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How To Bypass Window 7 & 10 Password?

Bypass windows 7 password & bypass windows 10 password reset tricks. It is very easy to bypass windows 10 password with our trick. The launch of Windows 10 is amazing and the cool features are something to watch out for. In this article we are going to check out some of the cool and awesome Windows 10 tricks which is the Windows Password Recovery. So, basically, we are going to check out for situations when password is not required for logging to the Windows users account. Even at times if you forget the password for any reason, you would end up reinstalling the Windows operating system.

However, one thing is sure, upgrading your operating system to Windows 10 is not an easy job. So, here in this article we are going to check out some of the cool tricks which will provide you access to your PC or laptop without typing the old password.

Lets us check out the method given below on how it is done in Windows 10. Also check out our previous post of this copy of windows is not genuine fix to remove the genuine error from windows.

Bypass Windows 7 & Windows 10 Password Reset

windows 10 password reset

Basically, the entire process is very much simple but somewhat time consuming. It would simply work and be apt for you as you would be using the virtual Operating System to Crack Windows 10 password. Interestingly, this method can allow you to set up the password of your choice to log into the Windows. All you have to do is follow the given steps below.

Steps To Bypass Windows 10 Password Reset

Create Linux Live CD

First you are required to create the Linux Live CD via Linux ISO File

Attach Live CD

Now go to boot menu and boot attach insert live cd in your computer

Follow Path

Go to C:\Windows\System32

Rename The File

You will find the file name sethc.exe, rename it to sethc1.exe. And also rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe

Restart Computer

Restart your computer and then you will see the login screen.

Press Sift Button

Now simply press the sift button for 5 times. Command prompt will be opened.

bypass windows 7 password

Type Net User Command

Type net user and hit enter button. Here you will get the name of administrator account, just note it down

windows 10 password reset

Enter New Password

Now enter net user user_name new password

how to bypass windows 7 password


Thats it, now enter the new password in the login panel and you will be logged in.

Final Words

Basically, the above given are some of the interesting steps which can help to bypass windows 7 password. So, with this procedure, windows 10 password reset you can simply avoid the login screen of the Windows 10 and gain access to the various controls of the Windows 10. Now this method is applicable for all the Windows users and it would be quite interactive to gain access to the personal computer without having the tedious taks of remembering the password and simple set it up as a dynamic one. Bookmark this page to get more updates on windows 10 password reset.

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