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New Facebook Profile Picture Guard (Benefits and Methods)

With more than 200 million plus Facebook users from India, the Facebook has decided to work on the privacy and the security concerns regarding the profile picture. The Facebook has introduced the Profile Picture Guard tool, especially for the Indian market, targeting the women security.

The Profile Picture Guard Tool

With much impressive interface, features and benefits the Facebook has become the huge platform for the humans to display and reveal about themselves through the social lenses. In Facebook, you can share your thoughts, photos and also you can participate in the public polls and surveys, contributing to the betterment of the civilization development. In fact, considering the users’ privacy concerns, on 22nd June 2017, Wednesday, Facebook announced the new piloting tool especially designed for the Asian countries, particular India. The profile picture guard is the new photo guard tool which will provide the protection to the users’ profile pictures from being misused.

Posted by Facebook Safety on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The idea to design this pilot tool was advanced after receiving the feedback from the Indian users and certain organizations who had shared the dilemma of photo upload in the Facebook as the profile picture because of the fear getting misused. On the advanced privacy setting, the Facebook has also introduced the designs for the profile pictures which help to deter the misuse from sharing the photos. Currently, the feature is exclusively introduced for India and it will be available in other countries as well in short span of time. Once you have turned on the profile picture guard tool and have applied the security designs, no one can share, download or even sent your photos in the medium of message.

Benefits Of Profile Picture Guard

With the profile picture guard tool, there are so many benefits for the Indian women as a sigh of relief. The profile picture guard has designed in the perfect manner so as to protect the interests of the women of uploading their photos along with safety measures. Check out the benefits here:

  • First of all, to apply the profile picture guard tool is optional. It is not compulsory for every FB users to use the tool. In fact after using the tool, if you wish to remove the protection, it is your choice.
  • The people, who are not in your friend list, cannot tag themselves in you profile picture and neither can they tag anyone else outside your friend list.
  • Exclusively for the android users, the Facebook has revealed, whenever it is possible, it will prevent the other users from taking the screenshots of your profile picture.
  • To check out whether the tool is activated or not, the blue border around your profile picture is the sign of the protection shield.
  • If, by any means, you choose the design to apply on your profile picture, according to the Facebook preliminary tests, the design layer is 75% effective in protecting the profile picture from being copied by other users. In fact these designs will be the helping hand for the users if they want to report about the misuse of their profile picture.

Certainly, right now these are the key benefits of the profile picture guard tool which was discussed and shared by the Facebook product manager. According to Facebook, the tool is designed and developed in the collaboration with the safety organizations situated in India like Youth Ki Awaz, Learning Links Foundation, Centre for Social Research and Breakthrough. These organizations are majorly concerned with the women safety in India.

Guidelines To Activate The Profile Picture Guard

If you are already excited and curious to apply and activate the new pilot tool on your profile picture, we have rolled out the two methods. According to your convenience, you can follow any one.

Method 1

  1. First of all, refresh your news feed and you will get the prompt about the new feature, help protect your profile picture.
  2. Click TURN ON PROFILE PICTURE GUARD and then click NEXT
  3. Now you can see the blue shield border around your current profile picture. Click SAVE.

facebook profile pic guard tricks

Method 2

It is very normal and routine method, without any complication you can enable the blue border shield around your profile picture.

  1. Open your FB profile and click on your profile picture.
  2. You will view the drop down list of the options; choose the TURN ON PROFILE PICTURE GUARD.
  3. Once you select the tool, you will get an option to save, click on it. You can see the blue shield border as the sign of protection around the profile picture.

facebook pro pic guard trick

This step is optional. You can apply the design on your profile picture, which again is another protection layer. As per the method 1,

  • You will get the prompt ADD A DESIGN TO YOUR PROFILE PICTURE. Click on ADD DESIGN.
  • Select from the different range of designs and click next.
  • You are done. These designs are 75% effective in protecting your profile picture from being copied, shared and download by the unknown and known users.


With every update, there are possibilities of the Facebook for getting better in every way. The introduction of the profile picture guard tool, especially for the Indian users, can deter the unknown people from misusing the photos.

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