Grand Canyon University Online MBA Programs & Cost 2019

Whatever you need to know about the Grand Canyon University MBA Program, it is here. We have shared the Grand Canyon University MBA cost and also the GCU MBA ranking so that it becomes easy for you to know the hitherto of the admissions.

Grand Canyon University MBA Program

• Grand Canyon University MBA Program

Since the socio-economic factors of the world are unfolding in the new aspects of technology and leadership skills, the Grand Canyon University MBA Program is designed with the spell bounding factors. The demand of MBA is ever increasing and also now it has become mandatory for the one to enroll themselves in the management studies for the better future prospects. The Grand Canyon MBA program is offered by the Colangelo College of business and the curriculum of the program includes leadership development, operations management and organizational growth as well.

If you are looking for the great and successful future by being the skillful leader or executive, the MBA programs offered here will be helpful to you. It doesn’t matter what your persona type is, you can fuel your entrepreneurial skills, critical thoughts or be the decision maker, the Grand Canyon University MBA Program is for all. Keeping in mind today’s business operations and the demand of the skills in the manpower, the MBA courses are designed in such a way that are relevant to it.  There are many attributes of the management which has changed over due course and they all are discussed in the Grand Canyon University MBA Program.

Increase Your Opportunity with the Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Grand Canyon University MBA

There are research departments as well functioning and discussing the managerial stances, behaviors and the techniques that can have positive impact on the operations so as to embrace the work ethical diversity. Once you have done the majors in MBA from the Grand Canyon University, which you can decide after learning the Grand Canyon University MBA cost, the chances to be the pro at the business leadership is high. From the MBA online program of the Grand Canyon University, you will learn the Business ethics, administration skills and effective leadership.

What You Will Learn In Grand Canyon University?

The Grand Canyon University MBA program coursework will inculcate the values of the critical thinker thus you can develop the knowledge in order to transform the skilled and trained leadership qualities into the business practice. We have shared the online MBA courses offered at the Grand Canyon University helping you to accelerate the leadership and business ethics. There are multiple topics and objectives covered under the accredited online MBA degree programs of the Grand Canyon University:

  • Marketing planning, control and strategy
  • Managerial concepts and strategies related to the operational management in manufacturing and service sectors.
  • Key principle concepts of the leaderships
  • Micro and macro economics concepts relevant to the contemporary business module.
  • Scientific impacts of the organizational behavior contributing the effective managers and leaders.
  • Management of the marketing functions and market environmental analysis
  • Quantitative tools and techniques operational to model business functions and applications.

types of mba programs in GCU

Once you are MBA graduate, you can be anything- business leader, director, executive, entrepreneur, or the skilled manager. For the MBA graduates and the masters, the sky is the limit and therefore Grand Canyon University MBA programs aims at boosting the self confidence among the students irrespective their background.

Grand Canyon University MBA Cost

The good things come with the price, but not the Grand Canyon University MBA cost. Indeed the GCU MBA programs are innovative and unique as well but the tuition fee of the course does not reach the sky limits. Below are the Grand Canyon University MBA costs for the nontraditional MBA courses for those students who opt for online or evening MBA course at the Grand Canyon University.

Undergraduate Tuition2017-18
Education Programs$440
Theology Programs$335
Applied Business Analytics/ Applied Business Information Systems/ Business Information Systems/ Computer Programming/ IT programs$449
Business Administration with an Emphasis in Business Intelligence$470
Online and Professional Studies (All the programs included other than listed above)$470
Active Duty and Active Reserve(Online & Professional Studies)$250
Graduate Tuition2017-18
Education Programs$515
Masters of Divinity$330
IT Programs$489
Business Programs (Excludes Business Studies/ Information Systems and Technology Management)$560
Nursing Programs$500
Advanced Practice Nursing Programs$630
Business Analytics/ Information Systems and Technology Management Programs$489
Online and Professional Studies (All the programs included other than listed above)$500
Doctoral Programs (includes dissertation courses DIS-966 to DIS-970)$640
Active Duty and Active Reserve(Online & Professional Studies)$400
Active Duty and Active Reserve(Doctoral Programs)$608
Continuing Education (CTE) Tuition2017-18
Online$150/ credit

GCU Program Core Courses

  • UNV-504: Introduction to Graduate Studies in the College of Business
  • MGT-605: Leadership and Organizations
  • ACC-502: Accounting Practices
  • FIN-504: Finance Principle
  • SYM-506: Applied Business Probability and Statistics
  • ECN-601: Economics
  • BUS-660: Quantitative Methods
  • MKT-607: Marketing Management
  • ACC-650: Managerial Accountin
  • MGT-655: Operations Management
  • FIN-650: Managerial Finance
  • MGT-660: Strategic Management

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Academic Factors GCU Cares About

Formal Demonstration of CompetenciesNot Required
Secondary School RecordRequired
Class RankNot Required
Standardized Test Scores (SAT, ACT, etc.)Recommended
College-Preparatory ProgramNot Required
RecommendationsNot Required
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)Required
Other Tests (Wonderlic, WISC-III, etc.)Not Required

GCU MBA Ranking

Looking at the tuition fees and offered MBA programs at the Grand Canyon University, the US News and World Report have ranked the university at the Tier 2 level in the 2019 edition of the best colleges affiliated with the national universities. The nursing practice MBA program of the Grand Canyon University is the best program till date, and because of it, the GCU MBA ranking soars among the list of best universities in the USA.

GCU Admission Department

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Address3300 W. Camelback Phoenix, AZ 85017


It is advisable and also suggestive to check out the official website once of the Grand Canyon University MBA Program to know the GMAT score and other required qualifications. Based on the Grand Canyon University MBA cost, the GCU MBA ranking is determined by the top education authorities, which are flexible in due course of the time.