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ES File Explorer For Windows Phone For a Maximum Performance

Managing multitasking in your windows phone is a challenge. There is variety of files and operations are required to align in an easily accessible format. Here you need assistance by an expert. And in this, ES file is a suitable app for windows phone users to install, use and organize their multiple phone related tasks and operations in a well defined manner.

ES File Sets Your Windows Phone for a Maximum Performance

es file explorer
ES File Explorer

Managing your applications and other operations on your windows phone, ES file explorer is making it a lot easier. It’s simple to access and operate modules are dedicated to specific functions to be performed. Whether it is selecting and using any of the local phone features, connecting through any mode of the network options provided (LAN, Cloud, FTP, Android TV), adding any of your favorites to your phone collection or moving your data to SD card, these all tasks are done expertly by this useful app of ES file. Along with, its other functions of search, settings, new, windows, exit, theme, refresh and view help in custom organization of your windows phone based tasks.

ES File Explorer File Manager
ES File Explorer File Manager

Features of ES File

es file explorer features
Features Of ES File Explorer

To provide you a quick access to the multiple functionalities, the app contains the following features, as


This is a collection of facilitating modules to help you perform various operations related to:

  • Add: This is a simple module located at the top in the left pane of the app window. The feature is to allow you add any of your needed link or location to your phone collection. That same addition you can use as per your requirements at times.
  • Download: This module is to manage your all the download that you can easily access here. As a default location, it collects new files at one place that you can simply find.
  • News: The module is for keeping you updated with the latest happenings in form of news and headlines. Whenever anything latest occurs around the world, you are made aware with that in this section of module.
  • Weather: Here you get the latest happenings in the weather change. The weather forecast provided by the module keeps you updated with the kind of weather is or going to be.
  • Facebook: This module is dedicated to perform social activities. Here you can stay in touch with your circle of friends, relatives and others.
  • Documents: The module is to keep your documents well organized that you can access easily at the time of need.
  • Movies: This module is a single place to keep collected all your favorite movies. Anytime you need to watch one, here you’ll find that.
  • App: Your useful applications are kept managed by this module. Anytime you are in need to access any required application, this is the location.
  • Music: Here you are allowed to store any of your favorite audio streams, songs, albums or records manageably. And, have an access to these anytime with ease.
  • Images: You can save and store your favorite clicks here with an easy and anytime access to these.

Local Features

ES File Explorer Local Features
ES File Explorer Local Features

In this section of module, the local phone directories, applications and set ups are kept stored (like as above shown in the screenshot) to access and utilize these at any point of need.


es file explorer view
ES File Explorer View Feature

As per the display setting you want, you can set that by this module. The options here are to help you select your kind of visual scheme of the icons on the screen. Along with, you can also set the display as a list or detail. While to sort the icons by name, type, size or modified can also be defined by the settings given here. For setting a selected Theme, a separate module is also provided with the app to choose one of your choices.

Windows & Clipboard

es file explorer feature windows clipboard
ES File Explorer Windows Clipborad Feature

Currently open windows are shown here with their type written below as a clipboard format by this module. Here you can add, close or set any as a default to any of the window of your want.


es file explorer settings
ES File Explorer Settings

In this setting module, you’ll find 3 kinds of settings as:

  • File Settings: The option allows you to perform the normal settings for display, document, search engine, cleanup and directory.
  • Security Settings: This option is to perform the settings for security reasons as password and backup settings.
  • Tools Settings: Here in this section of settings, different tool are used to perform different actions.

Device History

es file explorer device history
ES File Explorer Device History

This app module is to keep track of the storage usage by:

  • SD Card: The data usage status shown by the SD card is to clue you about the existing SD card memory out of the total SD card memory. So you can organize your SD card memory usage better.
  • System: Here again the module shows the existing system memory usage against the total system memory. Thus you can manage you system memory usage in an appropriate way.

Moreover, right at the bottom pane of the app, you’ll also find:

  • New – To open a new operation
  • Search – To search a desired operation
  • Refresh – To refresh any existing operation
  • View – To view any existing operation
  • Windows – To view, work and shuffle already opened windows

The Good

  • Organized Operations
  • Manageable Data Storage
  • Smooth Accessibility
  • Efficient Memory Utilization
  • Accelerated Performance
  • Easy to Operate

The Bad

  • Multiplicity Leads to Complexion
  • Promotes Calculative Use of Data, Memory, Processes and Operations

Video Demo Instruction about ES File

My Verdict

This app of ES file is helpful in negating manual efforts in organizing and managing windows phone data usage along with various phone operations. By an expert functionality of this app, the net performance of your phone gets a boost. So, whether you want an optimum memory usage or organized data storage or a quick response processing speed, the app provides you an overall maximum performance out of your windows phone operations.

ES File Explorer File Manager
ES File Explorer File Manager


In needs when a smartphone requires a remedy against its going slow and complex operations, this app of ES file for organizing data, apps, memory and managing their usage proves to be the best fit choice.

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