Top 20 Best Free Encryption Software For Windows

Protecting the data on drives is mandatory when you have too much personal information saved on the PC. We have the list of article about the best free encryption software for protecting the information. The best free encryption software is available now in the digital market. The encryption software for Windows is safe and secure to save any data.

About Encryption Of Data

Getting an antivirus every time does not help to protect the PC from the malware. The electronic gadgets have made us save everything in the device, making our brains dumb enough to not to remember any personal details by ourselves. Be it the business person or the single employee of any MNC; the tendency to save our personal details in the PC has made easier for us to overpass the paperwork.

The encryption of the data is crucial when it comes to saving everything on the PC. If the data is not saved with proper encryption, then the chances are that it can be accessed by the unauthorized person or the agencies. To secure the data on the PC, we have the solution. The best encryption software comes to the rescue to secure your data with protection. The access to the unprotected data can lead to privacy theft to the confidential information by the illegal access.

Best Free Encryption Software 2019

free encryption software for windows 2019

We have the list of best free encryption software, providing the encryption to your files and folders available for the Windows PC. All the encryption software are Windows compatible, and they are considered as the best encryption software to encrypt files. The list contains fifteen best encryption software, and you can choose any of it. If you already one, then you can share your views on the software you are using in the comment box.

Check out the features and compatibility of the encryption software given in the list. You can download as per your choice.


DiskCryptor best encryption software

The diskcryptor provides the full disk encryption for the Windows system. The individual hard drives, as well as entire PC’s hard drive, can be encrypted by the software. It is free and open source encryption solution. You can even encrypt the disk and partitions on which the windows OS is installed.

How To Install DiskCryptor?

1. Download the installer from the given link

2. Now Run following files:

  • dcrypt_setup.exe (installer) or
  • dcrypt.exe or dccon -install console command (archive)

3. Install DiskCryptor’s driver and reboot system.

4. After reboot you can start using the DsikCryptor encryption software for windows


It is the application developed in Sweden for the Microsoft Windows. It is the free and open source encryption application which can delete, compress, edit and encrypt files. The encryption of the file or folder can be done either by the key file or password.

How To Use AxCrypt?

It is very easy to use AxCrypt. After installing the software from above link you can follow the below snapshot to use AxCrypt in your windows PC.

AxCrypt encryption software for free

Dekart Private Disk

Dekart Private Disk software

It is the best encryption software for the Windows OS with the ease of use. The encrypted content works on the virtual drive which is created by software. You can encrypt any of your private folder or file with the strongest algorithm encryption codes available on the current basis.


The pre-boot authentication can encrypt the Windows entire storage device, partition or just the virtual encrypted disk available in the file. The algorithms used for encrypting the system have the enhanced security and also the partition encryption makes it easy for the new developments to function at ease with total secured protection.

This best free encryption software is available for all windows / MacOSX / Linux / Raspbian along with Source Download files.


The GPG4WIN is the best free encryption software, and we have the reasons to prove this statement. The encryption and the digital signatures secure the transmission of the emails and files holding the confidential information of the user.

The encryption makes sure to protect the contents from the illegal access, and digital signature restricts the modification of the content, making the user as the authentic person for conducting this act. GPG4WIN encryption software is the official GnuPG distributor for windows, supporting the leading cryptography standards- OPENPGP and S/MIME (X.509).


7zip encyption software

Without getting register, you can use 7-ZIP best free encryption software. The software can be used on any computer, including the commercial computer. With the 7-ZIP, you can compress the files with the password protection feature. Other than compressing the files, the software helps to encrypt them too. It is the open source software, and most of the source codes are under the GNU LGPL license.


It is the encryption software for Windows server 2008 R2 and some versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10. The entire volume or system can be encrypted by the BitLocker, and that is why it is the best encryption software.

In CBC (cipher block chaining), AES encryption algorithm is used on the default basis. If not AES, then the software makes use of XTS mode with 128 or 256-bit key. The integration of the BitLocker with the OS will secure the user from the threats of the data loss or theft, stolen or accessed by the illegal agencies.

Windows 10 Device Encryption

windows 10 device encyption

You do not have to look anywhere for this best free encryption software because it is the inbuilt software in the Windows 10. Just sign in to the Windows with the help of the Microsoft account. The Microsoft servers will have your recovery key with them which has been uploaded now on the automatic basis. Now navigate the system>about and search for the device encryption.

Rohos Mini Drive

The Rohos mini drive is the best encryption software creating the hidden and encrypted partition on the USB flash drive. The best feature of the software is you can protect all your confidential and personal files with the strong password and encryption feature. The portable version of the software allows you to access your work with an encrypted USB drive partition on any PC.

Symantec Drive Encryption

It is the encryption software for Windows laptops, PC or any removable media. Your confidential contents are secured with the strong encryption algorithms featured in the Symantec drive encryption. This encryption, in turn, protects your data from the illegal agencies and unauthorized access is restricted.

AES Crypt

It the best free encryption software functioning on the different OS which uses the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for easy, secure encryption of the files. The AES encryption is very easy to use. In the Windows device, right click on your selected file> select either AES encrypt or AES decrypt option, enter the password and let AES Crypt do the rest functionalities.


The challenger is the best free encryption software, though it has two versions for the computer. The fuller version gives you access to the premium features of the software. The other features like encryption for cloud storage, portable encryption are the excellent features which work well with the windows. The software is available for the Windows individual computers.

Folder Lock

All your confidential files are secured in the encrypted locked folders which are created by the folder lock software. It is the high standard file locking best encryption software allows you to protect your folders with the strong passwords. The confidential or personal files and folders are encrypted well by the software.

Cryptainer LE

The software is developed by Cypherix, ensuring the absolute privacy and security of the data. The software creates multiple 100 MB encrypted drives on the hard disk and has the 448-bit encryption value. You can load or unload these encrypted disk drives anytime you want.


This is the media encryption tool which encrypts the data stored on the USB drive or any other removable media. It uses AES-256 to secure all your data and works well in the Windows, Linux and Mac OS.


The access of the personal data by the unauthorized agencies will be restricted by the best encryption software provided in the Article. They are the best free encryption software protecting the confidential data and files with the strongly encrypted algorithms. The encryption software for Windows is compatible with every version of the Windows software. For more details of the encryption software, you can check out the software’s official website. You can share this article with your friends on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google.

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