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How to Change Folder’s Color in Windows | Folder Colorizer

There are plenty of applications & Software are available in the internet.

With the help of that you can customize your laptop or computer in an effective and efficient manner. That it may look so attractive and eye catching as well as it becomes easy to use.

So today here I am going to share one of the best software to change windows folder color. Yes you can change your folder’s color with your desired color. It will be helpful to you to differentiate them easily and in addition it will look so attractive.

How do I change the color of folders?

Folder colorizer

Step 1

First of all you are required to download the software called Folder Colorizer: Download Folder Colorizer

Step 2:

After downloading, install it to your computer or laptop. (Folder Colorizer is tested with out team and it is 100% virus free)

Step 3:

Now after installing the software Folder Colorizer, go to your desktop and right click on any folder. When you click on it, you will discover a new option in the context menu i.e. Colorize (See the snapshot below). Now Click on that Colorize option, you can see one submenu with the list of different colors. Choose the color which you want to assogn to the selected folder.

The software Folder Colorizer is absolutely free to use. But when you use the software at first, it will ask your email id for activation of it. Don’t worry, here you will not prompt to confirm the activation by logging in to email account. If you dont want to share your email id with developer, you can do that. Because product will be automatically activated once you enter your email id. So here you can use any fake email id to activate if you want.

download folder colorizer

From above given way, you will be able to easily organize and change the color of you folder. You can even change the color of drive like C: D: or any other. You can even apply the different colors to several folders in the particular drive to make it more attractive.

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