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Top 15 FM Radio Transmitter Apps For Android In 2019

Check out the best FM transmitter apps for your Smartphone with the detailed description of each transmitter app. In this article, we have made sure that the FM radio transmitter app does not occupy much space in your Smartphone and allows you to enjoy the FM with the smooth functioning of the Smartphone.

Whether you are traveling through any medium of transportation or just going for an evening walk, music has taken the special place in our life for our many to do activities. It has filled up the space of life and also psychologically it is great stress booster. The technology has given us many new things, not only customizing the old but also pushing us forward with introducing new gadgets and features for the future.

For every Smartphone, having FM transmitter apps is must, especially the people who drive for a long time on the highway. Smartphone have replaced almost everything in our life, right from wrist watches to the old radio transmitter device. Radio is must because it provides us with small news, information on new things and also entertains us.

What Is Radio (FM) Transmitter?

Frequency modular (FM) transmitter is a portable electronic device which converts the audio point to the audio signal. This FM transmitter in turn allows us to play different audio track from portable devices present around you such as Smartphone. It covers the area ranging from 9m to 23m. The transmitter device can vary like the FM transmitter can be your car stereo, portable media player, etc.

Why a FM Transmitter Is Essential?

To get the fun of listening to audio from FM transmitter is that pleasurable feeling that we no one can explain. It is not that we can listen to FM radio only on the ride; we can take any FM transmitter portable device and plug it wherever you want to listen from. For this reason, millions of RJ’s working in different channels are getting fair some salary across the world.

How Does The FM Transmitter Work?

First, the audio output from external sources is received by the converter, and then the converter converts those data into analogue audio signals inside the transmitter. After this, FM modulation feature convert the data into FM signal, and then turn the radio frequency to catch and further you can enjoy the songs in any FM transmitter you want to.

Top FM Radio Transmitter App For Android 2019

FM radio transmitter app 2019

FM transmitter apps on your Smartphone allow you to listen to any channel on the go and then you can connect the output to any external source such as car stereo loudspeakers. Whether it is your own MP3 playlist or FM channels, have fun of loud music with high definition output.

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Here, we are providing you with which are great radio transmitter apps for the Android phones so that user can make the best while they drive or walk with many add-on features of the app. The reason to install the FM radio transmitter app on your Android is, because of many great add on features it has which the inbuilt radio do not provide. With great features, the entertainment level is also high and easy to access.

Simple Radio

If you do not want any unnecessary feature on your radio, check out this simple radio fm transmitter app with a simple interface. Keeping the simplicity of the app as it is, the developers have made to the fact that it has simple features which mentioned below.

Simple Radio App Features

  • Simple & clean user interface
  • Buffering free streaming through the channels
  • One tap access to favourite
  • No buffering or interruptions
  • Choose among 30 thousand of channels from around the world
  • User-friendly design

TuneLink Auto

tunelink auto transmitter for Android

If you prefer reliability, tunelink auto is just your end of the search. Tunelink Auto app is just doing the software part; otherwise, you will have to buy the hardware device to get the functioning of this fm radio transmitter app. This device gives a good quality though it will be little costly to purchase.

TuneLink Auto Featuresm

  • Easy to pair with Android device
  • Supports AUX cable
  • Very much audible sound
  • Sharing of music with friends from the app
  • Auto play/ Auto reconnect feature
  • USB port to charge your Smartphone. (2.1 A for turbo charge)
  • It has its own FM transmitter device

Quick FM Transmitter

Quick FM Transmitter app for android is very basic that does not include anything but catching good radio waves. If you do not like any unnecessary frills on your radio app, check on this simple app for your Smartphone. The app functions on IS01, IS03, IS05 and almost on every Android Smartphone that are available in the market.

Quick FM transmitter
Quick FM transmitter
Developer: funa
Price: Free

CastBox – Podcast Radio Music

It is the complete package for the music lovers. The music collection is really great of this fm transmitter app and also the use of it is very simple and hassle free. Though the some features are very much different than other app, but that is what it make this app different than rest.

CastBox – Podcast Radio Music Features

  • FM transfer
  • Music streaming
  • iTunes podcast for android
  • vast collection of modern music (POP, JAZZ, ELECTRONIC)
  • connect to your car from your Android device


Car Music Connector

This fm radio transmitter app is designed to connect your Android device to your car stereo via Bluetooth. Choose from the several options available on the app, connect it to the car and continue your driving. Rest all functions of music, the app will take care!

