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50 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends At Home & Outside

Challenges to do with friends a most widely search term on the internet. Today on Qd Tricks we are sharing the best fun challenges to do with friends at home.

Our friends are the only people in this entire world who would not judge us. Are you some of those people who love to play funny pranks and challenges on their friends but are afraid about how they would feel?

Well, be assured! Here, we are providing you some amazing fun to do weird, stupid and at the same time cool challenges to participating in with your friends.

Fun Challenges To Do With Friends In 2019

fun challenges to do with friends at home

These are the most amazing, entertaining and the craziest challenges that one would have heard of in this year. This year, treat yourself with this fun to do challenges and have the best time of your life.

If you perform or participate in these challenges, then surely you might remember 2019 as the ultimate year of challenges.

Below is the list of all the fun challenges to do:

Gallon Milk Challenge

crazy gallon milk challenge

There are two methods in this challenge:

  • The rainbow milk challenge
  • The Gallon milk challenge

The Rainbow Milk Challenge

In the first one, the entire amount of milk presented has to be finished by the participant without throwing up.

The Gallon Milk Challenge

In the other one, the participant gets one hour to finish one entire gallon of milk. This is scientifically impossible so eventually, your friend will be throwing up in a while.

Record this challenge to remember the wonderful memories for later.

Food Challenges

food challenges to do at home

Food challenges are the amazing crazy challenges to do with friends at home.

Food challenges are generally fun to do because the sense of taste is the most difficult thing to deal with. There are quite a few varieties in this challenge like guessing different foods, taste testing, guessing the ingredients etc. Food challenges are not always about unhygienic methods of eating and disgusting food.

Type Of Food Challenges To Do With Friends

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The Wasabi Challenge

All of you who know about Wasabi would really under that the challenge.

The challenge is about eating one teaspoon of Wasabi in under one minute. The fastest one wins.

Go ahead, try it!

Hot Pepper Challenge

hot pepper challenge fun to do with friends

The hot pepper challenge is one of the challenges to blinddo at home. Pick up a type of pepper that you and your friends think you can eat. Picking up the spiciest or the least spicy is up to you. The challenge is to see who can eat an entire pepper first. Water can be allowed as a plus. Have a feel of the spiciest challenges of 2019.

Types Of Hot Pepper Challenges

  • Ghost Pepper Challenge
  • Chili Pepper Challenge

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Raw Onion Challenge

This is one of the easiest challenges to do with friends and also the challenges you can do at home.

Well, as the name says, all you have to do is eat a raw onion. Try it to find out if it is as simple as it looks like.

Raw Onion Challenge Standard Rules

  • Use standard brown/yellow onion. You should avoid red or salad onion.
  • The onion weight must be around 210g after peeling, tailing and topping
  • You should take the next bite after the one mouthful has been swallowed
  • Anyone can drink a cold water at anytime while the challenges
  • You should not attempt this raw onion challenge multiple times in one day

Lemon Challenge

lemon challenges to do at home with friends

This is one amazing challenge. It will test the limits of your taste buds for sure. Cut some lemons into slices and race against your friends to see who can finish the maximum slices in limited time. This is one another time utilizing challenges to do at home.

Lime Challenge

Replace lemon with lime and see how much more interesting it becomes. This is one of the quickest challenges you can do at home.

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Warhead Challenge

If you have not heard about Warhead till now, let me inform you that Warheads are small yum looking candies. They have a varied taste as they will taste a little sour in the start and then will taste normal. This is one of the crazy challenges to do with friends at home. Get a box of candies and get going.

The Wendy’s 99 Cent Value Menu Challenge

Order one of everything off of Wendy’s 99 cent value menu. The challenge is to finish up everything at once without throwing up. See you can stay the longest without throwing up. This is definitely one of the fun challenges to do.

The 5 Saltine Cracker Challenge

This challenge is not as easy as it seems to be. The challenge is to eat saltine crackers without having one sip of any liquid at all. Sure, it might seem as an easy challenge to do at home but you will come to know only when you have tried it.

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Ice Bath Challenge

This is indeed the coolest challenge of all. You will have to get into a bathtub or a small pool with loads of ice to execute this icy challenge. Make sure you do not get an icy head after this change so be ready with some warm towels for later.

