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2 Methods To Use Google As A Proxy Server

What are the possible ways to open the blocked websites or the website which is hidden behind the paywall? Probably few non-authenticated methods which are otherwise not allowed to access. For this reason, Google can be your savior, acting as a proxy server. How? Check out the two methods for Google to be your savior.

Google: Proxy Server

google proxy server

There are several reasons for certain websites blocked in the workplace or at the educational institutions. Well, the chances are it will be because to boost the performance of the employees in the company or because it may contain affected content which will further harm the system. Many companies make sure the professional websites like emails web page are open to the employees so that they can use it for the professional purpose, but not all are that good. If you are the employee or the person who is stuck with the place and system that does not even allow the core functionalities of using the web, then we are sure your hunt has come to an end on the right destination.

While the Google has already rolled out several features and services which are not known to every user; recently we came across the Google service acting as the proxy server. Well, the service is not known to everyone, unless you or someone close to you is working in Google. The Google proxy server will help you to bypass the blocked the paywalls within few minutes and also it will unlock the websites which are otherwise blocked by your ISP. There are two ways to use the Google as a proxy server and to implement them; you do not have to be any tech savvy or engineer. With the Google proxy server, you will camouflage the ISP with the Google service whereas your screen will display the original content of the blocked website.

Methods Or Guidelines To Use Google As A Proxy Server

There are two ways or means to use the Google as a proxy server. You can choose any method to access the blocked websites.

Google Weblight

While the Google weblight is designed specifically for the smartphone and mobile devices which work on the slow internet connection, the Google weblight works as an alternative or the proxy server to access the blocked websites. How? Well, the Google weblight will expose the down version of the site or web page from the Google servers by removing the CSS styling and Javascript. In simple words, we can say your ISP will receive the message from the server about the Google whereas you are viewing the blocked content. How to implement the method?

  • Open Google weblight either from the Google search or visit
  • Now enter the URL of the blocked website you want to access and click go.

That’s it! You are done. The Google weblight though is designed for the mobile devices, yet you can access the web from the PC as well.

Google Translate

Surprised? The Google Translate helps you to convert the foreign language to the primary language. To our astonishment, the Google translates also contributes to open the blocked websites with the certain mentioned keywords. The translator service from Google will help you to pass around the paywalls and software which block the sites. Follow the simple guideline shared below:

  • Open the Google translate either from the smartphone or PC. Visit
  • Now, all you have to do is, copy the blocked website’s URL and paste it in FROM field.
  • Change the language in FROM field to any other than site language. For e.g. if the website URL is in the English language, change it to Spanish or French in the FROM field.
  • In the TO field, choose the ENGLISH as your primary language. Now click on translate.
  • The URL will be now accessible.

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The methods shared in this post are tried and tested already by our team. The Google as a proxy server is the great option for those who want to access the necessary and important sites from the workplace. The Google have already marked its presence in the digital platform with firm belief to change the world and now the secondary services are winning the hearts of the users.

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