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Download Free Avast License Keys & Files (New)

For the advanced digital security, trust the latest active Avast license key and Avast license file which are free till the year 2050. If you are looking for the latest internet security license key and Avast license file 2019, you are on the right post. The post is on demand of our beloved readers who had mailed us asking for the latest Avast license key for cyber security. All the Avast antivirus license keys mentioned here are active and also working on all PC configurations.

Before you run directly to install these Avast license keys from the Avast license file, it will be wise of you to read and know the background of the software provider first. Avast is antivirus software developed by the Avast software. It is the most popular software around the world and the software comes in different modules, serving the best interests of the user.

  • Avast Free Anti Virus
  • Avast Internet Security
  • Avast Pro
  • Avast Premier Antivirus (New)

The Avast license key shared here are the only activate and working keys currently available for the digital and cyber security.

Avast Internet Security & Premier License Key 2019

avast-anti-virusFrom the post, you can utilise the best and working Avast license keys which are for the internet security and activating the Avast antivirus. Currently, after a lot of R&D on the net, we have found the best working and activate keys which can be used with the help of the guidelines and the instructions.

First of all to activate the Avast license key from the Avast license file, install the Avast free antivirus program. Once done, you are now allowed to follow the instructions provided below.

Avast Antivirus: New Features

The Avast security software has introduced more new add-on features which make it easy for the user to secure the data easily.

Sensitive Data Shield

The SDS feature is currently activated on the Avast Premier and Avast Internet Security latest versions. The sensitive data shield helps you to protect the personal sensitive personal data from the third party malware and viruses. With the help of sensitive data shield, you can control the applications, and the users can access your private and sensitive files to access the data. The feature is available by default on the software. You can access the feature from Avast UI> PRIVACY> SENSITIVE DATA SHIELD.

Ransom ware Shield

This feature will protect your data and files from being deleted, modified or encrypted by ransomware attacks. It will scan the data first and then automatically the folders are secured, asking you for the permission which data should be protected from the not so trustworthy apps. You can choose the application which can access your data contained files and which apps need to be blocked all the time. The feature is active by default. You can access the feature from Avast UI>SETTINGS> COMPONENTS.

Behavior Shield

It is the additional active protection layer in the Avast Antivirus software. The feature will scan the unique processes and behaviour of the PC and anything found suspicious indicating the presence of the malicious codes are blocked by the feature. It is available by default on the software. You can access the feature from Avast UI> SETTINGS> COMPONENTS> BEHAVIOR SHIELD> CUSTOMIZE.

Passive Mode

At a time you can use more than one antivirus through passive mode feature on the Avast internet security software. The feature does not interfere with the working and the performance of the PC or does not even hamper the reliability of the available antivirus. The feature is available in the disabled mode by default, but you can access the feature from Avast UI> SETTINGS>GENERAL> TROUBLESHOOTING> CUSTOMIZE> PASSIVE MODE

Game Mode

The feature adjusts the system settings and disables the unnecessary apps from running in the background while you are playing the game on the PC. Once the game has made its way to the list of game entries, the game mode launches by itself when you run the game from the list. You can access the feature from Avast UI> PERFORMANCE> GAME MODE.

How To Use Avast License File & Key?

Express Install

Click on Express install to install Avast Software in your system.

avast license key


After installation is completed, you will see the below image “Setup Finished”

avast key

Insert Avast License File

Now open Avast Antivirus to upgrade it to Avast Internet Security or avast premier with out provided avast premier license file. Go to Maintenance Tab and click to Subscription. You will see the below image. It is the trial version of Avast free anti virus. You can see the Insert License File. Click on it.

avast premier license file

Download Avast License Key

Now you have to download avast license keys & files from below given download links

Extract Zip

After downloading Extract the zip file to the desktop. Also check this best antivirus application for android mobile.

Insert Avast License Key

Now follow the below image. Click on insert avast license file and locate the avast key which you will download from below.

avast free antivirus license key

Activate The License

Click on any one avast licence key and activate it. Click Yes to activate the licence.

avast internet security license key

Avast License File Has Been Inserted Successfully

Now you will see the Thank You message. “Your Licence file has been inserted successfully“. Click OK

avast license file 2019

Final Step

After clicking OK, your avast free anti virus will be upgraded to Avast Internet Security with 2 year subscription validity. Also check this link to get free proxy servers list 2019.

avast keys

You are done with this process of activation of avast antivirus. Now you have avast internet security with the validity of 2 years.

Download Avast License Keys 2019

avast license key 2019

(Total 10 Avast License File & Keys are included)

Just in case if you are confused for how to activate the Avast license keys extracted from the Avast license file, then check out the simple method for quick activation of the license keys. This method will allow you to enter the license files automatically into the Avast license security.

Activating Avast Internet Security With Avast License File

Confirmation E-Mail

First of all, after the installation of the Avast antivirus software, you must have received the confirmation email, open it. This confirmation Email contains Avast internet security license file.

email confirmation

Download and Open License File

Download the attached Avast license file from the URL provided in the Email and then open it.

download avast internet security license file

open license file


Once you have open the Avast license file, the dialog box will appear asking you to click on ACTIVATE. Click on it and then click OK.

activate license

Confirm the Activation

To know whether your Avast license file is activated or not, launch the Avast UI and then go to SETTINGS> SUBSCRIPTION. If it is activated, you can see YOUR SUBSCRIPTION IS ACTIVE message on the screen.

confirm activation

Activating Avast Pro Antivirus With Avast License File

First of all download the avast license file License.avastlic from above given download links

Right click on the avast icon from the system tray and then select Subscription Information

From my license screen click on Enter A Valid Activation Code

enter valid activation code

Click Use A License File

use a license file

Open previously saved license.avastlic file and click open button

Check the license details and click on Continue button

click continue

You Avast Pro Antivirus License is now activated

If you already have The Avast software installed in your system. Follow below steps to use avast license file:

  1. Go to setting
  2. In the community tab , uncheck the option “participate in Avast! community
  3. Then just download avast license key 2019 and open it. That’s it.

We hope you all have understood that how to activate avast antivirus with our new avast license files 2019. We have tried our best to give you all possible ways to activate your avast antivirus with avast premier license file. We have also added some new working keys in the attachment.

Remember, do not share this given files openly on internet. You can share it with your friends and family but do not share it openly anywhere. If you have any doubts or want to ask anything related to this avast license file and keys then you can comment here. We will get back to you soon. And do not forget to comment whether the given avast internet security license key is working at your side or not.

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