Car Music Connector
Car Music Connector

MyTuner Radio

Check on this fm transmitter app for some unusual features from listening to the music and podcasts. Keep up the track updated and also get known to the international radio channels for more updates on the types of genres. It has the feature of sharing your favorite channel in app with your friends and also other mentioned below.

MyTuner Radio Features

  • The search engine is fantastic.
  • Check on the different genres, names of the channel and location
  • Get the streaming of radio channels across 150 countries
  • Check on about your favorite performer
  • Set up the alarm and wake up with the sound of your favorite radio station
  • Share the radio channel that you like with your friends.


Listen to the good stuff on the radio through this very much interesting fm transmitter app for android. Looking at the peculiarity of the app, the developers are very much clear with the quality to provide and they have majorly focused on the task that radio does- TRANSMITTING!

Radio.Net Features

  • Appealing and good simple interface
  • Access to international and local radio channels
  • Bookmark your favorite radio channel
  • Check on the information about the song that you like
  • Search for your favorite genre, music or podcast
  • Look for the new music by viewing recommended channels

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Car Home Ultra

This is the new radio transmitter app manages not only music and audio in the car but also has some other beneficial add-on in the app. Many of the apps do not get direct connect to the car stereo, and hence this app gives the perfect fight to that non connect to the car stereo app. Try the app to experience the following features.

Car Home Ultra Features

  • It shows your GPS- location
  • Receives your messages
  • Alarms you about your speed limit
  • Stream through many local radio channels
  • High audio quality
Car Home Ultra
Car Home Ultra
Developer: TheSpinningHead
Price: Free

NextRadio Free Live FM Radio

Listen to the music with most great convenient way through this app. Many of the FM transmitter app depend on internet connection, and hence it consumes the battery most in the device, unlike this app. The features are also very much compatible and lovable too.

NextRadio Free Live FM Radio Features

  • Less consumption of data and battery
  • Gets updated from time to time
  • View the history of songs
  • Buy the one according to your ability
  • More emphasize on the local area FM channels
NextRadio Free Live FM Radio
NextRadio Free Live FM Radio

Radio FM

Unlike other fm transmitter apps, this app requires the good internet connection for to function proficiently. Making it user-friendly and to just focus on the task, the developers have made the app compatible with; it has very minimum simple features.

Radio FM Features

  • Choose your favorite radio station around the world as well as local
  • Search according to your convenience from the different genres
  • Very simple transmitter app with less extra functions
Radio FM !
Radio FM !
Price: Free+


iHeartRadio Free Music & Radio

iHeartRadio Free Music & Radio is one of the best fm radio transmitter app in 2019. Stream through many channels; get the updates on music, live shows, sports, news and many more categories to make you entertained. It has very fashionable and likable interface, and it has the feature to create your playlist so that you can listen to your favorite podcasts anytime, anywhere. Install the app to experience it!

Wireless Audio – Multiroom

Now you can enjoy your favorite music from the audio source present in any room of your house or car. It is a exquisite app in transmitting audio signals and thus has the best quality of sound. Almost this app controls everything that you need.

Smart Connect

Smart Connect FM transmitter for android makes you connect with every device that is with you. It is the official product of the Sony. With this app, you can almost control everything like music player, to turn of Wi-Fi, GPS.

Radio Online – PCRADIO

With the very attractive interface, this radio app does not drain your battery. It has the combination of the basic features of other apps and thus makes it user-friendly for the user, especially on the Android platform. You can switch from one station to another with the help of headphone controllers unless you are in the car.

Radio Online - PCRADIO
Radio Online - PCRADIO
Developer: PCRADIO
Price: Free+


TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio the best FM radio transmitter app is known for its rare radio channels such as sports, news, talk radios, etc. if your choice is very much different from others and likes to stand out in the crowd, just have a check on this app. The only minus advantage of this app is it has lots of pop up ads in between.


FM radio transmitters apps provide with lots of entertainment and so with the extra add-on features. All the above fm transmitter for android are compatible with all Android devices, and hence we have ensured that you enjoy this FM transmitter’s android hassle free. If the article was useful to by any mean, share it with the music lover friends via facebook, twitter or Google. Bookmark this page to get more updates on FM radio transmitter app 2019.

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