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40 Best Prank Websites To Troll Your Friends & Make Fun

The World Wide Web is not very far away when it comes to facilitating people with ways to prank their friends. There are multiple prank websites which are built specifically to enjoy pranking friends in their own ways.

With these prank websites, you can enjoy harmless pranks on your friends and have an amazing time making memories that you will laugh at and cherish forever. Though there is a new word to this now called “trolling” your friends. There are multiple troll websites that are rampant on the internet.

In this month of the international friend’s day celebrated throughout the globe, we come across a trend of a generation that indulges a tad too much in the world of media and social web. As much as they enjoy indulging in the trend of caring and sharing their lives with the virtual world, they are also maintaining the customary trends of pranking their friends, which is in a way a healthy way to create stronger bonds and memories.

What is Trolling?

In the language of internet, “trolling” is the act of making a scene on any online thread or post by intentionally posting an unpleasant or challenging comment.

It is not new for Trollers to expect angry or emotional responses on their posts which make the controversial arguments worsen.

Though it is very subjective from one individual to another to describe what a troll is for them. To some the comments they post are solely valid comment for a particular thread of comments. Though later they realise to have been classified as trollers. This usually happens on most of the prank websites or the famous troll websites.

The outset of troll happens when one posts comments that necessarily do not agree with the thought process of most of the people who are active on that post. This difference of comments on such prank websites makes people instigate an argument or cause them to think you are deliberating a troll.

We bring to you a list of the best prank websites that you can experience and avail to enjoy trolling or pranking your friends and have fun in the virtual world.

A List Of 40 Best Troll Websites 2019

best troll website 2019

Peter Answers – Virtual Tarot

One of the most popular and best prank websites, Peter Answers is an artificial intelligence software that answers the questions asked. These are really funny questions of the likes of what is the colour of the show my friend is wearing?, do you know what my mom is baking in the kitchen?, do you know the movie my sister is currently watching? etc.

peter answers prank website

To these questions Peter gives really funny answers but they are also correct. It gives you an option of using the friendly and positive language whilst asking questions.

Google Gravity Tricks

google gravity prank

Another best troll websites source is Google the giant ruling the web today – Google is home to most of the best pranks that can be played on the friends. It has a stash of secret tricks, codes and Easter eggs which add to the process of playing pranks on your friends. Some examples of these pranks are, calling snowfalls or termites on your web browser, breaking Google Search Engine down, etc.

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Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo?

One of the best troll websites is “Where’s Waldo?” In this prank Waldo will hide right in front of your eyes, somewhere within the tools available on the screen, however, you will be unable to find him easily. In this prank people fool each other in a way to find Waldo. It is likely that the prank can get interesting with all the places that Waldo hides and is nowhere to be found!

What’s Wrong With This Room?

This is one of the good prank websites. What makes this more exciting is the strong pulse of fear that it brings in your system. Check out the website and you will find amazing pranks here.

What’s Wrong With The Room? Prank

Everything that one can experience and explore on this website is likely not for the weak-hearted people. You can search the room on the website, one can also explore all the stuff that is lying around your screen until the haunted daunts upon the screen. The fun begins there!

News of Future

News of Future

If you want to find fun in the pranks that allow you to explore the future, this is one of the best troll websites. News of Future is the website which allows you to serves what the future holds for you! The repository it has allows to predict news like the hottest news of Year 2020, Year 2035 and even Year 2050. These predictions are really interesting and worth the time and fun taken to read them!

The Flash Mind Reader

The Flash Mind Reader

One of the best prank websites out there. A unique website in its own- it is a gem of a website, and it seems as if it can read your mind. All you need to do is get your friends to thinking really hard to figure out how does the Flash Mind Reader manage to read your mind? It will not be surprising to reckon one will not be able to figure that out.

Hacker Typer

hacker typer prank

Amazing new prank websites, Hacker Typer is a website on internet for trolling your friends with making them believe that you are a hacker. This website allows you to spoof people by making them believe that you are a hacker!

Geek Typer

geek typer

It is as similar as Hacker Typer and also one of the good troll website in the world. You will get more features and theme in Geek Typer as compare to Hacker Typer. So do try this prank website and type like a hacker and start trolling your friends.

