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How To Get Free Paid Apps On Android? (10 Ways)

Get paid apps for free with detailed guidelines on how to get paid apps for free on android. Today we are sharing the working methods to get free paid apps for android on Qd Tricks.

Agree or not, it is definitely true that all of our tasks are lately dependent or accomplished through digital technology and when I talk about digital technology, I definitely mean to include mobile applications as a part of it. Yes, indeed, mobile applications or say apps for short are one of the greatest inventions of the digital modern world. There are many platforms from which you can get such wonderful applications but Android is the best market for it.

I would definitely recommend Android for it. Useful, Useless, Entertaining, Funny, Music, Informative, photo-friendly are just some types of apps. If you wish to find more about apps, then Android market is the platform for it.

Well, while most of these apps are free, there are some very useful, innovative and entertaining apps for worth a prize. Now, it can be okay to pay a little at times for something you want but some apps cost a bomb. These apps are paid because it takes a lot of time for the developers to create something so wonderful and then it would be surely fair if they charge you something for their creation. Now, what if I tell you that you can get paid apps for free?

How To Get Paid Apps For Free On Android?

how to get paid apps for free on android

Yes, you have read me correct. There are many methods to get free paid apps for android. But it all depends on trial and error. Well, I can be only sure about it once the method has been tried but what is the harm in it?

So, let me share with you few methods on how to get paid apps for free on Android.

The Blackmart Alpha App

In order to get paid apps for free, you need to download an app called Blackmart Alpha. This means that one free app can help you get many paid apps which are efficaciously working for free.

Step To Download Blackmart Alpha App

  • Now, you need to install the Blackmart Alpha app Android version in your mobile
  • If above given app does not work then there is another way to download it is by searching the latest Blackmart Alpha.apk app from Google
  • Now, I am sure there would be a list of apps that you would already have for free download
  • Open the app and search your paid app
  • Download the app and get free paid apps for android

Screenshots Of Blackmart Alpha App

free paid apps for android

By Searching The .apk File of Paid Apps

This is another technique to get paid apps for free which most of you would not be aware of. There are many websites which provide .apk extensions for different apps. Once, you find such websites, you can directly download the extension by searching in the format of appsname.apk and transfer them from your computer to your cellphone.

Syntax To Search .apk File On Google

You can use this syntax in google to directly find the paid apps for free:

intitle:index.of?apk paid app name

Copy the above syntax and paste it in google and replace paid app name with the name of application which you are looking for.

List Of Websites To Direct Download .apk File Of Paid Apps

Below are some websites which will provide you the .apk extensions. With this, you can get free paid apps for android.


Above given sites are most popular sites to download the paid apps for free. Open any of the site and search the name of the paid which you are looking for in the format of Appname.apk. Download the app from the site and install it in your device for free.

Apps Offered By Famous & Popular Platforms

If you know of any external app stores than they are the best to get free paid apps for Android. These external app stores provide amazing offers to download apps, at times they give you wonderful discounts on apps which are impossible to get for free and a lot of times they provide paid apps for free. All you have to do is follow some of their required steps or install their own apps which offer you these facilities.

Isn’t it a wonderful method to get paid apps for free!

Amazon Underground Service

This is one another method if you have been wonderful about how to get paid apps for free on Android. If you haven’t heard about the Amazon Underground app then definitely you have missed a lot till now. This is one wonderful app which makes available unlimited apps for free. After installing this app, you need to choose the tab of underground and then pick up the app of your choice. Simple, isn’t it? Try it now to free paid apps for Android.

Amazon Underground Appstore

amazon appstore download and install

Download: Amazon Underground App-store For Android

Apps Which Provide Paid Apps For Free On Daily Basis

Apps Which Provide Paid Apps With Huge Discount On It


mobogenie free paid apps for android

Mobogenie is one of such platforms with which you can get paid apps for free but it is a work of hassle as there are a lot of pop-ups and ads in between. So, if you are the one who is not bothered with disturbances than you should definitely try this app with a weather widget and a really cool interface but if you are the one who gets irritated by the pop-ups then I recommend you to use the above mentioned platforms.



Well, to give you the correct information, let me tell you that AppVn is not an Indian app. It is mostly Chinese or Japanese. Yes. The only reason that I am asking you to try this app is because it has a numerous collection of apps and from this collection you can get unlimited free paid apps for Android. Now, how to get paid apps for free on Android from this app? You will not understand the language. But don’t you worry, you can search your apps by their icons and logos.

I recommend it as a must try. Please check the download link below.

Download: AppVn

Google Play Free App Of The Week

To be very honest, this method is actually not worth trying because it will waste a lot of your time. Google play is trying to promote itself by offering one paid app for free every week. Now, most likely there are chances that the app they are providing won’t be the one that you are looking for.

get paid apps for free from google play

Free App Of The Day Apps

Now if you are not aware of this, let me tell you that there are many apps which offer you one free app per day. With such apps, you get paid apps for free for a very long time.

free paid apps for android

AppGratis and Freeapp are those apps which offer such promotions. Well, there are chance that there would be apps which you do not like or do not want but there is not harm in keeping a check for one day you can get what you are looking for. Also, there are hassles due to promotional offers into this and I would surely say it is a must try method. Moreover, AppGratis is curated by the developer cum Comedian Sam who offers just one free app a day.

Google Play Surveys

This is yet another method to try and get paid apps for free. You already know that Google Play offers you free store credit in exchange of their surveys. These surveys are based on getting information about you and your likes and dislikes to that they can bring such apps in the market. You can fill in one survey per week and it is not necessary that you get credit for all the surveys that you answer. So, it is definitely a long process but worth if you get enough credit to get paid apps for free.

get paid apps for free on android

Most of the surveys do provide credit of one dollar per survey. All you have to do is install the Google Opinion Rewards App.

Discounted Apps And Sales

There are some apps which provide you offers and discounts on apps. Say like a sale. Example of one such app is AppSales. Here, you do not get paid apps for free but you definitely get it at a much lower price than that. There are some special times, when once in a blue moon they offer some app for free. It is definitely worth keeping an eye for. App of the day is also one of the best alternative for AppSales.


Wrapping it up, I would like to say that I have mentioned above the best methods to get paid apps for free. Most of them are surely working. In case if you think that I have missed out on a method or if you know some other technique to get free apps then feel free to share those methods with us in the comment box provided below.

Hope, these methods help you find what you are looking for. If you like then you can share this get paid apps for free with your friends on social  media. It is very simple, just click on your favourite social media site from below and share it. If you wants to add your method to get paid apps for free on android then you can comment at the bottom. Bookmark this page to get more methods for free paid apps for android.

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