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Top 20 Best Fun Games To Play Over Text

Giggle, laugh and have a blast with these best games to play over text in 2019. This is the best list of fun games to play over text includes chatting games & texting games 2019.

Social Media – the new and the hip word of the decade! Everyone is talking about Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram & Chatting! There is no end to the way these platforms have evolved and keep evolving.

Not only do they evolve but they also involve and engross the audience and the users with new personalized and heart-warming updates and innovations coming up with each passing week and year!

Top Fun Games To Play Over Text in 2019

Everyone from a child to an adult is hooked to these applications and is enjoying their time with more and more communication. But then for how long and how well and how much can you keep communicating on these platforms with your loved ones. Unless there is something new, something interesting, something achievable and engaging that people have in their conversations or chats they cannot continue with the conversation.

fun games to play over text 2019

A good way to engage more and more people in conversations is to involve them in games to play over text. You might think what games to play over text? These games can be anything ranging from chatting games to fun texting games. There are a lot of games that can be played over a period of time and involve more and more people in terms of fun games to play over text. GTA vice city is also one of the best game played over the PC in 2019.

In this article we will provide you a list of such games to play over text which you can enjoy with your friends and family!

Text Games Of 20 Questions

Game of 20 questions is one of the best texting games in 2019. In this game you are required to think about a particular person while forming the question series. Then the friends over the texts will ask you questions about that person, mostly 20 questions. The condition is that you can only answer these questions with a yes or a no.

By the end of the 20 questions they have to guess the answer that who is the person or thing about which you were giving the answers. Since they do not know who was in your mind, they either guess correct or wrong.

In either case it becomes fun! To tell the answers and to guess both ways is an interesting process. There can be multiple variations to this chatting games hence making it an interesting choice for games to play over text.

Group Games With Emoticons (WhatsApp)

This is a really cool game to play with friends and family. How to play this texting games? Start conversing in emoticons! While this might sound absurd, it is a very interesting and effective game! You can always enjoy this with your friends as well as your family!

There is another games to play over text with emoticons is to write the names or movies, fruits, objects etc in emoticons and then give your friends and family the chance to guess the name correctly! This basically tests how well you can translate the emoticons into work. The smarter the better!

group games to play over text

The same technique can be used to guess the blank in the sentence. The more you make the word difficult the more it makes the game interesting. Use unique ideas to enjoy playing this chatting games over emoticons.

Correct The Spelling

A fun games to play over text is to correct the spellings. How does this game work? All you need to do is solve the riddle with jumbled words, and play this game with your friends. This is not only interesting a game but also exercises your brain!

Enjoy this fun texting games with your friends and family!

Guess the Number

texting games

Another games to play over text is the guess the number game. Exercise your brains with using the numbers that are hidden in the puzzle. This puzzle not only exercises the brain but also interesting for the ones who are looking for fun!

Puzzle Games Using Emoticons

Another one of the chatting games is the games of solving puzzles with the help of emoticons. You get to guess the names of movies, brands of phones, names of places, actors, actresses, singers etc. As much as the game is mind twisting it is also very fun and creates a different humor with the kind of responses you get!

Test Your IQ

IQ Test Fun Texting Game

A game that requires your intelligence to be executed to the best is Test your IQ. A fun games to play over text this will test your IQ and help you answer questions! Moreover it can be played in groups!

Story Creator

A fun games to play over text is the game of story creator. In this game all you need to do is write a sentence to your friends or in a group and wait for the friend to continue it with another sentence that somehow forms a story! What makes this a fun texting games is that you can use this to make imaginary as well as real stories come alive!

I Spy

texting games iSpy

Wonder what you need to do in this fun texting game? This game is all about finding the hidden object in the picture that you share with the group. They might ask for some hints, and if you feel the need for that you can give them the hints. Hints like the first letter of the object or straight away ask them to guess the name of the object!

This is one of the oldest game in the box that can be played with friends and family alike with the pictures shared over texting games.

Guess The Character

An interesting chatting game, guess the character asks you to guess the character in the text. You need to imitate the character by some hint or sign over the text. For example a famous dialogue of an actor to guess his name, or a famous quote of a writer, etc.

