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How To Change IMEI Number On iPhone Devices?

Check out the guide on how you can change the IMEI number on iphone. We will also provide the information on what IMEI number is, what exactly the number does to your device and how you can make the use of the changed IMEI number. This is the article where you will change the IMEI number on the iphone with the manual procedure.

About IMEI

We all have heard about the IMEI number that is available mandatory on the device, be it any then. IMEI – the international mobile equipment identity is the unique 15 digits series of the unique identification that all the Smartphone or cell phone have. You can find the IMEI number under the battery pack of your phone, on the silver sticker. Even on the mobile box, you can find the IMEI number.

The IMEI number is the mandatory series that every device has, and it is the identity that is given by the maker of the device. The IMEI series is the identity which is required to recognize the network and also you can check some information about the device i.e. brand or model. You can know your IMEI number with the help of *#06# code of your device.

Now, let’s imagine, that you have wanted to enjoy some benefit of the free recharges or any offer on your device, but you cannot because of the registered IMEI number you have with your network provider. Now you imagine that what if I can change the IMEI number on the iphone? Let us tell you that, you can do that. Yes! We are giving you the trick on how you can change the IMEI number on the iphone.

This Article is just for the Educational Purpose. Do not try, It will harm the device warranty. To change the IMEI number of any stolen iPhone device is illegal.

To change the IMEI number of the iphone can be done on the temporary basis. Here, with the help of this, you can fake the identity of your device, and then you can use this trick to get some bonus from the recharge apps. It is the very cool way to enjoy some of the offers and bonus provided by the network provider on their certain apps. Check out the complete guide to know how to change the IMEI number on iphone.

How To Change IMEI On iPhone?

change IMEI iphone 2019

First of all, let us make you clear that this method will only work if your iphone is jailbreak i.e. it has access to all the device features and apps that Apple has put the locks and do not authorize the access to the user on the legal basis. You can also try our shared best jailbreak apps with given best cydia sources on your iPhone.

The method to change the IMEI number is very simple, and it will change the IMEI number of the iOS device with the help of the PC tool. But before changing the IMEI number of the iphone, we are listing out the points to remember before you proceed with the guidelines.

Points To Remember Before Changing IMEI On iPhone

  • The method will work only on the jailbreak iphone device
  • It will harm the device warranty by changing the IMEI number.
  • To change the IMEI number of any stolen iphone device is illegal. So do not be the victim of the cyber crime.

Check out the complete procedure on how you can change the IMEI number on iphone.

Method To Change IMEI Number On iPhone

Below we have mentioned the steps to change IMEI iPhone device. Ready carefully each and every steps and then begin with the process. And remember this will void your iPhone warranty, so do it at your own risk. Qd Tricks is not responsible for any damage.

Find The IMEI Number

Dial *#06# from your device and get the IMEI series of the iOS.

Jailbreak iOS Device

First you need to have the Jailbroken iOS device to use this trick. If you do not have, then do not proceed. It will not work in any non jailbroken iOS device.

iphone jailbroken

Download Ziphone

After jail breaking your iphone, get the access to the PC tool which will allow you to change the IMEI number of your device. Download the PC tool, ZIPHONE and extract the folder package.

ziphone files

Mess With The iPhone

Now, you have to start the iphone in recovery mode. Press the sleep/ wake and power button and keep holding that until the apple logo is visible. Now, release the sleep/ wake button, and you will see the iTunes logo with a cable on the screen. After this, connect the iphone with PC.

connect iphone with PC

Further Compilation

Now, go to the extracted file folder on your PC, and press shift button. After this, make right click on the empty place and click on start command prompt here.

open command prompt fromt the tab

Type Command

Type the ZIPHONE in the command prompt

type ziphone in command

Enter New IMEI Number

ENTER the ziphone -u -i a123456789012345 (replace 123456789012345 with your desired number)

change imei iphone command

Within 2-3 minutes your device will reboot, and then you are done! You have successfully changed the IMEI number on the iphone and this you can check by dialling *#06# on the iphone.


With this cool method, you can quickly change the IMEI on iphone but make sure you are proceeding with this method only after you jailbreak your device. Change the IMEI series on the temporary basis otherwise, it is considered as illegal activity, and thus you may face the legal actions. This is the article we have published for the educational purpose and not to encourage any cyber malpractices. Share this article with your other friends via facebook, twitter or Google.

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