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10 Best Recording Software For Games (Windows/Mac)

The game tutorial videos take the support of the best game recording software in PC 2019. We have the list for best recording software for games, and they are the best game capture software in the digital market.

Entertainment is the open source platform where you can enjoy anything in your leisure time. The recreational activities have reformed, and now we have many sources or options which are legitimate to enjoy. Playing games, whether online or offline has become the rising source to enjoy the leisure time and many of the real time gamers dedicate their career to the gaming industry, where they develop and create the game hacks, cheats and other time create the video tutorial on how to use or play the secret codes of the games. You can also check our most popular post best free pc game download sites 2019.

Best Game Recording Software Windows 2019

best recording software for games

With the help of the best recording software for games, many gamers create the video tutorials just to help the other beginners to learn it. The game recording sessions are done by screen recording app or the best game recording software. The requirement is just an updated PC; otherwise, everything is available in the best game capture software. The game recording software are available free as well as in paid versions. We have the list of ten best game recording software, from which you can choose and compare the best that suits you and your PC.


If you have already worked on the game recording software like OpenGL and DirectX, then the Dxtory will be much easy for you to operate. The features are very light and simple on the system. There are certain advanced features which will help to simplify all the data elements of the software:

  • You can save the screenshots in the formats that you desire.
  • Audio recording can be done from the multiple sources at once, and they are saved in the AVI format. It is the free stream which can be further edited at the personal level.
  • Videos are recorded at the highest quality despite being the videos are of lossless and vague quality.
  • There are tools for the video settings, where you can alter the timing of the video frames, sources, format, and size that you desire to have.
  • The automatic recording feature is designed, and for the recording, it puts pressure either on GPU or CPU.
  • The software is completely free, but the videos that are recorded from the Dxtory software can be identified by the presence of the watermark on every recorded video.
  • So far, the Dxtory is considered as the best game recording software for the PC

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Whether you are beginner or professional, being the best game capture software, the open broadcast software welcomes every type of user. It is the open source software, and it is available for the Linux, Windows and Mac system. Other than this, there are certainly incredible features which are user-friendly:

OBS Software

  • Video recording with the live streaming feature
  • The software has the simple and intuitive control tools which can help in the video customization
  • The live video streaming can be done on the popular websites like YouTube, HitBox, Twitch, etc. For the high-quality streaming, the software makes the use of PC’s GPU.
  • The video recording files are saved in MP4 and FLV formats.
  • You can save the video recordings for the future use
  • There are many side video recording customizing features, which are proved to be perfect for the game video tutorials, like custom watermarks, push to talk mode, picture in picture mode, etc.
  • You can record the particular source and start the recording
  • Simple interface with transparency


With Bandicam, there are no compromises in the video editing or recording feature. To create the awesome game video tutorial, Bandicam is the best game recording software. The great features of the software are:

bandicam game recording software

  • The software is available in the paid version
  • You can record the game videos yielding the high-quality results
  • It is the affordable software if you are the beginner for creating the game video tutorials.
  • The video recording can be done at the customizable frames and also at HD resolution. The video recording tools are amazing of the software
  • The inbuilt video compression feature makes sure that there is no compromise on the video quality even if the file is compressed to the smaller size.
  • You can adjust the recordings as per the windows size.
  • Either you record the video games for 24 hours continuously or schedule the recording time. You can even stop the recording anytime you want
  • You can share the videos with one tap on YouTube website.
  • The software is available for the free trial for the limited period. You can have a single license at the cost of $39 and two licenses for $59.


Depending on whether you are a beginner or the professional, the action is the best game recording software 2019. It is the paid tool, and the rates vary as per the usage, though there is a free trial feature available for the limited period. The other features are:

action game recording software

  • To speed up the video recording, the software makes use of GPU instead of CPU on your PC.
  • Develop the 4k resolution videos, high frame rates and add the live commentary to the video.
  • You can stream the videos from the popular video streaming sites like YouTube, Livestream, Ustream, HitBox, Twitch, etc.
  • Easy sharing options on the popular social networks like facebook twitter.
  • It has the user-friendly interfaced which is manageable for everyone, be it professional or beginner
  • You can export the recorded files in the different formats
  • The software comes with the time shift mode limiting it to the 10 minutes. The other basic video editing features are also available in slow motion, cropping, etc.


It is the well-known best game recording software for the Windows, which has the limited incredible features. These features are user-friendly which makes the recording game videos easy and it is loved by the professionals. The features that the software holds:

  • The recording of the game videos is done with the support of OpenGL and DirectX graphic technology.
  • While the recording of the videos is carried on, still you can acquire the information about videos frames per second
  • Capture the screenshots with automatic feature and let the system save and name the screenshot file on its own.
  • The videos are recorded at the high quality and saved in the popular file formats
  • While you create the video tutorials with Fraps software, you can customize the frame rates ranging from 1 to 120 fps.

