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Best Link Building Strategies & Techniques (New)

Link building strategies is most widely search term in internet. Know best link building techniques & strategies 2019. Best link building strategies are a core part of any search engine optimization techniques. Having link building strategies have become an important part of online marketing in 2019. Many bloggers prefer to work on on-page SEO and fail on off-page method of SEO marketing.

A recent blog posted online did have various backlinks that was popular. Those links were helpful in ranking less than 30k in less than 6 months. By using white hat techniques, you could make this possible.

But eventually you can be sure of having a successful method of having link building strategies 2019 which are required for increasing traffic of the blogs. First you will have to know What is SEO? and its key terms & SEO process.

Best Link Building Strategies 2019

Best Link Building Strategies

I am here going to share some best SEO link building techniques – blogger seo tips and tricks 2019 which will helps you to increase your blog traffic.

Internal Linking Strategy

One of the common link building techniques is Internal linking. This link building strategy is important to reduce the rate of bounces. This could take place when spiders in the search engine look for fresh content that is exact to the topic available. Internal Linking is relevant in link building as it connects the important content articles as a part of the strategy. One of the best link building strategies is the On-Page Search Engine Optimization.

Guest Blogging

As a part of link building strategies that is to be applied, guest blogging has been picking up as a best link building strategies to get high quality links to your articles. It helps to gain high reputation online too. Guest Blogging could be initiated by setting your goals on guest blogging and work to achieve it. You can search for top guest blogs that are high in terms of Alexa ranking and quality in traffic. Also check 7 Crucial Tips In Guest Blogging (Most Bloggers Don’t Pay Attention To).

DoFollow Links

Among the various result oriented best link building strategies 2019, besides On-Page Search Engine Optimization is Do Follow Links. This is one of the easiest way to get backlinks by commenting on blogs such as CommentLuv and KeywordLuv. You can comment on High PR and on alexa sites that are highly rated so that you could increase on Google the visibility for people. You can find High PR blogs for blog commenting by entering your niche or keyword on DropMyLink.

Directories & Forums Submission

One of the other effective best link building techniques 2019 has been submission to directories and forums. You could get your blogs listed in high PR directories which includes Yahoo, DMOZ and other well known directories. This is considered one of the most effective methods as the links that you get from such directories are more quality based than any other blogs. Moreover this is one of the most popular ways to rank your website. You can avoid spamming by leaving a signature on the forums in the website link given.

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Social Media Link Building

link building techniquesSocial Media too is considered one of the well known strategies used for link building as it can give you high PR from websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Traffic can be organized but the only disadvantage has been that, it cannot help to increase the Page Rank. You need to be careful not to over post on Facebook as it could become a spam one fine day.

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Reciprocal Link Exchange – A Bad Way of Link building Strategies

One of the not so good method of link building techniques have been the reciprocal link exchange method. It is also known as black hat SEO technique. The technique involves exchange of links between two mutual understanding websites of bloggers. But this is not being encouraged as a means of link building. But if used in a proper way it can be used effectively.


There are various link building techniques available online. Choosing one of the best link building strategies 2019 is important to get higher ranks especially at SERPS. Link building techniques are used predominantly with white hate techniques. There are also black hat techniques used which could disrupt your blog badly. You need to choose the right path of achieving success and keep it alive for a longer period of time.

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