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Best GIF Maker From Images For Android Mobile 2019

Coming over the emojis, the trend of sending the gifs now has become popular. Wondering how the gifs are made? For the android users, we have the best GIF maker applications which create the GIFs from the images you have on the device. The GIF creator can simply make the images moving however you want.

GIF Creator

how to make gifs from android mobile

The way of communication has undergone the transition and this time; it has made its way round with the GIFs. The GIFs are everywhere- Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and every other social networking site has now. Instead of just sending the emoticons and emojis now the people have started sharing the GIFs in between the conversation over the social apps to make the conversation more exciting and funny as well. The GIF is the graphics interchange format which is less than a video but more than a photo. All over the internet, there are various GIFs for different categories and also to express different emotions.

For the GIF creator, you can either make it on the camera app or with the best GIF maker. For the android users, we are especially sharing the post here for how to create the GIF from the images available on the device. With the best GIF creator, you can create any form of GIF from the images and also can share with your friends over the social media applications. Across the web, you will find many GIF creator tools and the best GIF maker apps, but we have handpicked some of the excellent ones, which are easy to use and also simple to understand.

Best GIF Maker 2019


With the GIFDroid, you can create the best GIF which can be shared over the social media applications and sites.

First of all, download and install the GIFDroid

Launch the application to create the GIF from the video. Select either SELECT VIDEO or RECORD VIDEO from the app’s home screen.

launch the application

Select the scene from the video which you would like to convert into the animated GIF.

select the scene

Move the gray bar to the scene to start and then stop on the scene up till you would like to convert the scene from the video into the animated GIF.

If you want, you can edit the GIF preferences like the size of the GIF, the delay between the time frames and adjusting the FPS i.e. frame per second. The GIF editing is optional.

gif preferences

Select the time frames without making any alterations in the video and the size of the animated GIF

select time frame

In the bottom right hand side, click on the create GIF TEXT as the final result.

preview GIF

Preview the GIF and then share it with the people on the social media. You can even rename the GIF and also create the same GIF following the same steps.


It has become one of the renowned applications for the android users for the GIF creator and is also consider the best GIF maker for the device.

Download and install the GIFMaker from the android market.

Select MAKE GIF option to create the GIF from the images or screenshots. Selecting the MAKE GIF will launch the images album.

Make GIF

Choose the album and then select the pictures or the images. You can select more than single photos from the library.

On the top right corner of the screen, you can see the icon. After selecting the photos, click on the icon.

Your image will be now converted on the GIF and then you can edit them with the available editing options.

Click on EDIT GIF> Remove pictures from the GIF> Set time in FPS> OK> SAVE

The GIF is ready to be shared on the applications with your friends.


It is another best GIF maker tool for the android users which is used popularly by the audience. The GIFCamera will help you to create the GIF from the local photos available on the device.

  1. Download and install the GIFCamera from the Google play store.
  2. Click on FROM LOCAL to load the available images from the device to create the GIFs.
  3. Start choosing the number of the pictures/ images from the album and then on the top right corner, you can click on the check icon after selecting all the images.
  4. Select the FPS and on the right hand corner, click on save after doing so.
  5. Now your local photo is now converted to the animated GIF. Share it with your friends over the social media and applications.

Footej Camera

It is another best GIF maker application for the android users. The Footej camera can be downloaded and installed from the Google play store to capture the best image and then convert into the GIF. The application has the option:

  • Integrated gallery
  • Slider
  • Animated GIF option.

All these options can allow you to create GIF either directly or from the available images; you can convert them into GIF.

GIF Creator

One of the easiest and best GIF maker applications with an easy name- GIF Creator. Among the Android users, you can trust the GIF creator application to create and share the best GIF with your friends. You can make the GIF animations either with the camera or the available images in the gallery, and you can even set the 30 seconds time duration while selecting the frames.


All the above applications are easy to control apps for the android OS and are termed as the best GIF maker for the device. The GIF creator will merge all the photos in one and then create the best ones to share with your friends on the social media.

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