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How To Do Google Reverse Image Search?

What is google reverse image search or reverse image search google. Today we are sharing tips on how to do google reverse image search. We all love Google! Our lives are now circling and revolving around Google search. One of the most used feature of Google search is the image search. We have used this one tool to our rescue for most of the school projects and now also for the live projects at work.

However, have you ever heard of Reverse Image Search? Or is this a term so new you cannot help but gather interest to find out what it is. How does reverse image search work?

In case you are clueless, we bring to you this article that will not only enhance your knowledge on Google Reverse Image Search, but will also show you the uses of Google Image Reverse Search with steps on how to perform this new found and learnt task.

Google Reverse Image Search

What is Reverse Image Search for Google?

google image reverse search
Reverse image search google

If one goes by the name, reverse google image search is the reverse of an image search. In a normal search, we use the keywords and type them in the search bar in Google Image Search. This leads google to come up with search results related to the keyword.

The reverse of this process which is the google reverse image search, is to feed the image in Google to find out information on that image. Reverse google image search is based on Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) technique.

Do you wonder now how to google image search in a reverse manner? Wait till you know the uses, it will increase your curiosity.

Uses of Google Reverse Image Search

A reverse image search google can be used for multiple purposes, as one needs. It can vary from one person to another. The most common purpose for which google image reverse search is used are:

  1. To find the image source
  2. To download a higher resolution quality image
  3. To find more information about the image
  4. To find out who has created the image
  5. Very important, is to check for plagiarized images

How to Do Reverse Image Search in Google?

It is no rocket science, performing a reverse image search google. There are simple steps stated below which you can follow to perform a google reverse image search:

Step 1: Open Google Image Search Page: Click here

Step 2: There is a search box which we normally use to find images basis of the content search keywords. However, for a reverse google image search you will have to use the camera button which is right to the search box. This will give you the search by image option on the Google Image Search page.

reverse image search google

Step 3: You will now have two options – Paste Image URL or Upload an Image

how to google image search

Step 4:  You can use either of this options to perform a reverse image search google. You can drag and drop an image to search for its details. At the same time, if the image is online, you can use the URL to search for the image.

The search results will give you a list of the places where the image is used. You will also get a link to similar images.

google reverse image search

How To Do Google Reverse Image Search in Mobile?

Now since you are pretty aware of this concept, we have also shared more information. Most of us now use our smartphones to perform tasks that were once done on the laptop and desktop.

We bring to you information on google reverse image search mobile, which will help you use this brilliant feature by google also on a mobile phone.

As google does not provide this feature yet on the mobile phones to perform a google reverse image search mobile, we bring to you a tool which helps you perform a reverse image search google way. The accuracy of this technique is out of question since it uses the same algorithm and technology used by Google.

In order to perform a google reverse image search mobile, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open the CTRLQ Reverse Image Search page from your mobile device.

google reverse image search mobile

Step 2: There are two options here: Select Image and Reverse Search. Since the two options are connected, you can only use the second one after using the first one.

Step 3: Select an image using the first option. When you click on this a dialogue box opens which is an option to browse.

Step 4: Click Reverse Image Search to start the process for reverse image search mobile. It will redirect you to the Google Image Search page with the results.

Just a word of caution, uploading really large images might not give search results. Hence make sure you shrink the image in terms of resolution and size to find an appropriate result. We hope you all like our shared google reverse image search techniques. You can even share this amazing tricks or tips to do google image reverse search. Bookmark this page and get more updates on google reverse image search.

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