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Does Facetime Use Data? (Facetime Data Usage)

Does facetime use data? a most trending question. Know facetime data usage with the answer of does facetime use data?. In this world of technologically advanced gadgets, multimedia and internet, we have almost surpassed the age of communication unavailability. Apple Inc. has managed to make a niche for itself and has carved a name in the world of technology, where owning an Apple product is considered being privileged. It is more so a status symbol today.

One attracting and widely used feature that the world of Mac provides its users is Facetime. Replacing the widely known video calling software Skype, Apple has managed to create a tool of its own to suffice in its self-sufficient world of entertainment and communication.

However, a very common query posed by most of the Facetime users is does Facetime use data? Most of us are now used to having a wifi connection available at work and home networks, hence the obvious question “does Facetime use wifi?”

facetime use data

We have come across this article with the intention to shed light on facetime data use. You would be surprised to know that one of the most searched keywords in the recent days is “Facetime data usage“. There is a Facetime data usage attached with this article which will give you a detailed picture of the data used by this application. But before we jump into the details of the data used by Facetime, we would first discuss about this application.

What Is Facetime?

One of the most valued and used application that comes handy with all the wide range of products by Apple namely iMac, iPhone, iPad, iPod (Touch) etc. the exclusivity of this application is that it has been designed only for the Apple products, hence making unique and accessible in the Mac world.

Facetime lets its users make video calls, by syncing their contact list with the application. It is required to have a front camera, which comes inbuilt with most of the Apple products ranging from laptops, desktops, and mobiles. Facetime is available for both Mac as well as iOS. The question that pertains is that does Facetime use data? More so, even when we are on a wireless network there arises the question “does Facetime use wifi?”

According to recent online reports, the data usage of Facetime over mobile data and/ or wifi is less compared to other video calling applications like Skype. Also since this is exclusive to only the Mac users under the hub of Apple, it is advisable for Apple users to use the home application compared to third party applications.

Advantages Of Facetime

On the basis of the user ratings, there are some advantages listed below for Facetime:

  • The easy availability of Facetime on all Apple devices with the inbuilt Facetime camera
  • A steady and stable video streaming
  • The unique feature of switching between the front and back cameras without the physical need to turn the device, namely iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • Making video calls within different devices under the Apple hub
  • An automatic integration of the contact list via Facetime to make quick and easy Facetime calls
  • A pre-installed software in the Apple devices, leaving you without the hassles to make the un-necessary installation steps
  • A comparatively low data usage
  • Easy to set up with the availability of Apple ID and Email Address
  • The awesome feature of the HD cameras available to record Facetime videos in high definition

Disadvantages Of Facetime

  • The one noteworthy disadvantage of Facetime is the unavailability of chat feature which is rather available in other video calling applications and software.
  • There are also some user experiences where there is a voice lag and some distorted pixels during the video.

Does Facetime Use Data?

Coming back to the question that has been the most searched answer in the recent times is does Facetime use data? The one word answer to this question is ‘yes’. Indeed, Facetime does use data. If you are using Facetime on a mobile device like your iPhone, iPad or iPod, Facetime uses data from your data package.

In case you are a wireless internet user and have a constant usage of Facetime, you might wonder does Facetime use Wi-Fi. The answer to this is a yes too. To throw some light to this, we have attached a report of the usage of data/ wifi by the different Apple devices which have Facetime.

Facetime Data Usage Report From iPhone To iPad

Well now you are aware of the answer of the question that does facetime use data or not. So here we are sharing some of the facetime data usage report 2016:

Facetime video call from iPhone (3G) to iPad (3G)

  • Internet Speed: 4 MBPS
  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Network: 3G Network
  • Total Data Sent: 14.6 MB (Out)
  • Total Data Received: 15.1 MB (In)
  • Sum Of Facetime Data Usage: 29.7 MB

We can conclude from above facetime data usage statastics that it use 0.05 MB per seconds, 3 MB per minutes & 183.9 MB per hour.

How To View Facetime Data Usage From The Facetime App?

  • Launch the facetime application from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on the recent from the bottom navigation.
  • Click on info button from the right side of the facetime audio or video call.
  • You can see the facetime data usage out there.

facetime use data

How To View Facetime Data Usage For An Individual Call In The Application?

  • Open the facetime application from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on any audio or video call info buttom from the right side.
  • You can easily see total facetime data usage from it.

does facetime use data report

How To View Overall Facetime Data Usage From Settings?

  • Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on cellular option.
  • Scroll down and check facetime in the list. You will see all the facetime data usage amount below of it.

facetime use data 2016


In this age of internet, it is necessary to be aware of the internet usage. Hence the questions that arise in your mind about facetime data usage are apt and we have worked to provide answers to these lingering questions ‘does facetime use data’ or ‘does facetime use wifi’.

Most devices data usage speed varies upon the network speed and the version of software installed in that device. However an average usage for Facetime is 3 MB/ minute, which is comparatively less than Skype. Feel free to get in touch with us for any further details on facetime data usage.

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