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14 Best HD Video Player For Android (New)

Best video player for android & best hd player for android is most trending these days. People wants a list for best media player for android & best android video player 2019. You will not be surprised to know that android is the most popular operating software for mobile phone users around the world. With the screen becoming bigger and better and abundance of availability of HD content, it has become easier than ever to use your mobile phone as a tablet, or even a computer at times.

Android is one of the best markets for open architecture and application marketplace allows users to easily replace stock video players a huge variety of video players, brilliant video apps, allowing you to access all the features needed.

You can even try this best android apps to make your android mobile more enjoyable. It has a huge range variety from light, easy to use players which are highly configurable powerhouses. We bring to you a list of best android video players in the application market today to choose best video player for android.

Moreover most of the phone producers have made the phones bigger and better. Every smartphone company gives us the best video experience. High definition is one of the feature that makes having a premium phone worthwhile. These wide range of video player apps can turn an android phone into a mini theatre. This brings the query of which is the best HD player for android.

A large inbuilt storage capacity, humongous range of video players which makes it worth investing in a smartphone. Since you cannot always have an internet connection to watch a video makes a good way to pass time.

What is an Android Video Player?

Android Video Players are developed to as a source to play videos on the phone. These are basically applications or software that can be used to watch videos of all formats. All the phones come with a default video player, however these video players are very basic. Hence the need arises to have a video player which has more advanced features to make the experience worthwhile.

The usual video player formats are: MP3, MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV HD. It will be smart to choose an android video player which plays all these formats and more. Also if your phone does not have a video player application it will limit you from watching your favourite videos.

Why have the Best video players for Android?

Most of the android phones come with a default video player. These players are designed to work on the video files of a particular format. However if we go beyond that format, the files do not play in the default player. These are basically the HD, MKV & FLV video files.

Best Video Player For Android HD 2019

best hd player for android 2019

We have collated a cohesive list of video players, which will help you select the best video player for your phone.


MX Player is one of the best video player for android. It has an excellent performance, with high quality playback and simple to use. This player supports hardware which are single, dual and quad core processors. This feature also has the options of subtitles. Another feature is child lock to prevent kids from seeing unwanted and restricted video content.

MX best hd player for android

Best android video player, MXPlayer works on multiple devices like Google TV etc. an amazing feature is the pinch to zoom and pan feature. It also has various plugins and extra features making it one of the best media player for android. Its having the several features includes hardware acceleration, multi-core decoding, pinch to zoom, zoom and pan, subtitle gestures and kids lock.

MX Player
MX Player
Developer: J2 Interactive
Price: Free


MoboPlayer is also one of the best android video player because it not only plays videos but can also live stream videos online. If you wants to stream live sport online then visit this link: best live sports streaming sites 2019.

With a steady and stable playback this player supports multiple formats, subtitles and also offers video streaming.

mobo best android video player

The graphic user interface of this video player is relatively simple and easy to use. It gives you the freedom to set your playback format according to the user’s convenience, which uses the software decoding technique. Moboplayer having a brilliant feature such as library management helps manage a library with a cover flow view. To allow easy multi-tasking it also has a floating window interface. Hence making it one of the top video player for android.

Developer: euphmia
Price: Free

VLC Beta

This is one of the most popular and undoubtedly the best HD player for android. Since it can play in various formats without much trouble. It has had a beta version for a long time now and yet is defended as one of the most used and popular video players of today!

One of the best video player for android, it is a trusted reputed player, offering hardware decoding for a multitudes of devices which makes it a one shop video player, in case of multiple devices.

It supports subtitles and multitrack audios. Another feature that makes this video player one of the best is the huge range of audio codecs, H.264 and MP4.

VLC for Android beta
VLC for Android beta
Developer: Videolabs
Price: Free

BS Player

BS Player is one of the best video player for android. It is made for users that are performance-hungry video-watcher. What makes this player another best HD player for android is it can support single, dual and quad-core processors as well as ARMv6 and ARMv5 devices.

bs player - top video player for android

With all the features added in the free version, this is definitely best android video player. You will face the hassles of ads, which can be overcome with a paid version.

Developer: BSPlayer media
Price: Free


Another best video player for android, QQPlayer works well as a feature filled video player. A very simple, neat and user friendly user interface makes it a very user friendly video player.

qqplayer for android

One of the best HD player for android, QQPlayer can not only play the standard video formats but also 3D videos. This player allows you to stream videos online, along with the lyrics of the song that is playing.

