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How To Open & Convert .ASPX File To .PDF file?

Convert aspx to pdf a most widely search query in the internet. Recently we have come across a question from one of our readers about converting a file from aspx to pdf. Though most people are quite aware of PDF files and format, as it is used widely across the world. ASPX on the other hand is not a well-known file format and hence this article.

We decided to bring this article to you to share knowledge on how to convert aspx to pdf format. Sometimes you might also come across an empty ASPX file or a file which does not open and has an .aspx format. We will also share information on how to open aspx file.

You must know about this great tool called the Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver can open an .ASPX file in the format of a sheet with raw data. Though this is not the best format to view the file. Hence we recommend to convert the .aspx file to .pdf.

convert aspx to pdf

Surprisingly, ASPX is considered to be a very rare file extension in order to open it on Windows. Technically, .ASPX is the source of an ASP.NET projects. If you notice carefully, some of the websites, for instance the Microsoft website have an aspx file extension rather than the most used.html or .php extensions.

aspx example

The understanding here is that the Microsoft webpage is built on the platform, hence it has .aspx file extension at the end. Just like .html, ASPX is also an internet media type document. The uniqueness of this file type is that it was first developed and hosted by Microsoft. ASPX is the abbreviation of Active Server Pages.

If you are looking for tools to convert aspx to pdf, you might come across a few file converters online. You can also find some offline file converters to change aspx to pdf. Though it is advisable to first open an aspx file in a viewable format and then decide to convert it to pdf.

You’re next question will be how to open aspx file! Since this file has a different format, Windows might give you a “Windows can’t open this file” error.

windows can't open this file error

This article will help you resolve such issues and help you learn how to open aspx file and convert aspx to pdf.

How to Open an ASPX Extension File In Your PC?

As mentioned earlier in the article, ASPX is an internet media type document, hence taking help from any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Operea, etc. one can view and open ASPX file in the desktop, laptop or mac-book.

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You might wonder how to do this? It is simple – follow the below steps:

1. Open any of the above mentioned web-browser

2. Drag the file to the tab where you enter the URL

3. Drop it there

open .aspx file using chrome

4. It will open the document on that page

5. Now you can view the aspx document correctly.

Though this works on all the browsers mentioned, we suggest you use the Google Chrome browser in order to open an ASPX document. The reason being, Google Chrome browser also helps convert the file from .ASPX file to a PDF format.

How to Open ASPX File and Convert Aspx To PDF In Windows?

Below are the steps you need to follow to change the file from aspx to pdf in Windows 7:

(1) Steps To Open ASPX File:

1. Place the ASPX file on the desktop if it placed on one of the drives of your PC which has Windows 7

2. When you will double click the file it will give the error: “Windows can’t open this file”

3. From the available options select the “Select a program from a list of installed programs” and click OK

4. Select Google Chrome from the options in this list

use chrome browser to open aspx file

5. The document can now be viewed and opened in the Google Chrome browser

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(2) Steps To Convert ASPX to PDF

1. First you need to follow above steps to open ASPX file in Google Chrome Browser

2. Press Ctrl+P to open print page pop-up windows

3. In the Destination option on the left there is an option “Change” which will convert the file from .aspx to pdf

print option

4. Under the “Change” button and select the “Save as pdf” option

convert aspx to pdf

5. Now click on the Save button which you will see highlighted as Blue

click on save

6. Your file is now converted and saved from aspx to PDF format

Since the above steps are only for Windows 7 browser, yet most laptops today are updated to Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, we also bring to you the steps to change the file format from ASPX to PDF for these operating software.

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Steps To Open ASPX File And Convert It To PDF In Windows 8.1 & Windows 10:

Though the steps to change the file from ASPX to PDF is the same as mentioned for Windows 7, there is a minor difference when the file is tried to open and changed in Windows 10.

When you double click the axps file in the Windows 10 laptops/ desktops you will get the option “How do you open the file” as a pop up window. You will now need to choose the ‘More Apps’ option. Now under this option look for Google Chrome browser and click OK.

use chrome browser to open aspx file

It also gives you an additional option to select “Always use this app to open .aspx files” which will allow the program to open the aspx files in future using the Google Chrome browser by default.

In order to convert the file from aspx to PDF for Windows 10, use the same method as mentioned for Windows 7.

Moreover, if you are interested in converting an ASPX webpage into the PDF format, there is a free online service that can be used. This service is called web2pdfconvert. All you need to do is paste the webpage URL of the .aspx extension in the dialogue box and select the “Convert to PDF” option, which will now give you a PDF file which can be downloaded on your desktop.

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For Android Users:

For people using the Android operating software, you can also use UrlToPDF or Web to PDF Converter & Editor application which is an add-on in the dolphin browser. It converts ASPX webpages to PDF accessible documents.

Hope you have enjoyed the article and it helps you! If you have any better idea to convert aspx to pdf then feel free to drop a comment below. We will check and if it looks worth then we will update this article. Bookmark this page to get more updates on how to convert aspx to pdf.

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