How To Create An Effective SEO Strategy In 2019?

Search engine optimization has been a popular topic for web developers and content writers. Online marketers now understand its importance to a business’ success. This is why companies invest thousands of dollars on SEO strategies, although it is not easy to come up and develop an effective one.

The roles of social networking, link building, and social bookmarking among others will be emphasized.

5 Effective SEO Strategy Tips 2019

Best SEO strategy 2019

Target Audience

Ranking higher in search engine results to bring more traffic to the website is the purpose of search engine optimization. For any strategy to be effective, it is always best to identify who the target audience is and to know more about them. All the necessary trimmings will not serve its purpose if the website shows up in SERPs for people who are simply not interested.

On Page SEO

These are measures that can be done within the website to improve search engine ranking (Check out some best on page optimization techniques). It is also the most important stage of online marketing campaign. Here are the essentials of on page SEO:


Selecting the appropriate keyword is very important; they should be based on what the target audience will use when searching online.

Title, Meta Tags and Description

Titles play an important role in online marketing campaigns since the words shown in the title are important ranking factors for search engines. To be effective, it should be no longer than ten words and contain information about the website that will make users click on it. It pays to get the Meta tags right as they introduce a brand to potential customers. They should be written well and should be about 150-160 characters.

Internal Link Building

Building links is a great way to direct traffic to any website, although it takes time and patience. Aside from this, link building allows the search engine to know about other pages on the site and tell users that there are other important pages or related posts.


It should be written for the audience first, then for search engines. This is where the keyword, title, meta tags and descriptions should be strategically incorporated to be effective. It should be original and contain useful and updated information to encourage users to like, follow, or share it.

Off Page SEO

The techniques that can be done off the website to rank higher in SERPs are referred to as off page SEO. Examples of these techniques are blogging, forums, social networking, and social bookmarking.


This helps search engines to “crawl” a website frequently, especially if blogs are posted regularly. Through blogs, customers will find a reason to visit the site often for more updates.


Getting involved in communities on forums related to a website helps build the image and reputation of a brand or company. Using do-follow forums to include a link of the website within a signature helps search engines to “crawl” the site.

Social networking

There is no doubt the social networking platforms are the best way to advertise and promote a brand. It also helps to expand online presence and reach of targeted and potential customers.

Social bookmarking

Submitting blog postings to Reddit, Digg and Stumbleupon will help the website to be noticed by search engines.

Monitor Results

Creating and developing a strategy is not enough to reach online marketing goals. It is also important to monitor and track results to know which strategy is effective and which is not.

Continuous Learning

For a business strategy to remain effective, one has to continue to learn and be updated with the latest rules of the game.

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