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3 Solutions To Nvidia GeForce Experience Unable To Connect Error

In this article, we are providing the guidelines on how to fix errors that GeForce experience unable to connect to Nvidia. There three methods that we have checked upon and therefore you can try any of them and troubleshoot the issue. Read the full article and follow the guidelines for hassle free fix of Nvidia GeForce experience unable to connect issue.

When it comes to installing graphic cards, Nvidia provides the best and never disappoints the Gamers. But yet, many people are coming across the issue while updating their window OS 7 to 10 or above; they are not able to connect to Nvidia. Now the graphic cards are the heart and soul of every gamer who play the games frequently on PC. Therefore they cannot resist such issues.

GeForce Experience Unable To Connect To Nvidia FIX

Nvidia GeForce experience unable to connect fix

With some few easy steps, the issue can be addressed and solved. Since 2014, many gamers are addressing the new problem when they are trying to update the window OS or replacing the old graphic cards, “NVIDIA GEFORCE EXPERIENCE UNABLE TO CONNECT“. For this issue, there are no compact fixes from Nvidia even though we keep checking for the OS updates.

Now, there are three solutions to fix the GEFORCE EXPERIENCE UNABLE TO CONNECT TO NVIDIA. Suit yourself and try the best fix to troubleshoot your issue.

Services.Msc Method

Services.msc file killing method is one of the common method to short out the “Nvidia GeForce experience unable to connect” error. Below we have mentioned certain steps to do it.

GO to C:\Program Data\NVIDIA Corporation\netservice > find the NSManagedtasks.xml (usually creates error)

nsmanagedtasks.xml file

Launch the Task Manager with the help of CTRL+ ALT+ DEL

open task manager

Find NVNetworkservice.exe and kill the process & TICK the box against show processes from all users once you have found it.

kill NVNetworkservice

PRESS Win + R and paste services.msc > Hit Enter

open services.msc

FIND the NVIDIA network service from the available list on the new window

RIGHT click on the option > list will open > click START option

start NVIDIA Network Services

Above step will present GeForce experience tool running on the window.

close GeForce experience tool running

CLOSE the window, run it again to solve it again. This will allow you to update in a free manner.

Above explained method is very common and simple method to fix “GeForce experience unable to connect to Nvidia“. If it dont work for you then you can proceed with the other methods.


GeForce Update Method

The next fix of GeForce experience unable to connect to Nvidia is all about leaving the issue in the hands of service provider i.e. GeForce

GO to your browser  and open and click on automatic driver updates

automatic driver updates menu

DELETE the existing version of the software

And then DOWNLOAD and INSTALL the latest version of the GeForce in your device from the above link

CHECK for updates after the installation & you will see the problem of Nvidia GeForce experience unable to connect will be solved

After it, UNINSTALL the driver manually (advisable)

The above method is also very simple to do. But before moving to it make sure you have gone through the first method. We sure this method will definitely fix the GeForce experience unable to connect to Nvidia error.


Advanced Host Method

If you are the expertise level and can opt for advanced options, then try this method otherwise do not attempt. This method is not for beginners or learners to troubleshoot GeForce experience unable to connect to Nvidia:

GO TO C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc and open the host in the notepad

opem hosts file from etc

CREATE the backup file of the available text before editing it.

CHANGE the to OR remove x.x.x.x from the localhost

change localhosts

IF you are unable to edit or make the changes on the spot, then you can copy paste it in some other place, and then edit it to paste

OPEN & try updating Geforce again, it will definitely work and resolve Nvidia GeForce experience unable to connect error.


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The solution provided above are tried and tested for the fix of GeForce experience unable to connect to Nvidia. Make sure that you select the method as per your knowledge and do not make a choice from what your friends are making. The steps are very simple, except for the method 3; otherwise, you can opt for other methods too if you know any pro level troubleshoots and you can share with us. If this article to fix Nvidia GeForce experience unable to connect was helpful to you, share this article with your friends via Google, Twitter or facebook.

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