These characters can be anyone ranging from movie stars, singers, actors, politicians, writers, dancers. In short anybody who is famous and is worth the guess! Enjoy this fun texting games with your friends and family!


abbreviations game to play over text

One of the best games to play over texts these days is the abbreviations! There are so many new texting abbreviations that find over the internet these days! What you can do is start a chain of fun texting games with an abbreviation and ask your friend to guess the full form of this abbreviation.

Not only this, you can make your own new personal abbreviations! One such example is PTAH- Partying Tonight At Home! Now that’s not an easy one to guess, is it? That’s why it is the fun games to play over text!

Kiss, Marry, Kill

A fun texting games is Kiss, Marry, Kill! An amusing name isn’t it? In this game, all you need to do is name a person and ask your friends to share what they feel about him/her. But the twist is, they can only confess this in either one of the three words – Kiss, Marry, Kill!

One needs to be very careful while choosing this since it is very important that what you choose should not offend a friend or cause conflict. Also if you are smart you will name it in a way that it confuses them! An interesting and fun games to play over text!

Would You Rather?

game to play over text

Another fun chatting game is “Would you rather?” if you are an imaginative person then you can make this amazing and fun texting games work with your friends! Make up a scenario in your head, and ask your friend if they were in this scenario would they rather do this or chose the other way! This is not only fun to play, but it also gives you a fair idea if your friends are funny, interesting, or scared.

This game can also be played among couples to get to know each other better!

Silly pictures

Now isn’t it the name itself like a fun games to play over text? This is one game we all play every day on our WhatsApp Groups! Just post a silly picture on the group and you will see hilarious texts coming from everyone on the group and that starts a fun conversation!

To make it more interesting, you post funny pictures from a particular genre or topic and they all can share more similar pictures! A fun chatting games isn’t it!

WhatsApp Word Games

texting games

One of the best games to play with your friends is forming words! Though this might not be as fun texting games as the others, but it is quite interesting and refreshing! All you need to do is start forming a word related to a particular topic or a genre and then question your friends to say another word that is from the similar category. We have played this game quite too often!

But the twist is, tell them to use the first or the last letter of the word that you or your friend said! This forms a fun chain! Interesting Chatting games!

What if

What if” is one of the fun games to play over text. What you do in this game is that you put a certain situation in front of a friend and follow with the question ‘What if’.

This will make them have to answer what they would do in that scenario. This can be fun when taken lightly and the scenes discussed are funny! Want us to help you with one question – “What if your dog poops while you have guests at a party you are hosting?” You will be surprised by how much more silly the answers are that people give compared to the questions!

Some also chose to question real life situations, but be sure, sometimes this can get ugly! This is one of the most fun texting games!

Simple Quiz

In order to improve the general knowledge and the capability to think a nice game to play is the general quiz games! The thing is that this game has quite a few variations as and how you would like to play! Ask a question and tell your friends to answer in five seconds- trust me that’s real quick. Of course the questions have to be simple!

Well people these days are smart, so they end up using internet which is faster than the answering time! In this case ask them math questions! Math or logic questions can never be won over by the internet! A fun games to play over text it is!

Movie Lines!

The oldest trick in the book! One of the oldest chatting games, when chatting was sitting with each other and talking! Make one sentence using a movie name and pass the chain to be continued. You will be surprised to find the illogical logic in the games!

A variation you can add to this game is you can make it funny movie names sentences to play with family and friends, or romantic movie names sentences to play with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Use this chatting games to enjoy with one and all!

Other Questions Games

Well these not any new games but they are definitely fun games to play over text. Most questioning games are played in order to increase the IQ and to enhance the general knowledge and game playing skills, to answer questions, and to enjoy the fun of playing games!

These games are usually played among the kids, but if you want to brush up your adult questioning and answering skills you should play this game.

Dare Games

Isn’t this another oldest game in the book! To play this game you need to have a huge group so you can enjoy more! May be a texting WhatsApp friends or family group will do! Ask your friends to choose between who you can play this dare game! Some of these games are already viral in the world of WhatsApp and Facebook texting.

We hope you have enjoyed this article of fun games to play over text! Let us know more that we can add to this list! If you like then you can even share it with your friends and family. You just need to click any of your favourite social media sharing button from below. Enjoy the fun games to play over text list and bookmark this page.

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