The Powdered Donut Challenge

Eat 5 powered donuts in less than 5 minutes. No drinks allowed in between. The fastest one wins. This is again one of the challenges to do at home and it is indeed a fun challenge to do.

Foot Ice Bath Challenge

This is another fun challenge to do with friends. Instead of submersing your entire body, you have to only submerge your feet in a tub of ice water. The one, who can keep their feet in the ice water for longer, wins.

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No Mirror Makeup Challenge

This is one another wonderful challenge to do at home which will hurt your stomach from laughing at the end. In this make up challenge, you have to apply make up on your own face without a mirror.

Decide a time limit with your friends and then take pictures to see the job that you have performed. I am sure this will be one of the most memorable challenges to do with friends.

Blindfolded Hairstyle Challenge

This crazy challenge to do with friends at home is more or less similar to the previous one, the only difference being here you need to make hairstyles on your friends by being blindfolded. You can use any hair accessories as you want like hair gels, brushes or any other equipment. I would recommend avoiding sharp tools like hair irons and other such equipment for safety reasons.

Finish the challenge and see how good a hairdresser you are.

Pop Rocks Challenge

pop rocks challenges to do with friends

This interesting challenge to do with friends includes eating pop rocks. Stuff your mouth with pop rocks and see how many can fit in your mouth. The one who can stuff the most in limited time wins. This is one fun challenge to do.

Blindfolded Food Tasting Challenge

In this challenge to do with friends, you need a volunteer who can pleat various types of food together. Each competitor has to be blindfolded and guess the food they are offered on the basis of the food they eat. This is a fun challenge to do because the competitor will have to eat everyone once, irrespective of the fact that they like it or not.

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Bubble Gum Challenge

crazy bubble gum challenges

How good flavor many of you can fit an entire pack of bubble gum in your mouth in a limited time? Compete with a good flavor of bubble gum and test your chewing skills. This is one crazy challenge to do with friends at home.

Diet Coke And Mentos Challenge

In this fun challenge to do, you have to get a pack on Mentos and empty it in your mouth. Try to drink a whole can of Diet coke after that. See who can do it first.

Pizza Challenge

This challenge to do with friends is indeed tempting as it includes pizza. Enter a pie of the pizza for all those who are participating. The one who finishes the entire pie without throwing up wins the challenge.

Oreo Challenge

You need a full box of Oreos to perform this challenge to do with friends. See how many Oreos you can stack in your mouth without chewing one by one. To make it even more fun, try speaking at the same time.

Egg Drop Challenge

This fun challenge to do would have been performed by you a lot of times in your childhood. You need a lot of materials for this challenge like a raw egg for starters and paper, newspapers, straws, paper napkins and tapes. Build something as high as 2 stories in some scale with all these materials and eggs. Now drop the egg and see which eggs survive. Repeat it to find the strongest egg of all.

Popsicle Stick And Cup Tower Challenge

This challenge to do with friends includes craft with Popsicle sticks and paper/plastic cups. Try making a tower with the help of these two items. The one who makes the tallest tower in a defined time period wins this fun challenge to do.

Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

This challenge to do with friends will awaken the inner artist of yours. Get a drawing paper with some pencils and markers. Get blindfolded and try to bring out the imagination of your mind on the paper.

To do the blindfolded drawing challenge, you will need some blindfolds, pens or pencils, and sheets of blank drawing paper.

Baby Food Challenge

This challenge to do with friends is as simple as the name suggests. Get different varieties of baby foods from a supermarket near you. Try one spoon of each of it. The one, who tries all of them first, wins.

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Eat Or Wear It Challenge

Coke Vs Mentos Bath Challenge

No Thumbs Challenge

Lick My Body Challenge

The Shadow Puppet Challenge


These challenges to do with friends are some of the best that will give you a chance to bond over with your friends. Not only will you create a lot of memories but at time same time, you will also have a lot of entertainment and fun.

You can also try creating some challenges to do with friends on your own. May be you will be able to create even more entertaining and interesting challenges than this. These challenges are one of the best ways to create memorable moments. Get to together with your friends today and try some of these. Bookmark this page to get more updates on challenges to do with friends in 2019.

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