Best SEO Tips and Tricks For Any Blog & Website in 2019

Blogger SEO tips and tricks is most widely search term in the internet. People often search for best seo tips and tricks in 2019. Today on Qd Tricks we are sharing the best and useful seo tips and tricks 2019.

Blogging has been one of the upcoming professions in the career world. Many people have turned towards this profession as it is demanding and also money making.

Many people do blogging either as part time or full time and earn good amount. But it is not necessary that all flourish in this blog world. Professional blogging requires good language and viewpoints that need to be provided to the reader. It should interest them and make them read new topics written by the same writer.

SEO Tips And Tricks 2019

Blogegr SEO Tips and Tricks 2019

Never blog for Google Traffic – Always Write for Your Visitors

There are various search engine optimization techniques (new seo techniques) and it needs to be properly planned and strategized. The following seo tips and tricks could help in getting success in no time:

Keep in mind to write for visitors and not for Google or SEO – Earlier people used to write for various search engines without focusing on increasing traffic. But Google has decided to pull up its socks by only using posts that are useful for a visitor. So do not blog for search engines like bing, yahoo or google etc. This is the first seo tips you should keep in mind.


  • You need to know the pulse of the audience and write by targeting them.
  • In order to know the content that will work with the audience, do regularly check your website Web Analytics.
  • Work with bloggers who are experienced and well known by asking, begging, asking for payment, interview people who are involved in subject matter, and concerned bloggers, so that audience can get to know about the platform where your blogs are available.
  • Merge with blogs on the basis of Frenemy i.e. make their content available on your site and ask them to make yours available.
  • Do not allow Google to account for more than 50% of traffic.
  • On a daily basis, subscribe and read through other blogs in order to know better.
  • Get updated with Google alerts in order to know the keywords that is related to your industry.
  • Do visit information on Google trends to know about the topics that are trending.
  • SEO tips and tricks can be done at ease

Keyword Research for Blog’s Title, Description & Content

New SEO Techniques - SEO Tips 2019

  • Use tool known as a Google Keyword Planner that is used for doing research on the keyword.
  • To pick on latest trends, happenings and news, use Google trends.
  • You can use Uber Suggest Tool which is used to discover new blog title. It does work with Google Search Suggest.

The above information could give a brief information on some search engine optimization techniques using Google.

Technical SEO Tips & Tricks which Plays an Important Role in Search Engine Optimization

seo tips and tricks 2019

Use of technical SEO plays an important role in increasing traffic to a site. The following blogger seo tips and tricks could help with promotion:

  • Make a write up on Google+ and add Google+ Authorship to the post where it could be contributed.
  • Set up the Google rel=publisher tag for your entire blog (Very Important)
  • Set up blog on Google Webmasters and Bing Webmasters
  • Create Google+ Community for your audience and readers
  • Do join Google+ Communities related to your website niche and share your blog posts link there.
  • Create Google+ Business Page for your blog as you do on Facebook and Twitter.

Using Blogger SEO Tips and Tricks could help to get in depth knowledge of search engine optimization techniques (new seo techniques) as the keywords used are unique and it can help in bringing the website to the top ranks. Website content needs to be unique and have catchy words.

There are many methods online that give information on new and innovative blogger seo tips and tricks and every website does give various solutions. The information on these topics are very much useful in promoting a website. Promotion of business can only help in the growth and development of a company too.

If you are a new in blogging and don’t know this blogger seo tips and tricks earlier than do follow it, you will definitely get success in blogging.

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  • We simply need to create a blog content, post them to below Web 2.0 sites directly. These contents will remain on the web for lifetime till we make any changes. Search engines follow these posting and index them accordingly. Thus building backlinks through web 2.0 is slow and study process which helps in page ranking improvement.

  • Hi! Thanks for the 2015 SEO tips and tricks. I am really tired of regulating my online marketing campaign base on Google’s algorithm. I am just focusing on keeping the content up to date. Visitors don’t like outdated content. Updating the content frequently also attracts the Search engines spiders to index the web pages frequently.

  • first of all thank you so much for your great tips and It is my great pleasure to visit your website and to enjoy your excellent post here .All are very well written post you have provided for us to read and thanks again for share your a good piece of content with us.

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  • Dear Qadir QD, Thank you for your excellent article on blogger seo tips and tricks () New SEO technique. By the way, I don’t understand the “Business page” facts. Keep the great writing skill up. Thanks again Buddy!

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  • hey thanks for share a great article for blogging seo tips i realy interesting this kind of topic. i have a blog and i am always try to best in seo to promote my blog and always read a seo blog to find something new in seo topic

  • Great post. But it still kind of does the same thing all those other “experts” do, it says “this works, go do it” but doesn’t really tell you anything useful about how to develop those relationships with influencers in your relevant field.

    Most are far too busy (as the article says) to even give you the time of the day, and given that many fields has a small amount of people at the top who are too busy to do anything that what they are doing, most people starting out from scratch don’t have a chance in hell.

  • Great, Perfect Platform if you want to know about SEO tips & tricks.
    I have a one question- can you please explain about web 2.0? I have a little doubt in it..

    Waiting for your revert.

  • Well said, Always write a content for the users not for the Robots…
    Nice Information you have shared with us,,