Top 15 Best Windows 10 Skins & Themes 2019

There are fast ways to customize the Windows 10 with the best Windows 10 skins 2019. There are cool Windows 10 themes which are attractive and colorful, looking bright on the screen. If you are already looking for the best Windows 10 themes, then your search has ended on the right post.

Windows 10 Skins 2019

windows 10 themes & skins 2019

The Windows 10 has already earned widespread popularity because of the unique UI compare to other window versions. The Windows 10 provided the improvements which were asked in the Windows 8.1. Well, we are not here to describe how great the Windows 10 is or how smooth it works on the desktop; in fact, we are going to help you to add some beauty to the excellence with the Windows 10 skins 2019. We are already flattered with the cool Windows 10 themes available in the software itself, yet we always have a thirst for more.

The Windows 10 skins are the themes containing some 5-25 wallpapers with the vibrant colors and HD graphics which will enhance the look of the screen to the magnificence. From this post you can take a look at the range of Windows 10 best themes and select any one from them which will customize the desktop, coordinating with the menu colors as well as unique system sounds. Below is the list of handpicked cool Windows 10 themes for your desktop.

List Of Cool Windows 10 Themes 2019

Birds Theme

cool birds theme

Who does not love the birds and their beautiful feathers? The birds sitting on the tree or the flocks of them flying together in the sky are always the scenic beauty, looking bright on the screen. The beautiful bird’s themes are for those who love the birds and like to watch their grace. This best Windows 10 theme includes the wallpaper of unique and beautiful birds from different corners of the world in the beautiful postures. There are all kind of bird wallpapers in the theme- Flamingos, Swan, Peacocks, Hummingbirds, and Kingfisher. If you wants mobile friendly wallpapers then you can visit this link for hd wallpapers for mobile 2019.

The color of the Windows matches the color of the birds, contrasting the light blue. The light blue color provides the mesmerizing touch to the colorful bird wallpapers. There are total 15 wallpapers in the theme with HD resolution. There are no plain bold just birds’ wallpapers, but also the body parts of the birds like feathers, eyes, beaks, etc. are beautifully captured which can be the desktop wallpaper.

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis theme for windows

Have you ever heard of aurora lights or the northern lights which occur in the northern regions of the earth? In fact, many of you must have even experienced them live. They are so beautiful and moving smoothly in different colors. The aurora borealis theme has the wallpapers of different sceneries of the northern lights, making it one of the cool Windows 10 themes 2019.

There are 8 aurora or northern lights wallpapers from different places of the northern region, ranging from Iceland and Norway areas. With the dark or night background, the aurora borealis makes the great theme and wallpaper. The Windows color has the sea green color matching to that of aurora borealis wallpapers. After every five minutes, the themes will change the wallpaper.

Twilight And Starlight Panoramic Theme

twilight windows 10 theme

Now, this theme is the combination of the different wallpapers and themes as well in the single package. The Windows 10 skin or theme is precisely designed for the dual monitors, though the theme works well with the single monitor too. The theme on the dual monitor will display the full wallpaper. There are random wallpapers in the theme like Railroad Bridge, galaxy, meadows, stars, and windmills.

For each wallpaper, you will experience different Windows color, for e.g. for the meadows wallpaper; the Windows color will be orange while for the Railroad Bridge the Windows color will be gray. On the dual monitor, the theme will adjust automatically to the screen resolution of both screens.

Beach Sunset Theme

beach sunset theme for windows

Who does not love to watch the sunset at the seashore or the beach? Probably, everyone who is reading out there this post. The beach sunset theme is one of the cool Windows 10 skins 2019, yet we have come across on the web. You may not have traveled to all best beaches of the world; therefore you can experiment with the beach sunset theme 2019. In the beach sunset theme, there are wallpapers of the sunset across the world’s best beaches. There are images of the famous beaches in the California and Hawaii. There are 15 wallpapers in the theme of different beaches and sunsets with the window color light blue which suits well with the colors of the wallpapers.

Frozen Formation Theme

Snowy Day Theme for windows 10

The entire theme is based on the frozen formation, considering the best Windows 10 theme. The themes consist of ice caves, sun rays falling on the ice, beautiful icebergs, and waterfall over and along with the ice wallpapers. There are total 12 wallpapers of the ice formation and matching them is the Windows color, mist blue. You will find the combination of the dark and light wallpapers in the theme, providing you the choice to use it according to your desire.

