Though this is not animation software for free download, but you can use the software on the trial basis.


Here, you can create the fully functional animated movie by yourself as well as publish in an easy way. The anima8or is the best animation software available free for your windows PC.

With this animation software, you can create and animate characters, insert sound, draw the background, etc. Its feature includes 3d modeler, TrueType font support, OpenGL, inverse kinematics, jointed character editor, texture support, scripting language & more.


FotoMorph free download

First of all download the FotoMorph animation software free for your windows OS. This is the most fun and useful animation application with easy to use interface. With the Fotomorph, you can create, edit and enhance the animated images. You can create the high quality morphing animations by using standard image files. Its having the flexible options and very easy to understand. You can learn from its sample project as well from which you can create your own animation. The FotoMorph is one of the nicest and best animation software which is totally free to download.

Aurora 3d Animation Maker

It is the most popular animation application in 2019. With the Aurora 3D animation maker, you can create unlimited animation effects for your movie. Download the trial version of the animation software and then you can also add watermark to videos and photos with special effects. Its text choice is great and the look and the feel of the software is fantastic.


With the stop-motion feature in this animation software, you can record your own animation easily. It is one of the best free animation software. For your PC, you can get this animation software as it is free to download. This software is very easy to use and having no configuration needed. You will fee the rewarding experience via this amazing free animation software.

Pivot Stickfigure Animator

It is the best animation software available free for your windows PC. With the pivot stickfigure animator software, you can create the unlimited animation effects and possibilities. In the latest version of Pivot, which having the several keyboard shortcuts for the figure builder windows.


AnimatorDV Simple

animatordv simple software

Download the AnimatorDV Simple from any free software downloading sites. With this powerful animation software, you can create stop motion animated movies and it also has easy to use interface. It features include 3D Stereo live preview, Canon & Nikon live view, advance frames and many more. It allows the control animation so that you can control focus from the software which having the 3 different speeds. You can even get the preview list of all grabbed test shots.

Anime Studio

This software is best animation software for the professional animators. Download the free trial version of the Anime Studio and create the best quality of the animation. You can download the trial version from any software websites.

The software is having the excellent tutorial and help along with 2 modes for advanced and beginner. It features include the lots of pre-made content with bone-rigging system and you can even upload it to directly on youtube. The software is one of the best animation software in 2019.


Sqirlz Morph

It is compatible with the windows OS and it is the animation software available free to download. With the Sqirlz Morph, you can edit or morph the multiple photos and videos in an easy way. The best thing of this software is that it is having very easy to use interface and you can save the file in Avi, Swf & Gif extensions. The tool is very easy to create the morphed images and videos.

The only cons of this software is that it takes time to achieve the great looking results. You can download this sqirlz morph animation tool for free from the link given.


With the innumerable availability of the animation tools, the Stykz is the powerful and best free 2D animation software for all operating systems- windows, Mac and Linux. The tools of this software are very easy to use and thus you can animate your project with affordability.

The feature include completely free with no string attached, multi platform animating with pivot compatible and at last you can customize each frame with this great animation software. The tool is completely free to download and use. They even have the pivot 3 stk converter which is very handy application converts Pivot 3 beta stick files to Pivot 2.2.5 format.


creatoon animation software

Providing the perfect results of the animation, the Creatoon is the best free animation software for the 2D animations. With the advanced animation tools, it can sooth the most complex projects easily. You can save your work either manually or just by having the feature of saving automatically every five minutes.

The feature of creatoon include various rendering options, customizable sketch tool and an easy to use animation tool. The software is amazing and very handy. You can download it for free from the link given above.


It is the open source best free animation software for the 2D animations where the interface may look simple, but the formatting animation tools are versatile in the software. You can export the graphics to many formats like .FLV, Flash video (SWF), movie, etc.

The feature of this software include determining the frame rate, adding colors, importing sound and image and many more. The program is also helps you to export their graphics to SWF, .FLV, Movies and many more other formats.


Synfig Studio

Start creating the superior quality of the cartoons, animations and movies with the help of Synfig Studio best free animation software. The technique of the software is based on bitmap and vector. This animation software is free to download for all operating systems include windows, linux and mac os x.

Plastic Animation Paper

This software is for the professionals who like to have quick fix and solutions while working on the project. It consists of the powerful tools which relinquish your imagination on the screen with flourished animation effects. It is the best free animation software for the professional animators.


It is the 3D animation software and available for windows and Mac as the trial version. The trial version offers the limited features and the pro version has unlimited benefits. It helps you to create 3D surrounding for your animation projects in minutes.


It is the most used animation program by many VFX professionals, animation artists, expert animators, video game specialists, scientists, etc across the globe. You can add the new functionalities, receptive bug fixes and also can improve handling of the projects.



The only animation software that offers the simple large library of photorealistic materials but advanced with super fast set up. After you have completed the animation project, you can import your files into 30 3D formats.

Daz Studio

The DAZ Studio has the rich features and functionalities with the user-friendly interface. It is the animation software which can be downloaded free for Mac and windows OS. It does not matter whether you are the beginner or the professional, the DAZ Studios is just right free animation software.


The above list of the best free animation software does guarantee you the best animation results for any project that you work for. We have mentioned the animation software websites for the beginners and professionals, both. Share the information with your other animators via facebook, Google or twitter. Bookmark this page to get more updates on best animation software free in 2019.

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