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How To Get Free Redeem Codes For Google Play?

For the Android users, the Google play store is a boon for installing different types of apps in the Smartphone. The Google play redeem code is used for installing the paid apps without paying anything to the app store. We will see how we can redeem code for Google play and then after redeeming code for play store, how can we use them.

Free Redeem Code Credits For Google Play Store

Scrolling through the different apps in the Google play store, we often wonder that what exactly paid apps contain. Or either, we question about the features that paid apps consist of. There are some apps that either offer the free version or paid version, otherwise, some developers offer both. The difference between the two can be seen in the features and versions that the app offers to its users. The Google play store is wide and popular platform owned by Google and is integrated with the Android Smartphone. Here we will share the Google play redeem code which will helps you to get Google play paid apps for free to your android mobile phone.

redeem code for Google play 2019

Some apps are fascinating, and we feel incline to install such apps, but the complexity comes when the developers ask for paying them to install in the Smartphone. There are several websites and third party software available on the net claiming to provide the free codes generator so as to redeem code for Google play, but to be frank; they are fraud. There are no proper authentications for the link that they provide on their website; hence you can become a victim of the cyber crime. Apart from these fraud methods, there are certain legal methods to obtain Google play codes for the free redemption. With the help of these codes, you can have the paid apps for free for your Smartphone.

The free credits or codes are not available direct on the website; rather it is through some official apps which can be installed from the Google play store. These apps provide several methods to redeem code for Google play store, thus offering you the credits to use it for the paid apps installation but not to convert it to the cash. These codes are transferred into the Google play account, and these Google play card does not get expire. The codes can be redeemed with the Google play store account. Before installing any paid apps from the Google play store, it will be suggestible to check the reviews first of that particular app. The popularity of the app makes the developers to ask the users to access the paid version rather than making it available for free.

How To Earn The Google Play Redeem Codes?

After the brief description, the next thing that comes in mind how can I earn the redeem code for Google play in the legal way? Well, the answer is not so difficult. Just a few apps launched by the Google can help to collect the free codes and then you can redeem those codes for play store.

Google Opinion Rewards

Have you ever heard that completing few surveys can help to earn some free codes for Google play? Probably not. The Google opinion reward is the official app launched by Google, and it lets the users earn some codes for the play store by completing the consumer surveys. With the help of these free codes, you can install the paid apps by redeeming them on the Google play accounts. How to do this? Follow the simple method given below:

Steps To Earn Google Play Redeem Code By Google Opinion Rewards

  • First of all, install the Google opinion rewards either by clicking on the icon or click the link given below.

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

  • Launch the app after the successful installation.

Google Opinion Reward app

  • Skip the introductory page and fill up your personal details in the next page

fill up personal details

  • With the help of this personal information, the Google will send you relevant surveys as per your filled details.


  • The Google might ask you the question, whether you want to receive the surveys occasionally or not
  • After the successful completion of your biography, next you can see the dashboard of the app where you can check the credits, surveys that you have complete and the rewards history too can be viewed.

earn google play credits

  • You will receive the notification when Google will send you the survey; otherwise, you can check it on the app’s dashboard.


This app offers you to earn some free redeem codes for the play store as well as for the other websites like Amazon, Starbucks, Skype, Xbox, Spotify etc. These codes can be redeemed for the play store or for the credit codes system which is integrated into the above well-known websites. Here, you win the rewards by downloading few apps from the FreeMyApps, and these rewards or codes can be redeemed for the installation of the paid apps on your Smartphone. The FreeMyApps is available for Android as well as iOS users, and it is safe to use.

Steps To Get Redeem Code For Google Play By FreeMyApps

  • Install the FreeMyApps in your Smartphone

  • Sign up with your facebook account. It is the pre requisite for the app authorization

try new apps and game for credits

  • Visit the app section in the FreeMyApps and download any new apps, games for free and you can even watch the videos from FreeMyApps for free.

free google play gift cards for redeem code

  • For every time you download apps or games or watch videos, you earn rewards or codes. You can redeem these codes for Google play via FreeMyApps.

earn with world's largest app discovery network


It is the popular app to earn free gift rewards which include Google Play Redeem Code, and it is available on the Google play store. The app provides $5 play gift card via Appnana. With Appnana, you just not earn free redeem codes for Google play account, but also you can earn free codes for Amazon, Xbox, Paypal, etc. To earn codes, you just have to download some apps via Appnana, and you can even earn more codes by referring the Appnana to your friends. With your referral code, if your friends download the app, then you earn the free code which will be credited to your Google play account.

Steps To Get Redeem Code For Playstore By AppNana

  • Download and install the Appnana from the Google play store

  • From Appnana, download apps to earn free codes

get free gift cards

  • You can also earn gift cards by playing games and watching the videos on AppNana
  • Redeem you free codes and use them as your free gift cards
  • By logging in to the app, you can earn 400 points on daily basis
  • To earn some more, you can refer it to your friends.
  • You can use this gift cards as Google Play Redeem Codes


It is top rated and reviewed application which works almost similar to Appnana. The app offers the alternate to grab free gift cards and has received the good as well as fair reviews. The Junowallet is safe to use as well as legal too.

It is combination of the Google opinion rewards and Appnana. You can earn free codes or redeem codes for play store by playing games, watching videos, making calls, completing surveys, inviting your friends, level I, II and III rewards, much more.

Steps To Earn Google Play Redeem Codes By JunoWallet

  • Download and install the Junowallet app from Google play store

  • To sign up, you can either use your Facebook account or your email ID

earn gifts and redeem code for google play

  • After signing in, you can download the apps or complete the surveys to earn coins
  • To earn some more, you can refer the app to your friends
  • Convert the coins into the free codes for the Google play store.

Cubic Reward

With the cubic reward, you can redeem codes for the Google play store as well as you can earn the rewards from other sources too like Paypal. To earn the redeem codes for Google play, all you have to do is download the apps and games via cubic reward. You can earn more rewards by referring the cubic rewards app to your friends. You can check out the reviews of the app and then install it in the Smartphone.

Steps To Get Redeem Codes For Google Play Using Cubic Reward

  • Download and install the cubic reward application from the Google play store

  • Now download the apps including games from the hottest section of the app

cubic rewards

  • Run those applications to earn rewards and to earn some more; you can refer it to your friends.


To redeem codes for Google play, the above methods are legit as well as safe to use. For the further clarification of your doubts, you can check out the reviews of the apps from the Google play store. With the help of Google play redeem code application, you can easily earn and redeem code for play store. All the apps are free to install and easy to download too. You can share this article with your friends on the social platform like Facebook, Google or Twitter.

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