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How to Get Free Twitter Followers? (Tricks & Tips)

Get free twitter followers with our new twitter followers free tricks 2019. Check out our free twitter followers tricks & get more twitter followers free without following them. To get more twitter followers free is very much easy now.

We are sharing top methods to get free twitter followers easily. Today on the special demand of Qd Tricks visitors, we are sharing this most demanding twitter tricks to get free twitter followers.

To define Twitter in simple terms, it is a renowned social networking website which currently has more than one billion users. Yes! Like the other social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, G+, etc.; Twitter is one such social networking sites that can keep you hooked 24/7. Today, the internet is full with the spam activity that is why the competition is very high. You have to be very smart if you want to achieve better results, especially from the social networking websites like Twitter.

free twitter followers
Get twitter followers for free

Twitter is famous for two basic things:

  • Followers
  • Tweets

The primary reason why people stay on Twitter for a long time is to find means of expanding their Twitter followers, so that they can publicize their tweets to a huge crowd of audiences. So, if you are on the lookout of to get more twitter followers free without following, then reading this article will help you to sail through it.

Through this article – exclusive by Qd Tricks, you would learn some shiny twitter tricks to expand your twitter fans within a short period of time. So, the below given are some of the twitter tricks that can easily help you to know what audiences to target and how to attract a good number of followers. However, one must do, keep in mind that to get more twitter followers free is not as easy as a walk in the park.

Free Twitter Followers (Tricks)

The following are some of the websites where one can get more twitter followers free:



Twimod is the best way to get more twitter followers free. All you have to do is just login using your Twitter account and just follow other users. This will help you to achieve mods and convert those mods into real fans. Now Twimod will only accept real profiles from their website. Every user profile should have a valid biography, picture and at least about hundred tweets and twenty five followers to get approved to their website network.

Twimod Features:

  • Sign in with your Twitter profile in seconds
  • Spam free user base
  • Get only real Twitter followers
  • You can get targeted Twitter Followers
  • Easy dashboard to gain Twitter followers
  • Get Twitter followers filtering by interests


500followers Gain twitter followers

Another great website to get twitter followers free and increase them is the To get Twitter followers for free, all you got to do is just go to the and login by using your normal twitter account. Now you ought to follow some of their followers to get some quick points.

In case if you plan to follow some followers, then you would get some steady cash. The charge for following a single follower is five points. In addition, one can even get twenty bonus points on a daily basis. 500Followers is the best website to get more twitter followers free.

500 Followers Features:

  • Powerful system to gain new followers
  • Give 20 free credits everyday
  • Credits are renewed at the end of the day
  • Get real time followers
  • VIP Membership
  • Interest filtering feature


30followers - free twitter followers

Another means to get twitter followers free is from the website. This website is quite similar to another twitter website called jetfollowers and you get about twenty free points, that is too on daily basis. Just imagine, you can easily spend the twenty points to get twenty twitter followers.

30 Followers Features:

  • 20 free credits everyday
  • Real followers
  • Spam free filters
  • Get targeted twitter followers

Jet Followers

jet followers No Eggs Allowed

This is one of the best websites to get more twitter followers free and you can easily get about twenty points on a daily basis and make sure to invest these twenty points in getting about twenty followers without doing any work.

Yes! It is quite simple and to get the free followers, one has to login in to the Jetfollowers.Com website with their twitter account. Jetfollowers is really a great answer for how to get twitter followers free.


This is a normal clone website of the jetfollowers. Here also, one can get more twitter followers free daily. They claim that their system will provide you daily 20 credits for free. You can get new followers with the free credits. You can easily login on this website with your twitter account directly. Visit the website and start getting more twitter followers free without following.


It is also one of the best site to get more twitter followers for free. It is just a substitute of another website called twiends and helps to improve the number of followers on Twitter. Here you can get addmefast points through various means. Plus you can simply invest those points to get more twitter followers. You can get real twitter followers for free with the help of this website.

Addmefast Features:

  • Leaders in the field of Social Promotion
  • Userfriendly interface
  • Fast supports
  • 500000 active users from 221 countries
  • Several secure payment methods


This twiends is a follower exchange network – can help you to get more twitter followers free. You can follow other users, and to earn the seeds. Once you get seeds, you can invest them to improve the number of twitter followers. You can easily get a lot of Twitter followers on this website, but you would need seeds and even you may have to follow other people in order to get seeds.