Fake Update – Windows Update Prank

fakeupdate windows update prank

This is a crazy website that allows you to prank people by sending them fake updates for their operating systems, like Windows 7 and Windows 10. When you send this update as a prank and the person being pranked clicks enter in the browser their screen will go blue completely. This is definitely a very effective prank.

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Create Fake Whatsapp Messages

fake whatsapp chat tricks

Why leave the opportunity to prank on WhatsApp behind. Download the WhatSaid app for the android mobiles and enjoy pranking people on WhatsApp by sending them fake updates.

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Create Fake Facebook Status

fake facebook status generator

This website lets you prank people on Facebook, where you can create and share unlimited posts on Facebook which look like the real ones! This is the only one best website to create own fake facebook status. You can upload your own profile photo, use the emotions and you can even add the comment to your post.

Google Terminal

google terminal

Change the way your friends Google looks with the help of Google Terminal. It turns Google to how it would have supposedly looked like in the 80s. Apply this and enjoy the amazing feel of 80s. Also check this other google tricks to know more about google prank.

Red Button

red button prank

The impending curse of the human nature of curiosity! Warn your friends to not click the red button on this website. As the nature of the humans’ goes- they will end up clicking it and enjoy the prank that follows!

Facebook Scary Prank

facebook scary prank

This website allows you to make a Facebook ghost profile. Once you do that send it to your friends and scare them with these fake ghost profiles and prank them into surrendering.

Facebook Status Update From Any Fake Device Like iPhone

Use this website to update the status on Facebook from any device like the iPhone, Nexus and many more from this website. Even though you don’t own this device, it will show and update from this device and your friends will be pranked into believing you own the premium device.

Update: We are very sorry to disappoint you that according to recent facebook algorithm changes, non of the trick is working to update facebook status via fake device. We are working hard to make the new trick for it. Do check it after sometime, we will update it soon.

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Use this amazing tool to crash the web browsers of any desktop or laptop using the links provided. Just make sure your friend opens from their phone or their laptop, and see the results. Their device will get frozen and it will hang up and they will need to restart it to restore it back to normal.

Prank Owl

Prank Owl let you to make prank calls to your friends and family and you can send pre recorded hilarious voices to all over the world. All calls are pre recorded in this website, which you can listen and send to others. It is also one of the good website for caller ID spoofing. You can call your friend or family member with fake caller ID and prank him or her. You need to buy the premium tokens to get other features.

Other Best Prank Websites

NoWebsite NameWebsite URLDescription
17WTF Prank Candles will start smeeling the great & then, WTF?
18CatFacts facts about cats to your friends.
19Shareonfb you to make fake status on Facebook and prank your friends
20Myprogressbar site that generates a loading message/update screen for your operating system. Excellent to prank people if full screened.
21JibJab Messages your selfie to hilarious animated GIFs and messages!
22Fartscroll want fart noises as you scroll? We’ve got you covered.
23Black calling app.
24Shrturl.co your friends by shorting any url
25Shove open a website in your friend’s browser.
26Prank Greeting Cards the living hell out of your friends by sending them greeting cards that don’t playing. When they try to break the card, there is a nice surprise awaiting them.
27Shit Express poop in a box to someone.
28Shady URL’t just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening.
29Mermur text messages. No replies.
30Greatbigstuff household items, but big. Really big.
31Sexy Prank your friends with an embarrassing package shipped to their door.
32Likecreeper hit like on a friend’s horrifyingly old instagram.
33GIF Dance Party Dance PartyGIF Dance Party
34Pug A Day a friend 100 days of Pug pictures
35Fake Checkin to make your friends or family think you’re at the Super Bowl, Burning Man, or a 5 star restaurant? Then this is the app for you!
36Threads your friends with fake iMessage threads.
37Mailaspud a Potato through the mail.
38Turn down for webpage down for what on any website.
39Shipyourenemiesglitter glitter to people you hate.
40Nyan It add Nyancats to any link you send.

Hope you enjoy trying the pranks from all of these 40 best prank websites, and have a good laugh with your friends! Bookmark this page to get more updates on best troll websites 2019.

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