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4 Fixes To DNS Lookup Failed In Google Chrome

As we know lots of people find dns lookup failed error in their chrome browser. We also receive lots of email and feedback mail to upload the tutorial on how to fix dns failure error in google chrome. So today on Qd Tricks we are going to explain the best possible ways for dns resolve.

We work on a fast paced internet savvy world, linked and built on Wi-Fi signals, data cables, portable chargers, routers and high speed chargers!

Whilst we all have learnt to rely on internet and Wi-Fi, our worlds so do collapse when we come across a “DNS lookup failed” error- sometimes which shows as a DNS probe error in the Google Chrome web browser!

Most commonly this error occurs when the internet connection is weak or not functioning properly. Sometimes this is caused due to the non-response of the DNS server. In event of such an issue with your server, we will show you a fix to get rid of the DNS failure. DNS resolve is not rocket science, and you can get DNS lookup failed fixed with the following information provided in this article.

dns failure fix

The four simple tricks provided here will help you resolve the DNS failure error:

Flush DNS to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Error

It is a known fact that Windows stores its data in the cache including the DNS data. To give an understanding to this – the cache is where the information is stored from all the websites you previously visited. This also includes the DNS data.

Hence the most widely known fix to this is for DNS lookup failed is to flush the cache. Follow the below steps to flush the cache and enjoy this DNS resolve:

1. First press Windows + R keys

2. In the dialogue box that opens type CMD and press enter

windows + R

3. You will see a new window open up

4. Write ipconfig/flushdns and press enter

dns resolve

5. If you can’t understand above steps then check this video will give you the clear idea to flush dns

This should most probably resolve your DNS lookup failed problem. This fix is for the Google Chrome browser and works handy for Windows.

The DNS Resolve By Changing The DNS Address

In case the DNS failure is not resolved by the above solution, you might need to dig a little deeper and find out a solution to change the DNS address.

In usual cases, the browser acquires the DNS address automatically, however in cases where you face a DNS lookup failed you can use this solution!

Below are the steps to change the default DNS address of your browser to Google DNS address:

1. Open Control Panel

2. Look for the Network Connections in the panel (best way is to search for ‘conn’ in the search box)

3. Browse the network connection that your device is using

4. In case if it is using “broadband” change it to “local area network

5. If you are using “Wi-Fi” then select “Wi-Fi connection” and right click it to select ‘properties

6. Within the properties dialogue box select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and further select properties from it


7. Select “Use the following DNS server addresses” and add below given addresses on it:

Preferred DNS server :

Alternate DNS server :

preferred & alternate dns server

8. Validate this setting and click OK

After you have completed the above steps, re-open your browser and try connecting to the internet again! Look at how it works!

Clear Cookies & Cache

If above given solutions to dns failure do not work then clear the cookies and cache of your browser:

1. Go to your chrome browser and click on menu icon at right side of the broswer

2. Click on ‘Settings


3. Now scroll down to bottom and click on the Show Advance Settings

clear browsing data to dns lookup failed

4. Click “Clear Browsing Data”

5. Restart the browser & your dns failure error will be resolved

Update Chrome Browser

If you are done with above given all method and still you found dns lookup failed then now its time to update the chrome browser. Follow the below step and update your chrome browser.

1. Open your chrome browser and click the chrome menu

2. Click About Google Chrome in the Help

about google chrome

3. If there is an update in the chrome browser you will see the update options

4. Just click on update button and wait for sometime

5. Click relaunch, This should be the resolution to your DNS probe problem!

We hope you will never get the error of dns lookup failed in future. If the error still persist then you will need to switch your internet connection to test whether this error comes with the specific connection or not. But I am sure you will fix the error of dns failure by applying our dns resolve methods.

If you still have doubts or wants to ask us regarding dns lookup failed then you can comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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