Morning Windows Theme

morning windows 10 theme

Beautiful sunrise always looks magnificent falling on nature. You may not be able to watch the sunrise every morning, but the cool Windows 10 theme like morning theme will allow you to enjoy the sunrises of different locations. There are eight wallpapers in the theme with the Windows color as parrot green color. The theme is the combination of nature and wildlife, creating the connection with elements of the morning. You will find the pictures or wallpapers of birds, sun rays falling over the river banks, meadows, plants and insects. The wallpapers are the photographs captured by the photographer, Popkov Alexandr, the name you can see in the form of the watermark on the wallpapers of the theme 2019.

Marbles Theme For Windows 10

marbles theme for windows 10

The best Windows 10 theme comprises 11 marble wallpapers in HD resolution which are captured beautifully by the artist. In fact, the photographer has captured the marbles with the masterpiece and artistic imagination, utilizing the lights, shadows, and colorful marbles. In the theme, you will find the wallpapers of colorful marbles captured together with closure or clicked in the natural light. The clear marbles with the shadow cast as well reflect artistic beauty. The window color of the theme is the standard blue color, matching the colors of the marbles in the wallpapers.

GT Graphics Theme

GT Graphics Windows 10 Theme

From this cool Windows 10 theme, you will find the wallpapers of galaxy and technology. Though there are no real images of the galaxy in the theme, though the graphics are used well, combining with the bright colors designed by the artists using the HD graphical tools. Total 16 wallpapers are comprising different moods like planets destroyed in the galaxy from the giant laser, sunrise in the galaxy, galactic city, meteor rain on the earth, mountains, etc. The standard window color is orange, matching the bright wallpapers.

Child OF Light Theme

child of life windows 10 theme

This is the only Windows 10 skin or theme which is inspired by the popular video game, child of light developed by Ubisoft. The entire theme is based on the watercolors because the game was designed in the watercolor graphics. There are 19 wallpapers with the watercolor base and has the pictures of Lemuria’s world. The Windows color of the theme is standard blue, which complements the wallpapers available in the theme. The only drawback of the theme is, you will find the child of light watermark on the wallpapers located at the top right corner. We do not think the watermark is as annoying as you think because it is worth it.

Forza Motorsport 4 Theme

forza theme for windows 10

This cool Windows 10 theme again is based on the game, Forza Motorsport 4 and the wallpapers in the themes are extracted from the game. The theme consist wallpapers of the cars with either different background or the interior of the car. The wallpapers of the theme have cars like Jaguar, Ferrari, BMW, Mclaren and Koenigsegg Agera. The Windows color of the theme is gray which goes perfectly with all the wallpapers. There are total 17 HD wallpapers with the Forza Motorsport 4 watermark on them at the bottom.

Beautiful Queensland Theme

Beautiful Queensland theme 2019

Take the virtual trip to the Australia’s modern state, Queensland with the best Windows 10 theme or let’s say cool Windows 10 skin 2019. The beautiful Queensland theme has the images captured by the photographer Tracie Louise. He has clicked the photos of the corners of the Queensland state which has the scenes of waterfalls, rivers, fields, beaches and many other wonders of the state in the interesting colors and black and white feature which are attractive as well. There are 19 wallpapers in the theme with the contrasting window color, gray. In the lower end of the wallpapers, you will find the watermark of the name of the photographer, Tracie Louise.

In Search Of Incredible Theme

incredible windows 10 theme

This is the best Windows 10 theme for the music lovers who are in search of the incredible theme. It has the wallpaper images of musical instruments, and they all are filtered in black and white. It is the classic Windows 10 theme, photographed by Don McCullin, partner of the ASUS and Intel for the incredible pictures. The Windows color is gray, which blends perfectly with the wallpapers themed black and white. All the seven wallpapers are the masterpiece and unique art, though they have the watermark of Intel and ASUS which may not be liked by everyone.


All the themes listed here are the best Windows 10 themes with the amazing pack of wallpapers. We have handpicked and chosen the cool Windows 10 themes for your desktop to look beautiful in every way. The cool Windows 10 skins will not only enhance the look of the desktop but also it will change the way you enjoy your work on PC.

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