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How To Get Free In-App Purchases in iOS Devices?

Free In-App Purchases Cydia is one of the most trending query these days. People are searching for how to get free in app purchases?. Our visitors are also asking & requesting us to post an article on free in app purchases cydia tricks. In our previous article we shared some of the best cydia sources & cydia tweaks to use on your jailbreak iOS devices. Today on Qd Tricks, we are going to explain how to get free in app purchases in any jailbreak iOS devices.

Apple is the most booming industry in the digital world today. Not only because of its unusual features but also because of the amazing in-app purchases that it provides, Apple has won over the hearts of millions of users.

With the In-app feature, one can power up specific apps or games. This is a very unique feature available to only Apple users. The only issue that happens is that all these are not free in-app purchases. They are paid and some are also little costly. Now, every time you would want to upgrade an app, it will become very expensive for you.

So, we, here, in this Article, present to you 4 top iAPhacks which are completely free to use. With this article, we will tell you how to get free in app purchases using the Cydia hacks from the Cydia Store. These tools which will help you get free in app purchases are on available on the jailbreak app store in any of the apple devices, say iPad Air, iPhone, iPad Mini and also iPod touch.

Free In App Purchases Cydia

how to get free in app purchases cydia

In order to get the free in-app purchases jailbreak, you can use iAPhacks available on the Cydia Store. Some of the iAP crackers are explained below for you to use.

There is one thing you need to do before installing the free in-app purchases Cydia hacks. You need to install another Cydia hack calls AppSync because without this App Sync, all the free in-app purchases mentioned below will not work.

So, Step No 1: Install AppSync before starting the process. (With App Sync, you can also install unsigned iAP files). Thus, it is of great use and an ultimate jailbreak app.

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How To Get Free In-App Purchases?

There are few free in app purchases Cydia hacks available from the Cydia store mentioned below. These will explain you the detailed installation of the free in app purchases jailbreak versions.

iAP Cracker

how to use iap cracker 2019

This is the most famous and the perfectly working app to get free in app purchases in today’s date.  The iAP cracker is not symbolized by any icon. It is the most useful way to get free in-app purchases jailbreak versions. The version to be installed is iAP cracker iOS 9 & iOS 10. Test it and you will see how you received paid yet free in app purchases.



To get free in app purchases Cydia app, this option is also optimal. It is the most popular amongst game users as it allows and supports a large number of games. What more would a game lover want then get free in app purchases jailbreak versions.


iapfree 2019

This tool comes with a core plugin which in turn contains numerous files with are used for hacking different games and apps. One of the simplest ways to get your free in app purchases.


iAPCrazy 2019

The iAPCrazy is an alternative for iAP Cracker. This is also a Cydia tweak which has been to develop as an option to give free in app purchases jailbreak versions to the users. As it is very easy to use, you give take only second to get used to it.

This is how you get free in app purchases from the best of Cydia Hacks. Get going and power up as many apps as you want with these hacks and crackers. Just to let you know, we are always open for queries and comments. Please feel free to write to us.

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