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2 Ways To Hide Facebook Message Seen Feature

Facebook unseen chrome extension trick is the important facebook trick for those who love privacy. And do not want other to know when you see their messages on Facebook. Lets start with the exclusive tutorial on how to use facebook unseen chrome extension by Qd Tricks.

Facebook created a “seen” function sometime back. It provides the read status of the message to the sender. This means when anyone sends you a message, they will recognize whether and when you look at the message.

This function is advantageous for the sender. It may be destructive and cause problems for the receiver. To deactivate or disable seen feature and to hide the message read status, now we have facebook unseen chrome extension. This don’t permit Facebook to identify whenever you look at messages.

Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension

facebook unseen chrome extension

You can install this facebook unseen chrome extension in your google chrome like you install other extensions. Open this facebook unseen extension page, then click on the FREE button. After the application is saved and installed, you will notice a new icon. It is in the installed apps part at the top-right area. You may click on the icon to toggle Facebook Unseen On and off. This will disable seen feature in facebook messages. Check this link if you wants to increase likes on facebook.

unseen facebook

The extension also offers an option page that you will never require it. It offers choices for some other features. Like it may hide from you whenever someone sees your message. The very same way it hides from other people whenever you read their messages. This also offers a significant option that permits you to turn off ads. It is the extension adds to Facebook.

Verdict FB Unseen Chrome Extension:

This Facebook unseen chrome extension is pretty clean and important. When u love the privacy and do not want your friends to know when you look up their messages. Try this FB Unseen Chrome Extension and comment your reviews. Now it is easy to change any facebook page name, click here to know more about it.

Unseen Facebook App

Besides this extension there is also one of the facebook app called Unseen that provides you the same thing where you can secretely read your friend’s messages without sending the read receipts.

Go To Here: Unseen Facebook App

The above given tool only works in desktop or laptop. Hope you all like it. If it works then share it with your friends too. If you have any doubt or wants to ask anything related to this facebook unseen trick then comment here.

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