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How Much Does Netflix Cost in 2019?

An answer to the question – how much does netflix cost? Today on Qd Tricks we are sharing the collected data for cost of netflix. Netflix! Don’t we all know this word? We have heard about Netflix and we love to use this service. But well, it is too presumptions to assume that we all know Netflix! So let me talk a little about Netflix in general.

A brilliant service started by, I am sure, some real movie and couch binging buffs – Netflix is your ultimate goal for all the movies and favourite TV shows. It allows you to stream your favourite movies and TV shows online. What’s more, you can stream this not on one but up to four devices at a time.

If you are a family that loves to watch TV and movies, and you are also smart to know where to save on the money, you should go for Netflix. Netflix can be used on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles and desktop or laptop.

how much is netflix a month

The services that one can avail depends on the Netflix monthly cost which vary according to the plans available. We will talk further about the how much is Netflix a month for people who already are interested in using the services of Netflix.

In case you are worried about how much does Netflix cost do not worry! You can share the account with a friend and split the bill, in case it is a little out of your budget.

An amazing thing about this service is that they give you a free trial month, where you can create an account and use the Netflix services for free for one month. No more worrying about cost of Netflix, since for the first month it is free of cost! However, you do need to enter your payment details which will not be activated unless you want to move ahead with using the services after a free trial month.

Amazing Features Of Netflix

Since you might be thinking about how much is Netflix a month we will want you to first concentrate on the features of Netflix. These features will answer your pro points for Netflix monthly cost:

  • Advertisement Free: Don’t we all get irritated at one point with the advertisements that interrupt during our favourite movies and television shows. Netflix well solves this problem, with a premium subscription that allows you to stream your favourites without any interruption. This makes it worth the cost of Netflix.
  • Flexibility of devices: As mentioned earlier, you can stream movies and TV shows on multiple devices and that too without a time constraint! Now this is another feature that makes a worth out of the cost of Netflix.
  • Break-less Binging: Go ahead and hog on your favourite TV series, watch all the latest and complete seasons at one go! Kill the wait and the anticipation! Amazing enough a feature for the cost of Netflix.
  • Massive Database: Worried about not finding your favourite TV shows and movies? Leave the worries aside because Netflix has a brilliant and huge database that lets you choose your favourite ones and watch those shows online. Another feature to opt for making a worthwhile investment for the cost of Netflix.

To answer your biggest question- how much does Netflix cost?

How Much Does Netflix Cost?

cost of netflix

Netflix offers three different plans which come with different features and have different cost of Netflix. Here is a list of the Netflix monthly cost basis of the different Netflix plans and prices.

Basic Plan- $7.99 per month

Leave aside the worry of how much is Netflix a month? This is the cheapest among all the Netflix plans, which answers the question of how much does Netflix cost. With all the amazing features, this plan has two restriction – No HD available and only one screen can play Netflix at a time.

This gives you a fair idea about the Netflix plans and prices pertaining to Basic Plan.

Standard Plan- $9.99 per month

One of the most popular plans among the Netflix lovers. Netflix monthly cost for this plan is approximately $10, which is affordable. You can watch HD movies and TV shows with this plan making it worth the cost of Netflix.

With this plan you can watch movies and TV shows on 2 screen at a time and it does not have Ultra HD, but the HD is good enough for the TV. Hence making it worth the Netflix monthly cost.

This gives you a fair idea about the Netflix plans and prices pertaining to Standard Plan.

Premium Plan – $11.99 per month

The name says it all! The Premium plan is one of the best to answer the question how much is Netflix a month? A brilliant plan for the Netflix monthly cost.

You can watch your favourite movies and TV shows in Ultra HD giving you the finest quality. Along with that you can watch it on 4 screens simultaneously, making this plan sharable among 4 viewers within a single account at the single premium cost of Netflix.

This gives you a fair idea about the Netflix plans and prices pertaining to Premium Plan.

netflix monthly cost

Wonder what is simultaneous viewing – streaming?

One of the biggest perk of streaming online movies and TV shows is sharing them with your friends, family and others. As mentioned above, the Basic plan will only let you stream Netflix online on one screen, hence disabling you from sharing your streaming. However with an upgrade in plan, which will definitely bring the question “how much is Netflix a month” in picture, you can simultaneously screen movies across multiple screens. This removes the disability of not allowing you to share screens. Hence it is pretty evident that simultaneous viewing is all about who and how many people you want to share your plan with, which helps you chose the plan of your choice.

Difference between HD and Ultra HD:

Along with the thought of sharing the accounts which makes you wonder how much does Netflix cost, you will also wonder if HD and Ultra HD makes a difference. However even if you are not interested in sharing your account, you will definitely love the fact that you can have the option to view it in HD and Ultra HD.

The Basic plan does not offer, HD or Ultra HD, giving it a less preferable choice.


Our purpose for sharing this article with you is to answer your question how much does Netflix cost? We are sure that the ample information provided above will help you understand how much does Netflix cost and the features which help you make a better choice of plan.

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