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How To Erase iPhone Memory Without Switching Off?

Bid the goodbye to the age old trick for clearing the memory in iPhone by switching off the device. In this post, we are sharing the new trick for how you can erase the memory without switching off the device.

Unlock The iPhone Memory With New Trick

how to clean iphone memory

We are always excited and grateful to share some new and great tricks for the iOS and Android OS platforms. Every day, there are some innovative features to know about the leading OS which helps us to stay updated in the technological era. While we love to share the tricks and information about the Android OS and iOS, in this post we are sharing the trick for how you can clean the iPhone’s memory without switching off the device. Sounds different, isn’t it? But yes, you can erase the memory and boost the speed of the iPhone’s RAM while the device is working.

There are several reasons for not opting the restart option and still, want to erase the memory in iPhone. May be you are in middle of some important work, and you want to improve the speed of the iPhone at the same time. The trick in this post is the alternative solution for such situations. It is always suggestive to clean the memory in the iPhone, be it any version, to boost the speed and performance of the device. Not only the performance but erasing the memory will also help for the malware to not to stay on the iPhone, infecting the data. Read and follow the complete details on the trick to clean the memory in iPhone.

How To Clean iPhone Memory Without Powering it Off?

The method to clean, the memory without switching off or restarting the iPhone is straightforward and in fact more useful for the people who are glued to the screen, ALL THE TIME! Well, the trick is almost same to what it was before but with one difference- no more switching off or restarting the iPhone.

Long Press On Power Button

First of all, long press on the power button until you get the slide to switch off option. Do not slide the option otherwise, iPhone will be turned off. Just keep the screen as it is.

long press on iphone power button

Hold The Home Button

Now hold the home button till the time device get back to the home screen

press and hold iphone home button

Cleaning The Memory in Backend

Again hold the home button, and this will start cleaning the memory in the backend which is not visible, but the process is already ongoing.

iphone speed boosted

iOS Speed Will Be Boosted

The memory will be cleansed from the iPhone without restarting the device. You can experience the improved speed and performance after the memory is cleared from iPhone.


If you have followed and executed the guidelines as we have provided in the post, we are sure that you must have succeeded in erasing the iPhone memory without switching off or restarting the device. We wanted to share the information about this trick because it’s being long time we had not shared any updates for iOS, and we all know there are very few and limited tricks for the iOS platform.

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