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How To Put Your Instagram Bio In The Center?

How to center instagram bio a most trending search term in the internet. People are finding the ways on how to put your instagram bio in the center. So here on the special demand of our Qd Tricks visitors, we are sharing the brief guidelines on how to center your instagram bio.

Instagram is one the most trending sensations of the today’s social network. Not only is it cool but it is also some simpler yet interesting to follow. I would also say that it is also informative and it also allows you to publicize if you want to make something known to others.

If we compare Facebook with Instagram then we realize than Facebook is much older but in the current situation it is overflowing with a lot of things. There is so much more than just basic things. It becomes a little annoying as there is so much unnecessary information on Facebook which you do not even know if it is true or false. Download Instwogram application to use multiple instagram account in one mobile phone.

Also, there are a lot of people on Facebook that you would not want to be in contact with. Consider Instagram as your personal space where only those people are allowed whom you want to be in touch with and only those people can see your photos.  The main aim of Instagram is entertainment through photos. Like, comment or ignore the photos as much as you like. Check out this link to get cool instagram bios.

One another important thing about Instagram is centering your Bio. Now, why is it important to center your bio and how to center Instagram bio?

How To Center Instagram Bio?

how to center your instagram bio

So, we are working at Appamatix and here always keen on knowing if you are satisfied with your Instagram experience or not. As you know, there a quite a lot of things that you can do Instagram. Some of them are being able to new informative accounts, browsing through a lot of different accounts. Of course, the computer version and the phone version will have different selections and menus but both of them do have a Bio.

I am very sure that most of you people actually never pay attention to your Bio. You would not even have looked at it after signing up for sure. So, asking you the question: how to center Instagram bio to you would be a waste of time. Isn’t it?

Let Me Teach You As To How To Center Your Instagram Bio?

While checking and following other accounts, I am sure you would be noticing the Bio’s of other people. While some of them are maladroit or clean or to the point or full of information with nothing useful, have you noticed if they are in the center or not!

After all, with some characters this is all you can do.

I recommend a short description in the center with only the required information as the best Bio.

Well, now how to put your Instagram Bio in the center. This does not require any special capabilities. Centering the Bio just requires a special trick as you somehow have to manage leaving spaces which otherwise Instagram doesn’t allow.

All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below and you will get your answer for the question how to put your Instagram Bio in the center?

Steps To Center Your Instagram Bio

Open Settings

open instagram settings

Go to the settings to get hold of your Bio page.

Click Edit Profile

click on edit profile

Click on edit profile to change your Bio.

Now, Instagram directly deletes the spaces on saving so there is no point of entering spaces and spending time on it.

Copy The Space Between Two Asterisks* * To Center Instagram Bio

This is where the special part comes. In order to provide a space to center your Bio, you need to copy and paste spaces in the Bio area. Copy the Space from between Asterisks * * from below and enter it in your Instagram bio.

So this is how it will look like *                        * (Do not copy Asterisks** only copy the space between it)

copy & paste the space

Check It Till It Comes To Center

Check your Bio page a couple of times to make sure that it is exactly centered.


That’s it. This is How to center your Instagram bio.

Did you understand as to how to center Instagram bio? Well, it is no rocket science and Instagram is not like another websites who do not allow duplicate spaces. In these websites, you can use space by any means but since Instagram is not that strict you can definitely try it out. So get going and create an interesting Bio by spacing it up.

Note: If this is too much of a hassle for you then you can center your Bio by another technique. Write you Bio in Microsoft Word and center it. Copy and Paste it in your Instagram account with the help of a texting editing software and you are done.

I believe that centering looks much enhanced than side aligned Sentences. If your friends get impressed by seeing your centered Bio and asked you as to how to center Instagram bio then teach them this technique. It would change the way people look at your Bio.

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