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DU Battery Saver – A Fit Choice for a Longer Battery Run

Smartphones have become lifeline for its holders. In this current time, most of the operations of households and offices are done by this shorter form of computer. So it is important that these high end phones keep running for a longer time. And, it will help in completing your different kinds of tasks. For this purpose, DU Battery Saver – an Android app by Baidu, China’s leading search engine, is a fit product to boost your Smartphone’ battery life.

About DU Battery Saver

du battery saver
DU Battery Saver

This is a battery power booster app for Android phone users. It is free to download from Google Play Store and easy to use. The app monitors all the processes running behind to calculate its impact on phone’s battery life. If any process is not required to keep running but still consuming a lot of battery life, DU Battery Saver close that process automatically to save your phone’s battery power. Along with, the app also suggests about helpful steps to follow to save your battery life for a longer run.

Download DU Battery Saver

download du battery saver

Features of DU Battery Saver

There are number of useful features the app includes for less power consumption by your phone, as


It shows the existing status of your battery in forms of its temperature, capacity and max-capacity options. Along with, it also shows the battery usage at different times with vertical bars. Moreover, you can optimize your battery life to run longer by organizing the running processes properly by clicking the Optimize tab.


After clicking the tab several power-saving settings appear with their advantages specified below. You are given options to choose from the existing list as per your power consumption habits, like:

  • Paid functions for free – It regularly auto-cleans the apps consuming more processing thus saving more power.
  • Screen Timeout – It allows a screen saver setting to idle the display to reduce power consumption.
  • Screen Timeout – It sets screen timeout for 15 seconds to save battery power.
  • Schedule by power – It allows auto-change of power mode when battery is low.


du battery saver features

This feature is for different phone settings as per its use. For this, several power saving settings are provided in its Mode and Smart power saving options as follows, as

For Mode

It optimizes the phone usage with its power reduction schemes like

  • Prolong – If you have to use your phone more for calling and for SMS purposes, you can select this mode. It turns off rest of the features of the phone to increase its battery life
  • General – This mode turns off the Wi-Fi option of the phone. Now you’re allowed to use your phone for more calling, SMS and other purposes.
  • Sleep – Suitable for rest hours when you have no work. So chose this mode to off the network and on the calling and SMS along with alarm and clock to back on work on time.
  • My Mode – If you’re finding your existing power saving settings more suitable, you can chose my mode to save your current power saving scheme.
  • Add a mode – For your kind of phone operations, you can customize power saving settings by choosing this mode. It’ll add another mode named customize to the list.

In case, you want to delete any selected or existing power saving scheme from the list, you first have to select another power saving scheme from the list then you can easily delete the first option.

For Smart

The option sets the phone for its smart usage with its smart power saving schemes like

du battery saver 2017

  • Phone Cooler – It cools down the phone processes to run smooth.
  • Advanced Saving – It further reduces the power consumption.
  • Notification Saving – It stops the running apps inside notification bar.
  • Screen Lock Auto-Clear – It locks the screen and clears the running apps.
  • Screensaver – It saves more power, as usual.
  • Auto-Clear Apps – It stops the apps running in the background.
  • Schedule by Time – It changes power mode as scheduled by time.
  • Schedule by Power – It changes power setting when battery is low.
  • Network Control – It disables the network when screen is off.
  • Lower CPU Frequency – It lowers the CPU frequency when screen is locked.


du battery saver toolbox

It contains numerous tools to be downloaded free of cost and you can select any of your suitable one. This feature is coming with the package of DU Battery Saver and adds to its variety.


du battery saver charge

The option suggests you healthy charging of your phone battery when it has power remaining less than 20%. This option also advices to use the healthy charging of your battery once in a month.

For a longer run of your battery, 3 easy to follow steps are suggested by the Charge option, as

Step 1

First use constant current to charge your battery by 80% then use healthy charging for the remaining 20%.

Step 2

Then reduce the charge current when your battery is almost fully charged and use the impulse current to complete rest of the charging.

Step 3  

Then go for trickle charge to keep electrons flowing inside lithium battery. It makes up for the self discharge of the battery to run for a longer.


du battery saver monitor

The next option is offered by the app for a simple monitoring of the different processes in run. By clicking any of the options in the list, you are shown the battery consumption for that specific app along with other details like

  • Operating systems used – It shows the operating system in use by the phone with its built and version along with memory space covered by the OS.
  • Storage used – It shows total memory consumption done by a specific app.
  • Cache memory used – It shows the cache memory in use by that app.

The Good:

  • Battery Power Booster
  • Longer Phone Operations
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Install & Operate

The Bad:

  • Multiple Un-relevant Options
  • Hard to Find Suitable Power Saving Settings
  • Longer Procedures

DU Battery Saver Video Tutorial

My Verdict

Taking it’s all the power saving advantages the app of DU Battery Saver is a must pick, ignoring its almost negligible disadvantages. And for those who are looking for the most suitable option for their longer phone operations, DU Battery Saver is a fit choice in their needs for loner battery run.

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