The above given websites are some of the easiest and effective ones to get more twitter followers free. If you regularly use above websites then surely your twitter followers will be increased by 400 – 500 daily.

Get Twitter Followers For Free (Tips)

Let us have a look at some unique tips about how you can get more followers on your twitter account.

get followers on twitter 2019

Follow People & Get Followers

This is a fact that only famous celebrities can get twitter followers without any hard work. If you are not that famous then best thing you can do is, follow other people and they will follow you back.

Just explore the profiles of famous people in your niche and then explore the users those are following these famous people. Just follow the followers and they will definitely follow you back.

Once you start getting followers it is totally up to you to be more attached with them. Do not let them go and give your best to attract more and more genuine followers for your Twitter profile. This is one of the best tip to get twitter followers for free 2019.

Use Picture for your Tweets

Web users feel more attracted towards posts with pictures. Try to involve relevant pictures to your tweet. It is a proven fact that tweets with pictures have more chances to get retweeted and retweet is the best way to get more and more followers on twitter.

Tweet Constantly Even the Silly Things

Yes, the key of getting more and exposure over Twitter world is updating your status constantly. Try to tweet something after every 1 hour.

I know it looks difficult to update your twitter account with some sophisticated tweets so, don’t worry about that and tweet each and every thing you are doing like you are eating something, going somewhere of anything like that. This will really helps you to gain followers on twitter.

Re-tweet the Tweets of other Users

Twitter users just love when someone else retweet their tweet. This is a proven fact to get more followers on twitter.

Don’t Spam Your Twitter Profile with Links

Twitter is one of the best micro blogging website and the best platform where you can share your website links but, please do not use Twitter only and only for your website promotions. Try to be more genuine Twitter user. Share and retweet the posts of other users. Twitter can provide you with the loads of traffic if you use in a way that is more meaningful. This will make your followers count and high & give you the answer of how to get twitter followers.

Do Share your Work on Twitter

If you are contributing somewhere else then do share that work on your twitter account. This will help you to update your twitter account with quality content and your followers receive can more things to explore.

Must Add your Twitter Follow Me Button to your Website

It is must to consider thing that you should add your “Follow me” button on your website. In my SEO career, I found many websites where owners were having a twitter account but there was no “follow me” button to their official website.

If you are also making this mistake then please ignore this from now and add a “Follow me” button to your website so that your target audience can find you easily. And it will help you to get followers on twitter.

Twitter Search can be your Best Tool

Today, there are millions of webmasters those are receiving more traffic from their Twitter account rather than the Google search. This is because Twitter search is faster in indexing the feeds of it’s users.

You can make the best from Twitter search by writing hot and trending news highlights for your users.

Do Participate in Hot Topics

Get involved in the topics, which are trending over twitter. Answer the questions, give your views and don’t forget to use the hash tag in your tweet.

Write a Killer Bio for your Profile

Your bio is the first thing your future followers read about you. This bio can be one single point you can lose your follower. Try writing very simple and genuine looking bio for your profile.

Make your Website More and More Popular

Another trick for getting more twitter followers is making your website more and more popular. This will surely help you to get more target followers.

Internet users love to follow the owners those are sharing quality content to their website. Create quality content for your website (here you will find the best on page optimization techniques to write better content) and update your website regularly.

It is All About Give and Take

If you are expecting that, your followers Like, Retweet and Visit the links of your posts then you have to do the same.

Must click the links other Twitter users are sharing and must like and retweet their posts.

Must Use #Hashtags

Using hash tags are the best way to get involved with the conversations you are tweeting about. You can easily make your reach to the target audience if you are using hash tags smartly.

Use your Twitter Account in Back linking Process

If you are working for creating backlinks for your official website then try to promote your twitter account as well.

You can share your twitter account on the websites where you found the options of social media platforms. This will help you in two ways first is, you can get a strong profile on that website and second is, your backlinks will look more genuine.

Write Eye Catching Headlines

Twitter is a micro blogging social website and you don’t have much space to explore your thought. Best thing you can do is writing killer headlines for tweet.

People are just curious about reading controversial things. Be smart while choosing headlines for your tweets.

Promote your Twitter Account through Social Media Platforms

Link your twitter account on different social media websites so you can give more and more exposure to your twitter account. Like, you can link your twitter account with your Facebook account, YouTube account and many other platforms.

If you like this article to get more twitter followers free, you can share it with your friends too. Click on your favourite social media button and share it this with your all friends. Bookmark this page to get daily more updates on to get free twitter followers.

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