A great feature that makes this video player best media player for android is that it allows you to take screenshots while playing the video. Moreover, you can cut and crop videos and audios, and also convert videos and audios files. Another feature making it one of the best media player for android is how it can be customized easily.

Developer: QQ实验室
Price: Free


Another best video player for android, this is actually a techno geek’s paradise for a video player. This best android video player has hardware -accelerated decoding and hardware and software decoding support.

vplayer media player for android

VPlayer condenses a diversity of file types, like hardware codes like H.264, H.263 etc. and /or software codecs, this video player supports almost everything available for playing a video. With features like online streaming, and supports audio tracks. You can also find support for internal subtitles.

The feature of accessing and streaming videos from YouTube and Vimeo makes this video player one of the best hd player for android.


An all in one vide player RockPlayer 2 is one of the best video player for android. The user interface is what makes this video player the most interesting, which is very easy looking and easy to use. With a gesture support you can increase/ decrease volume, brightness only with the swipe of a finger.

rockplayer 2 video player for android

This amazing & best HD player for android, supports huge variety of formats however the ease of use is completely amazing for this. One video player that makes the best of the phone’s screen making it best media player for android.

mVideo Player

Not all the video watching audience is a fan of complicated and extreme feature packed video players. mVideo is one video player that is designed for users who prefer a simpler version of a video player.

mvideo hd player for android

One of the simplest designed video player, with not much scope for customization this video player yet is one of the best video player for android. It has a clean and simple design, with subtitle support and playlist support.

You can save playlists which helps when one is travelling. Bookmarking videos is another great feature offered by this app which adds feather to make it best media player for android. In case you are running short of battery or time, you can always bookmark the video and start from where you left.

Developer: Daniel Nilsson
Price: Free


Some people are so into multi-tasking that even whilst watching a video they are multi-tasking. GPlayer is one of the best video player for android since it has a floating window feature which allows the reader to do much more while watching videos.

best video player for android

Not only can you toggle between multiple screens and perform multiple tasks, you can also have multiple videos running in multiple floating windows. It allows you to stream set themes according to your preference & stream files online.

The GPlayer supports multiple codecs, throws subtitles in deal. Another cool feature that is has is Group Play which lets one stream videos to other people’s devices too.

Developer: Gpc
Price: Free+

Dice Player

One of the best video player for android, Dice Player works smooth and efficient. It is also a Digital Rights Management (DRM) equipped player. It has a smooth playback and great video production. It can put low end devices which do not support MKV files. It works well for all high end devices making it the best HD player for android. Download Dice Player

dice player for android


KMPlayer is one of the best video player for android that supports a variety of video file formats that comes with extra features like a library view and cloud storage support. This also covers a broad range of file formats like mp4 and mkv, including subtitles, playback speed controls for speeding or slowing a video playback, and a library view that has a variety of sorting options.

One can also watch videos in windowed mode and in Google Drive. Downlad KMPlayer.


One of the best media player for android, Feather is light and snappy. With very minimal options, keeping it less fancy, this video player provides a lean, clutter free experience. The playlists and playback controls will appear in a portrait mode with the interface disappearing to a full screen view in landscape. File format supports depend exclusively on built in codecs with no external support.

Archos Video Player

This is one video player that that has solid Android video player app in the field. It supports hardware accelerated playback on multiple devices and formats, and comes with plenty of advanced features.

You’ll find network playback support, subtitle support and a subtitle downloader, automatic retrieval of show and movie details and poster art, and a visually impressive library view. If you are particular about an organized media library, having a visual flow to browse your video files.

Archos Video Player Free
Archos Video Player Free


One of the most amazing features, this allows you to stream the videos on a larger screen such as a smart TV or a streaming stick. AllCast an android video player is designed to work with streaming sticks and boxes as Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV etc. Users can stream videos, photos, videos, in local storage.

Developer: ClockworkMod
Price: Free

Other Best Android Apps 2019


With this long exhaustive list of best video player for android, we are sure you will enjoy watching videos on your android device. Let us know if you find more such best HD player for android. If you like this list of best video player for android 2019 then you can even share it with your friends on social media. You just need to click on any of your favourite social media icon from below and share this amazing top list of best hd player for android with your all friends. If you have any other best media player for android list then you comment here. We will check and update it to our list of it. Enjoy and bookmark this page to get more updates on best video player for android 2019.

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  • Good list, but some apps are missed, like Bubble UPnP or ArkMC media streaming app, they both have almost the same features the wireless streaming of media from the servers (UPnP/DLNA compatible) or locally from the devices. They are also good video player that support all the popular formats.