All the above are best recording software for games which can be operated on the Windows OS. The other five best game recording software are designed for Mac OS, which we will look further in the next segment.

Best Game Recording Software Mac 2019

The reason why there are different game recording software for Mac is that the interface and functionality of the Mac OS are different than Windows OS. Even here, you will have the free and paid versions best game recording software, and we have the list for it. You can suit yourself as per your need and desired features; select anyone from the list accordingly.


Either you record the complete activities happening on the screen or the particular portion of the screen with the best recording software for games. It is the apple supported video recording tool, where you can explore many features after the installation of the software on your Mac. The features which we are talking about are:

  • Add the active narrations to the recorded videos hassle free.
  • The QuickTime player offers the quick features such as record, edit, play and share the videos as well as audio files on the Mac platform instant basis.
  • Consists the video playback controls and advanced editing features like flip, rotate, delete, copy, cut, trim, split, paste, etc.
  • The videos can be even recorded on other iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPad; the audio can be recorded from the external storage like microphones.
  • In any doubt, you can contact the customer service anytime for the assistance.
  • Share the videos on the social platforms like airdrop, YouTube, emails or via messages. You can even stream the videos direct to Apple TV.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are beginner or professional, the software interface is easy and simple to understand as well as it is interactive.


It is the most advanced best game recording software for the Mac users. All the tools are updated and latest, which means that you can record anything available on the screen. It is the screen casting application which has the video editing function. The other features are:

screenflow software

  • The recording of the videos can be done from the system screen starting from the iSight camera to add-on audio files from the microphone.
  • The software can also monitor every mouse keystrokes and movements.
  • The recording of the videos can get the finishing touch with the advanced editing tools. Once the editing is done, you can share the video on the social platforms Vimeo, Wistia, Google Drive, YouTube, and Dropbox.
  • The other advanced features include adding the visible images, texts, audio files, animations, etc. this will help you to make your videos look more professional as well as interactive.

The only backlog of the ScreenFlow software is that during the cumbersome game recording process, the software hangs in between the functionality. It also the limits video file formats supports.

Camtasia Studio

Access the trial version first, and then later get the complete software from its official website at $299 only. It is the best game capture software which supports the Mac OS. The intuitive control features have made the software more popular than any other game recording software. Take a look at the features and decide by yourself:

camtasia recording software

  • Light screen and smooth recording of the videos, which can be further modified by adding the external image and audio files.
  • To avail the easy video recording facility, you can use the multi-track timeline, and you can also add certain virtual effects to the videos like drawing tools video blur abilities
  • In higher resolution, the software can capture the complete screen
  • The advanced controls helps to manage the projects and files
  • The Pan and Zoom features will enable the viewers to have the complete information of your videos
  • To have the interactive results, you can animate the visual of the videos which are very basic editing tool available on the software
  • The videos can be shared directly on the popular social media platforms.


The trial version is the good option if you are the beginner as the software leaves the watermark after the complete recording of the game videos. For the professional, it is advisable to purchase the software to not to have the watermark prints on your accomplished files. The other features that the best recording software holds are:

  • You can record the videos at the rate of 30 frames per second with smooth and fluid motion.
  • Impressive game video tutorials can be created because the audio and video can be recorded simultaneously on this software
  • The software follows the keyboard commands as well as the mouse keystrokes
  • User-friendly interface where you can work just with the mouse clicks and keyboard commands
  • The audio files can be captured from the microphones with the single click access.

Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder

It is a compatible tool with the Mac OS and possesses all the advanced functions of the video recording. It is the professional software which has the functions like smart task scheduler, power video converter, etc. There are other features of the best recording software for games:

apowersoft game recording software

  • The fast screening feature helps you to capture the complete screen at a time; otherwise, even you can capture the particular location of the screen
  • The software can assist you to have the web camera recording along with the easy settings
  • The picture in picture recording ability is the best feature to experience from the Apowersoft software. It works well with the webcam.
  • You can schedule the recording tasks
  • The software covers the majority screen activities, and you can even record them with audio output devices
  • Record the webcam videos and edit the videos while the recording is in process
  • HD videos can be uploaded to the YouTube from the software
  • It supports the file formats like AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, and SWF, etc
  • There is the inbuilt video converter which will convert the file formats to the supported ones, and then the software will save the files in MOV formats on its own.


Well, this was all folks about best recording software for games which are available for Windows and Mac OS. As per your desire, you can opt for the paid or the free version of the best game recording software. To get the complete access of the professional best game capture software, it is advisable to opt for the paid version. You can even explore the compatibility of the software with your device OS and explore more features from the software’s official website. You can share this article with your friends on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google.

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