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Download Freedom App Android Latest Version

Download freedom apk latest version for free along with freedom apk. Get all new working freedom android & freedom apk for free. Are you a gamer? Have you been interested into different games may be outdoor or indoor, offline or online? Do you have a smartphone with a great configuration only because you want to spend your entire day playing amazing games like GTA Vice City? If your answer is yes, then Freedom apk is for you.

This Freedom app exclusive shared by Qd Tricks is for every smartphone user whose core interest is playing games.

Well, Android has one of the best play stores for download games and Freedom Android enhances these games and takes the enjoyment on a different level. If you are a gamer or if you like playing games just for fun, you are definitely going to try and install a lot of them on your Android Device.

Freedom For Apk Download 2019

freedom download 2019

Most of the games that you play now a days run on credits. May it be a role play game or an adventurous games or a strategy game, if you finish all your credits you need to wait for the credits to fill up again the next day or buy credits from the play store in order to continue playing. This is when Freedom apk comes in.  The Freedom app is an app which gives you all that you require to play a game continuously for hours for free.


Let me explain you a bit about the Freedom Android.

About Freedom Apk

Let’s assume that you are playing a game and you have reached that important point which allows you to cross the level. Now what if at that time, you finish all your credits or lives or gems. How frustrating will be become?

The Freedom apk is such an app which comes handy at such a time and in case you are not aware the Freedom app is already in a lot of demand on the android store. The Freedom Android allows you to procure all the things like lives, gems, coins whatever is vital for any android game for free. Yes, completely free. Not only that, Freedom apk also enriches the lucidity of the graphics which is required in any game. Most important the Freedom app has an inbuilt money bank which provides you all these things for no cost. There are other methods for app purchases but they are not as hassle free as Freedom apk because those purchases create issues in between the game. For example sometimes these app purchases would not allow you to move to the next level.

Once after you use Freedom Apk 2019, you will realize how amazing and hassle free it is in comparison to another apps and app purchases.

How To Download Freedom Apk In Your Computer/Laptop?

Android Emulator

The first thing that you will need in order to download the Freedom app is an android Emulator. One great Emulator is Bluestacks.

Search Freedom Apk

Now type Freedom apk in the search bar of the Emulator.

Install Freedom App

Check the version of the Freedom download and make sure that it is the latest version. Once you are sure, click on the install button.

Enable Unknown Sources

Simultaneously you also need to accept the request of installation of apps from unknown sources.

End Of Installation

That’s it. The process of Freedom download is over and the Freedom Android is now installed in your computer.

Free In-App Purchases

Start playing games and use up as many credits as you want because now are going to get them for free. Also check this link to know more 10 ways to get free paid apps on android.

This procedure was for installation of the app in your computer. Following is the procedure to install the app in your Android Device.

How To Download & Install Freedom Apk In Android?

Download Freedom Apk

First of all you need to download the freedom app. Download links are provided below.

Phone Is Rooted Or Not

Once you have found it, you also need to be sure that your android phone is rooted. If its not, then check this link to know how to root android without pc.

Install App


After doing this, you are free to install the app. This is how you carry the process of Freedom download. Grant access to freedom.apk and install it in your device.

Enable Unknown Sources

enable unknown sources

Simultaneously you also need to accept the request of installation of apps from unknown sources.


After the installation, it is all yours to exploit.

There are some things that you need to know about using the app after its installation.

Download Freedom Apk For Android

Freedom 1.6.6

Freedom 1.6.6 [01/23/2017]

Freedom 1.0.8b

Freedom 1.0.8b [04/27/2016]

Freedom 1.0.7a

Freedom 1.0.7a [03/23/2015]

Freedom 1.0.7d

Freedom 1.0.7d [04/08/2015]

Freedom 1.0.7

Freedom 1.0.7 [05/06/2015]

Freedom 1.0.7h

Freedom 1.0.7h [04/23/2015]

Freedom 1.0.6

Freedom 1.0.6 [03/09/2015]

How To Use Freedom Android App?

  • Click open the app after installation. You will be directed to a request for a superuser here you will be asked to grant full access to the storage and futures of the device.
  • Click on grant.
  • A card will appear on the screen which will read as NO advertisements free card.

no advertisement card for free

  • After that click on Buy.
  • It will show you as Payment Successful.

successful payments

  • Now, you will have access to the free wallet of the app which will allow you to obtain any credits, lives or gems for free.
  • Go through the app once for better knowledge.
  • Play the games where you want free credit and purchase the coins with the free wallet.
  • This app is available in 10 different languages as a result of which you can play the games in any language you want. Isn’t it just wonderful?
  • Being a product from the Orphan safe communication, it not only provides you knowledge from the server but it also is a very quick app.
  • You can also use this app to transfer your videos games to you memory card from the phone in extreme high resolution. (Definitely this app wins the competition with the in-app purchases)
  • Please keep in mind that a rooted device is a must for this app or else it would not be possible to download it from the Android Play Store.
  • For the computer, it will be always available for download from an Android Emulator.

Video On How To Use Freedom Apk


Freedom apk is definitely worth for all the game lovers and game enthusiasts who are always in desperation to get free lives and gems. Download this freedom app at this moment and experience the life a 24-hour gamer. You are also invited to share you experience here.

If you still have any queries about the freedom android, please feel free to comment us. We are here to help you in any manner we can.

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